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Hey you! My name is Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell
and this may come as a surprise to some of you but… I like guns. I do. Surprise! A lot of people ask me questions about my
arsenal; what the guns are, where I got them, how I got them, so I thought I’d introduce
you to my guns. Which sounds like a threat but it’s not. OR IS IT?! It’s not… Or is it? Some of the guns behind me are replicas, toys
or decommissioned, but most of them are airsoft/BB guns that fire little plastic pellets propelled by springs or electricity or gas and you can acquire those with a United Kingdom Airsoft
Retail Association license which you get by playing airsoft games. Or you can not do that and instead buy brightly coloured versions of the same guns! I actually get a lot of my guns because I have a filmmaker’s license, which says hey i’m a filmmaker i’d like to use these as props. Cool? Cool. Okay! Let’s go meet the gang. Oh, and to
those asking about the grid-wall that’s holding them all up, I’ll leave a link in
the description to where I bought them. To the sofa! Hellooo. So let’s kick things off with a
couple of my earliest BB guns which I picked up on holiday many, many years ago. My very plasticy, spring powered Colt 1911 and H&K USP. These guys featured in some of my earliest videos and are just… Very broken now. To compare those two let’s look at my nice
and shiny gas blowback versions of the same guns I bought online back in 2010 which have
featured in a whole lot of my videos ever since. I bought this one because it could
take a silencer but… It was very wonky. I picked up this decomissioned shotgun at
a comic convention and promptly sawed it off because… Cowboys. And bank robberies. These are Glock 19s. I like them a lot. Mm… This M249 was… Sent to my P.O. box by one
of you. It’s kind of amazing that the police weren’t waiting for me when I picked it up. Here’s a Beretta M9. It’s full of mud
and the trigger is broken. I’m a responsible gun owner. I commissioned this handmade Mini Gun prop
for a live action trailer for KatataK that never got made. But don’t worry, we found
a use for it eventually! I bought this gun on holiday. It doesn’t
do anything so we have to use VFX to make it fire. I bought this replica repeater after playing too much Red Dead Redemption. It makes me feel things. I also bought this mini 12-gauge pump shotgun
on holiday. It’s very small. These are electric MP5s. And here’s an MP5K. Ouch. I got these replica Colt Single Action Army
revolvers to feel even more like a cowboy. And one day I’ll make an actual video with these guns. Here’s some repainted Nerf guns I commissioned
for a sponsored video that got cancelled midway through shooting! Faaantastic. MAC-11s are fun! Except when the magazines
don’t fit… URGHH!! This decommissioned AK-47 is from Russia…
I try not to think about it… Here’s a boomerang from Australia! Here’s a solid plastic prop taser which
cost way too much money! This gun… This gun doesn’t do anything.
Get a job. THIS decommissioned AK-47 is from North Korea…
I… Really try not to think about that one… I also bought this airsoft rocket launcher
for the KatataK trailer. Which, again, never got made. I bought a bunch of G36Cs for a sponsored video! I really love my job! I killed myself with this shotgun! I bought these guns off a friend. I got this baseball bat on holiday many, many
years ago. It used to say arsenal and I rubbed off the “nal” so it just said arse. Hehe.
The handle broke when I smashed a TV screen! These brightly coloured BB guns were sent
to us by a Scottish person! Ah, my M4. So sleek. Fuck vampires. I don’t really know why I bought this… Ouch. These AK-47s are garbage. Colt Python 357. I broke this trying to be cool! Oh… Candy Cane laser gun because fuck you that’s why. Here’s a Portal Gun one of you lovely peoples
kindly gave me at a convention! Jack Howard broke it. I stole this from my granddad in preparation
for the inevitable zombie apocalypse! A cosplayer gave us her crossbow!
And I don’t really know why… Ello ello ello, what’s goin’ on ‘ere then? And finally, my Barrett I got this
for a short film but it was just too big and heavy to get onto the set… We found a use
for it eventually though. This video has probably ruined my hopes of
ever getting a real actual job… Or flying ever again. TomSka out!

100 thoughts on “MEET MY GUNS

  1. So are you Tord or Tom because as far as I know Tord is the gun addict and question do you and Tord still talk?

  2. Isn't that an MP5 grip, trigger and magazine well on the candy cane laser gun?

    I really like the double barrel shotgun

  3. I have a burning hatred for people who own real guns. You’re fine though tom because yours aren’t real and you’re a film maker.

  4. 2:50

  5. @DarkSquidge

    Do you have a custom airsoft gun you positively lust after? Ive been airsofting here in the US for 16 years and I love your films.

  6. 1:50 correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that’s a glock 1911 (if that’s even a real thing). After a quick google images search, it’s consistent that they all have a beaver tail safety which neither of the guns shown at this point has

  7. I can't be the only one who finds satisfying when Tom cocks the guns (this means getting them ready to fire, like on a revolver when you pull the hammer back)

  8. Wait you like guns?
    Same, but i cant get any gun cause my mom will ground me..
    Well i got one gun, its hidden.

    Friend: walks away
    Me: Please don’t hurt me…
    Tom: Mwhahahahahah

    Edit: If you don’t get the reference, go watch asdfmovie. (Idk if its asdf or something else.

  10. There no such thing as a glock 1911, there either 17, 18, 19, 20, etc, etc
    But no glocks have been made so far that it features a 4 digit number

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