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Meet Zion, DDK9’s Secret Weapon | DOG DYNASTY

Marlon: World meet Zion. Absolutely not a dog that you want to mess with. He just wants to bite somebody that’s just type of dog he is an assassin. You know, the dog’s wearing a muzzle, You take that muzzle off, it’s a whole another ballgame. That’s when you’re going to have a problem. He’s going to slide that muzzle up. That mouth’s going to come out real quick and just nail you, you know. Shoulder attack. Marlon: This is Zion right here, he is a, he’s not the friendliest of fellows but with me he is but he’s right here at my feet. You don’t want to be in there with him. No I don’t. Marlon: So Zion may be one of my lesser known dogs don’t get it confused. Zion would definitely be a genuine Hall of Famer. He’s an original. He’s lesser known for a reason. I mean, I don’t really want people to know too much about him. If you think that because something happened the Aisa, there ain’t nobody serious up in been there. I mean, there’s a lot of dogs around here that people don’t know anything about. World meet Zion. He is the real deal. This is one of the more dangerous dogs here at DDK. Zion is often with Maya in general, the OG he’s the last of a very special class of the dogs. Zion was he was a secret weapon. Today, me and my guys, like out here we’re just going to run Zion through some activities. You know, we’re going to show the aggression that the dog will bite for real then we’re going to put the muzzle on him and let him be some muzzle attacks. I’m putting the muzzle on because we don’t need Isaac to go into the hospital today. so I know you love this thing. This is a civil dog meaning he will bite you for real. He’s not looking for equipment he’s not looking for a sleeve, a shoe. He is looking to bite a human being, and he is so fired up for now that he’s be shaking that’s how much he wants to bite somebody. He’s not even mad he didn’t even do nothing to him. He just wants to bite somebody that’s just type of dog he is. If he bit you like flat on the forearm right break your wrist, you know like that that’s the type of power that these dogs possess in their bite. They’ll breaking your bones if they bite you. I mean what makes Zion different from the other dogs is the level of training that he’s had. I trained him during a different era of my life. I needed a legit protection so he has a couple of techniques that some of these dogs don’t have. He really wants to bite for real. So at times you just see him trying to take the muzzle off. Because he really wants to get to that ass. Isaac: The risk involved. You know, I know what I’m doing. I was essentially the bad guy. So I know I just came in. I’m wearing no equipment, there’s no cue to the dog that I’m going to do anything. I was acting like I was his friend. And you know, because the enemy or the criminal isn’t always going to look like the enemy or the criminal. Marlon: I’m telling you this word to the wise people watch you people’s them the ones who will try you. So y’all got to be ready. 24/7, and I mean, like 24/7 like, I mean, anything, anybody like anybody and that’s how if you have a dog that’s your bodyguard that’s how it has to be. Good boy. Oh that neck. Good his neck, good, good attack. Good get him. Good boy buddy. Good boy. Good boy. We wanted to show in that moment was you know, quickly a moment can go from calm, to not and the dog was going to react right off the bat. Isaac: Not a dance, or so. He wants to bite you. He wants that muzzle off so that he can grab you. Marlon: That’s when you’re going to have a problem he’s going to slide that muzzle up that mouth going to come out real quick and just nail you, you know. If he popped that muzzle off in the situation where you know he has him on the ground and I’m at a distance yeah we, me and Isaac going to be you know taking a trip to the ER. You know the dog’s wearing a muzzle you take that muzzle off it’s a whole another ballgame. You did alright muzzle work got nothing out of it. So now we’re just stroking his ego, you know, making him feel good about what he just did. Isaac: So yeah, I’m about to begin bit by a 8.5 pound dog who targets arms, legs, and bites you wherever. Isaac: There’s always that risk involved. But you know, this is something I love doing. So to me, that’s just way that way over there. I’m not even worried about that. Marlon: Attack. Come here boy. You see the dog instantly spits the sleeve out and focuses on the body. So that’s a key factor and showing that dog is ready and willing to bite for real. Watch your nuts. In a situation where there was an accident, I would get the dog off of him ASAP. Imagine a job with teeth biting your face. So overall, I think Zion did great today. You know he’s a very, very ferocious dog. Very powerful, but he is under control. He is obedient. And that’s pretty much all really a protection dog needs you know. But not every dog has to be your friend. You know, they just have to be in control. That’s it. So he wasn’t built like hulk to be able to go around the public but he has one purpose. Somebody come up here in my house it’s going to be a problem. He’ll still whoop ass That’s all I need to know.

60 thoughts on “Meet Zion, DDK9’s Secret Weapon | DOG DYNASTY

  1. They say he's a Hot head but one thing i likes about Marlon he has these big boys where they respect jordan & Jackson he's on hell of a trainer i tell you that..

  2. Everyone says stuff about robbers breaking in but, the outside dogs can easily be poisoned or distracted with food and the other dangerous dogs are all locked up, even hulk has his own house now, there’s are none walking freely inside

  3. Me:don’t mess with that dig don’t mess with that dog
    Me again: OO CUTE DOGGY
    me regretting hugging it: FRICK RUN I CANT OUT RUN IT

  4. You should breed two dogs that look friendly but when business calls they just snap on who they need to on whoever doing whatever near your property or on or in your property cuz then they gonna get rocked

  5. Zion reminds me of my dog Max who was a blue nose pit mixed with a red nose pit bull he was sweet and loving to his family but he would hurt other people my dog Max was very very protective RIP MAX 🥺🙏🏾

  6. I got a female she a miniature version of Zion best dog awesome intelligence I dont need a muzzle just her harness and hand signals

  7. This the type of dog eye like to see the secret weapon a real machine. Marlon has this dog performed before and saved you?

  8. hulk: yh that's my uncle zion he is so short but don't tell him that
    person: how short is h-
    hulk: sigh- yup that's uncle zion

  9. Zion may not be as big as Hulk, but he’s still fast and powerful. He’s like a mini tank ready to destroy anything in his path with no fear or hesitation

  10. I’m sorry homie..I got some serious heavy metal i use specially for these type of dogs..and I definitely won’t miss. However, I would never smoke a dog intentionally unless I truly needed too. 💯

    But sidenote: What makes him so aggressive and Hulk not if the breed is the same? Did he program him to be aggressive like that..or does him staying isolated in that room make him nuts?🤔

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