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MEDVED Shotgun Slugs – Heaviest Recoil but BRUTAL damage

okay I’m ready alright – I’m not! hello again this is jeff from taofledermaus – we’ve got another slug from Russia sent to us by the mysterious Aceton — With weight of 41 grams or 632 grains– according to the box these are big enough to take out polar bears These slugs are the big brother to the Grizzly slugs which we shot earlier this year which were only 37 grams which is still very heavy we’re just going to be testing some the MEDVED this is our MEDVED standard here with the hollow nose and then over here we have the MEDVED explosive — it’s got a primer mounted in it with some flash powder so let’s see if we can’t we’re we’re just testing powder loads it only made up like 5 of them or so ok I’m good alright here we go I loaded these slugs up as test load– just to check that 32 grains of long shot and they seem to be performing very well. These types of slugs require spin stabilization We are just using a rifle choke which is something the russians call a nozzle paradox – we had pretty good results with the grizzly slugs the only problem was they shot a little bit low these seem to be more or less on target so that’s really looking promising with these slugs and the powder load I’m using I am Matt now I’m going to shoot the exploding one at the same target Did it kick pretty hard? — It did Matt is a viewer and he’s about as local as you can get he only lives about five miles from where we shoot we asked if he wanted to take a couple shots and he agreed probably not realizing how much kick these things really had we told him to hit the same spot that Greg slug hit and bam almost right on top of it so consistency leads to repeatability and better grouping so far these are looking great just I don’t know how long these guy’s shoulders can hold out The red dot on Gregg’s shotgun is sighted in for one ounce foster slugs that’s what he mostly shoots out of that thing during his training and if you know anything about ballistics when you go from one type of ammunition to another the point of aim is going to change all over the place but these things are quite close to the same point of aim as the foster slug Maybe a half inch to one inch low and it’s important to note that we didn’t give Matt any practice shots we just hand him the gun and let him go for it so that’s pretty impressive what are you aiming at? The blue circle—okay got you that before hahaha honestly I think that one took the cake that one was harder than the previous one Welcome back to PNOUTDOORS –it’s a balmy 86 degrees Fahrenheit outside our Russian ballistic gelatin has been calibrated to have three point seven seven inches– KGB standards? — you’ll see here as I split the loaf oh really folks we didn’t have to cut this log in half this thing broke right order it had to been cracked but write down the Sun hold a little bit of our little bit of bruising over there but that slug dug in here oh it’s actually right there I haven’t find it well we have a perfectly good piece of wood I meant to recast that now yeah my look now you got a cigar-holder okay or something yeah okay good what you gonna think I’m talking wood there is something down in there but it’s even further buried under that green so we won’t try to get it out with how’s the kick on these that kick was worse than I think anything that ever felt it but still the recoil of it kicking you I think I’ll do set up a profile I will tell you you on YouTube that that was probably the worst shoulder thump that I felt on any TAOFLEDERMAUS rounds that we have fired that thing wanted to set me back and take my wallet it’s such a wallet anyway now we’ve shot quite a few slugs at these big chunks of wood I think only one time before did it break off a piece but I don’t think we’ve ever seen one splits the entire block of wood so effortlessly like this one did the slug ended up burying itself about four inches deep into that wood didn’t go through but that’s typical for slugs I’m ready all right I’m not nothing skip Oh didn’t look that bad from here that one wasn’t quite as bad I think as the last one I don’t know what it was about that last one yeah I mean this one was a thump the slug lady fired actually went over a thousand feet skipping across the water just in case you want to know how far that thing went now we’ll see how accurate these things are shooting at 50 yards or 45 meters close to 50 yards at the pig Pig hunting… California-style here we go very nice — that slug got there quick must be getting 1600 FPS I think that’s pretty good for not taking any practice shots at that distance as the slug comes into frame take note of the ground in front of the target at 50 yards the slug is still traveling at a supersonic speed and its shockwave is disrupting the dust on the ground you will not see that with a subsonic projectile I think Greg and Matt were relieved that I only had six of these things I don’t think they could have handled too many more of these shots I hope you enjoyed this thanks for watching you

100 thoughts on “MEDVED Shotgun Slugs – Heaviest Recoil but BRUTAL damage

  1. "Russian Ballistic Gelatin" <— I lol'ed! Keep up the awesome vids!

