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Meet the Fem Sniper- Saxxy Awards 2013 Honorable Mention

Strange weather around here lately… Lots of little pink clouds. In my line of work I’d say it is essential to have a steady mind just as much as a steady hand. Professionalism and civility are of the utmost importance. Take that you French tart! Well, I’m more civilized than some. The things you see through the scope sometimes. Oh, that mate’s picking a bogey. Heh, well aren’t you OH MY GOD, is he really going to eat that? Point is, I get the job done. Give me a target, I aim, and.. Boom. Taken care of. Think a sheila can’t shoot a gun? You just keep on believing that mate. After all, an unsuspecting target… is an easy one. Wanker

100 thoughts on “Meet the Fem Sniper- Saxxy Awards 2013 Honorable Mention

  1. Hey guys! I haven't uploaded anything in years, but I've actually just started doing some gaming videos (spoiler alert- I suck). If you guys feel like it, I'd love it if you checked them out. 🙂
    Doing an Alan Wake playthrough right now:

  2. She reminds me of Rita from flushed away, You know the dreamworks movie from 2006

    I know that’s a very odd and unexpected comparison so I’m just not gonna go any further with this

  3. The current character in tf2 are 9…*Mhmmmmmmmmmmm* HA! I have an idea. How about we add another 9 for the female ones?

  4. I have a female OC for Call of Cthulhu RP that's a paranormal investigator who's originally from Australia… I think I finally found a voice for her.

  5. What if… What if Valve added Female Versions of them in the Game?

    I think Girls will also start playing TF2 as well.

  6. "Professionalism and Civily are of the upmost importantance."



    *spits on body*

    "… well, i'm more civilized than some."

  7. fem sniper:

    -124 health on wearer

    100% critical hits when hit if enemy is shot in ballsack
    100% good at cleaning

    chance of spawning sexist comments

  8. Take Sniper's personnality, polish it with Spyish manners and add some Heavy tiers death stares
    You'll get an interesting character concept with an appropriate trailer

    That Fem-Sniper is good

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