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Meet the Sniper Backwards – HD

Mom, I fell on a bottle! …I know! Dad… Dad?! So we know it’s that guy in that cone there. I shit the livre. Alladin His neck’s fat, so I’m a chauffeur. The floor’s flawed buffer so then it’s Wednesday be schnell. Sniff now, Schauen? Jawuhl! Sniff? There it is – Sierig! More snubs for Keka… Et bonne nuit. Snre bum. If it doesn’t annoy, baww Siegge’s soot and since I’m eine Boischt. This is not neerms graffiti loop? This ass ceremony and I’m a xiert Owen. …Eh… Come one in. Hey! Whoo… And no mas, when I say no mas. There happen Ortbeller will bring Sessimaux. Yeah, they’re a day lesser. You know it, I’m an easter egg. So glad. The crow’s nice. Yeah boys gugsnabz. …oh shit. …move.

17 thoughts on “Meet the Sniper Backwards – HD

  1. Dad backwards is always Dad.
    Which means that "Dad" is the only normal thing he says no matter what.

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