    Hey, maybe next time I visit central Cali I can help/watch you guys turn money into noise the fun way.

  2. Duuuuude! I love the sight of shockwaves hauling ass across the ground! One of my favorite things to watch in slow motion.

  3. You can really hear Gregg groan in pain every time he pulls the trigger on the medved. The man is getting beat up and taking it like a champ. Bet he's gonna be seeing some decent bruising when he goes home to take a shower tonight.

  4. Best video yet! Loving the shockwave and recoil hammer. No gummy bears shots… Will there be a repeat of these rounds?

  5. "That thing wanted to set me back and take my wallet."
    Officer Gregg. Ya gotta love those "Greggisms"!

  6. Ok, we know that primers won't explode when fired down the barrel. Can you please make a wax slug from primers and shoot it??

  7. That shockwave in the dirt gave me an idea, perhaps you could set up a rig out of wood to film directly above the ground and try to get a slo-mo shot of it making a 'V' as it flies by.

  8. Very accurate, very powerful. I think I might get some of these slugs. I have a slug dedicated gun with a 21" rifled barrel with scope. I have been looking for the right slug for it and I have a feeling this is going to be it. I do not even have any game big enough around here to hunt with it, ha. Guess I can drop a white tail on the spot with it.

  9. I don't know what's better, the humour you guys put in or the actual shooting. Thank you guys. Othother great video.

  10. You guys should make a compilation of all the crazy Ruski slugs you have showed us and call it "From Russia, with slug."

  11. Thanks Jeff!!! The slo-mo of the shell carrier just answered some problems I encountered when making them…. The lyman 525gr slugs I have been reloading always kick the shells from the carrier but none of the store bought slug rounds will do it, I guess it is the heavier projectile that causes it.

  12. I've seen Jeff. And so has my wife. And now I'm not married anymore. That's why he doesn't show himself ever on camera. :,(

  13. Brilliant slug this one.. nice touch on the details man.(like you, mentioning the shockwave). this one has some serious punch to it.. let's just hope greg's shoulder won't go sore after this.. looking forward to the next one..👍👍👍

  14. Medved actually means bear, i am from Bosnia, but that word is same in almost every Balkan language, same in Russian, Makedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian and Polish language

  15. @taofledermaus what part of California, I'm from Sacramento and would love to come shooting with you if you're not to far

  16. The bulk of wood looked very much like Norfolk pine. Which is super long fibers with a surprising lateral strength, but very weak along its grain, splits too easily to be much use as a wood.

  17. If you have a hollowed-out,supersonic stable,front hitting slugs that have a BIG cavity feel free contacting me!
    I can help! I have both the knowledge and access to sophisticated chemicals and explosives,I am working on my PhD in Chemistry and I used to be one hell-of-a millitary engineer/pyrotehnician,unlike kids and amateurs who just indentify themselwes as such cus they like those things! Ther are very interesting hings like Cesium or Rubidium or even Na/K alloy filling that migh be wicked,along with few mixtures that react as micro (IF NOT NANO) termite when struck with force of the bullet!
    Not to mention various possible organic compounds that will AT LEAST emit a nice smoke-puff on impact.
    Don't even get me started on explosives!
    I can tell you how to make multy-layer high-explosive primary/secondary filling by making everything you need from things you can buy in store or e-bay and most important,safely!

