14 thoughts on “McLintock! (1963) [John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Patrick Wayne] [full length western movie]

  1. A absolute favorite. Miss O'Hara and John Wayne a combination that was a pleasure to watch, especially The Quiet Man.

  2. I have watched this movie over and over!
    Love it!
    There many good movies made these days, but NOTHING compares to this style and genre!
    The honest and simplistic mood or feeling of these old movies is invigorating and reminds us all of simpler times.
    I always felt that I was born a generation too early, but after looking back and watching these great uploads, I'm absolutely sure I was born a generation too late.
    Thanks so much for this movie!

  3. Esse filme é bom, mas eu não entendi nada. Mas eu também não sei inglês, assim mesmo deixei o meu comentário.

  4. I've. Always loved this movie but the color clarity of this download made it sooo much more enjoyable to watxh on my phone. Truely the best I've seen for a mobile application!

  5. Enrique cara luque y eduviguis moreno Fajardo en español muy bueno el gran MacLintock de jhon wayne buen pistolero muy rápido me hencanta se la dedico para los dos Enrique y eduviguis

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