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Meet The Weeaboo Sniper

[BGM: Asakura Ryouko to Iu Josei]
(From Suzumiya Haruhi no Shōshitsu) Sniper: Stupid bloody Engineer! Sn: *laughs* Sn: *grunts* Sn: I’m Weeaboo Sniper! Engi: *hurrs* [BGM: Kampfer no Theme]
(From Kämpfer Original Soundtrack) Sn: Do you like anime? En: Anime is just a sad display, boy. QUALITY Soldier: Did someone say anime? Sn: Yeah. So: I love anime! So: *laughs* [BGI: Mitsudomoe OP] En: That just ain’t right! So: Engineer… So: Anime is art! Sn: Hmmm, have a gander at this little beauty. Sn: *laughs* Sn: Lolicon hentai! So: *screams* So: Words cannot express how much my eyes are burning right now! Announcer: Oh, I love lolicon! An: Yes!

99 thoughts on “Meet The Weeaboo Sniper

  1. I suppose Weeaboo sniper represents those over-the-top people that like anime to an extreme and soldier is someone MUCH more sensible? 😛

  2. Not only anime is art, the musics art too! And what's with Lucky Star being everywhere, it's good, but there's many others (like the one on the tv that your going to get me addicted to…)

  3. @realwaluigi Because it is ART. It's fantasy put on paper(and sometimes animated). It's not real, therefore, not hurting anybody. If we were to shut down lolicon we would have to shut down all hentai. I don't want to see either happen.
    Fuck, now i sound like a dirty lolicon-symphatiser. Oh, well. Why quit now? LOLIS WITH BLUE AND WHITE-STRIPED PANTIES FTW.
    Oh, and Mitsudomoe is a good show as well as pure, good loli-fuel.

  4. The funniest thing about this video's comments is that I myself don't like lolicon

    at all

  5. Gunslinger Engineer using a L3 Sentry? That just ain't right! XD
    (Awesome video though. I never realised that the Soldier was an anime fan XP)

  6. @133711011 I apologize as if you would be an entry upon this list, as you would be rediculed throughout your community.

  7. @133711011 Well, it would suck if you were a "sex offender" because of me xD
    So if you go on the list because of me, i apologize 😛

  8. @Knifyman are you saying Americans cant like anime???? if so than you should take another look at the world around you, what with all the american anime con's, its bigger than comic books


    Sorry usa they are just better than you… DEAL WITH IT B)

  10. The only thing that is creepy around here are sanctimonious idiots trying to decide what everyone should/shouldn't jack off to, forcing anybody to accept their perceived "normal" way of life etc. Basically your average American dumb-asses and the likes of them.

  11. to true, i only explained the moral of the story, to be fair I would beat off to some crazy stuff every now and again.

  12. The engie is right(unfortunately because there are a few good anime around there like Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, etc.)!
    But I don't understand hentai at all!

  13. I can tell you right now that the music is from the anime, "Kampfer." It's pretty decent, but kind of heavy on fanservice. Wow, I'm a nerd…

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