  18. Intermediate speed penetration

    What about projectiles which are at speeds where both material and dynamic forces are important? Or what about when a projectile starts in the hydrodynamic regime but slows down to speeds where material strength dominates? Fortunately, there is an exact solution for this. We combine the hydrodynamic and material forces when finding the differential energy loss
    dE = -[cd A (E/m) ρt + Yc A] dx.
    To solve differential equations of this form, we re-write it as
    dE/dx + cd (A/m) ρt E = – Yc A
    exp(-cd (A/m) ρt x) × d(E exp(cd (A/m) ρt x))/dx = – Yc A
    d(E exp(cd (A/m) ρt x))/dx = – Yc A exp(cd (A/m) ρt x)
    and then integrate both sides with respect to x
    E(x) = E0 exp(-cd (A/m) ρt x) – (Yc m)/(cd ρt) [1 – exp(-cd (A/m) ρt x)].
    The maximum range xm of the projectile occurs when the kinetic energy is zero; E(xm) = 0. This can be solved to find
    xm = m ln ⌈ 1 + E0 ⌉
    cd ρt A ⌊ (Yc m)/(cd ρt) ⌋.
    If we define a threshold speed
    ½ vthr² = Yc
    cd ρt
    then this simplifes to
    xm = xc ln ⌈ 1 + v0² ⌉
    ⌊ vthr² ⌋.
    At high speed, for v0 much greater than vthr, we see that we again have the expected near exponential decay of energy and speed with distance. At low speed, we can make use of the Taylor expansion of the natural logarithm as z → 0
    ln[1+z] ≈ z – z²/2 + z³/3 – …
    and truncate the expansion to the lowest order to find
    xm = xc v0²⁄vthr² = m v0²⁄(2 A Yc)
    as before.

  19. Very good video. GREAT slugs. I wish I could give the destructive Javali (boar) on my farm a taste of 'em ! Would be very illegal here sadly
    ! Loved the shock wave – wow !

  20. OG, does that heavy load recoil affect your lower back, or only your shoulder? Just curious. (Please don't invite me to try it. Not in to bone relocation.) (Is it affect or effect? I dunt spel wurth a dorn.)

  21. I'm surprised Officer Greg hasn't arrested himself for shooting more than 1 shell under California's laws. (Sarcasm for the slow ones in the back)
    Ps I miss Inn N Out when I was stationed out there.

  22. Officer Gregg:  "that one wasn't as bad as the last one."
    That's because your body is still numb from shock. Thank you for all that you add to this channel.

  23. Jeff we should probably set up a “GoFundMe” page for Greg’s future shoulder surgery, after so many Russian slugs!!

  24. This makes me think… How crazy would it be to use a suppressed rifled shotgun with very heavy subsonic ammo? With a projectile shaped like a 135 grain 40sw, enlarged by a factor of two (inear), you should get about 70 grams, enough for over 3500 joules while staying subsonic.

  25. Check out the 12 bore bronto bruiser from old west molds owned by Bernie Rowles. … I'll give you one guess who designed it

  26. I built a 12 gague rifle back in '88 to hunt deer with. I call it the Bambie Blaster. I killed a lot of deer with it but they decided to let us hunt white tails with proper rifles so I found guns in stock that were more fun to carry than the 10 lb. "BLaster" Anyhow I built bullet molds for it ,735 dia. One is verry much like the Medved and the other was a semi wad cutter. Both weighed in at about 800 grs. and as you noticed recoil became an issue before trajectory flattened out. Heavy slugs tend to shoot to a higher point of impact because velocity tends to be lower and barrel time is longer so they exit at a time when the muzzle is in a higher attitude during recoil. Both slugs shot to minute of deer at a hundred yds. but dropped like a medicine ball at that range. I still have the molds and could send you some if I have your address.

  27. Speaking of recoil… My 870 Express Nitro Super Mag can be quite cantankerous! Big boy rounds are wreaking havoc on my dermis and epidermis. Basically, I'm tired of contusing my shoulder every time I shoot magnum rounds. It's a bitch, man! Got any info on recoil pads or padded shooting vests? (Reasonably cost effective, of course!)

  28. It's funny, I've seen Danny go flying from a slug way worse than what this one was doing to Gregg, and Danny casually describes it as "a bit of a wallop to it" XD

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