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McG Set Tour | Season 1 Ep. 1 | LETHAL WEAPON

All right.
Here we go. Background. And action. We’re here on the set
of “Lethal Weapon.” Clayne is doing a good job. Damon is doing a good job. They know where
the emotion lies, and they know where
the funny sits. Do either of you have any
idea what this number is? The number of words
in the book of Genesis. The number of cats
in your apartment. Pies. It was rhetorical. Let’s go over here and
see what Damon is doing. What’s going on? How is “Lethal Weapon” going? I’m working with
this amazing director. McG, as they know
him in the industry. I’m being challenged.
-I see that. For the first
time in my career. Most guys just say,
go ahead be Damon. You’re saying, no,
could be Roger Murtaugh. Wow, that’s good to hear. He’s blushing. I am blushing. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a mic drop. So if it sucks, blame McG. What do you think of
the word on the page as crafted by Matt Miller? Matt Miller is a genius. No he’s not. Not because he’s right there. That totally discouraged
everything he just said. What are you talking about? The man was on a roll. Actually I read the script. And it wasn’t just the action,
there’s a lot of heart in this. Nice family you got. Yeah, they keep us on our toes. And up all night. Hey Clayne, what’s going on? Nothing man, how are you? I’m just making a TV show. Oh good. Tell us about life
in Clay, Alabama. How is that coloring your
performance and what you bring? It’s very similar to
life here in Los Angeles. I don’t believe
that for one second. It’s real fast pace. A lot of cars. Traffic’s a bitch. If you found one secret
out about your costar, Damon Wayans, what would
that secret be? Nothing. No. We don’t need a
personal relationship. Let’s keep it professional. But on the job, we got to work
together like surf and turf. Cool, I’m turf. No, you’re surf. Because you live butt
naked on a beach. How have you enjoy
this experience so far? It’s been a great
experience so far. What’s been the most
memorable component? The most exciting moment
for me was on the table read of the network, listening to
these two go back and forth at each other. We got a DOA in Griffith Park. Want to me a ride? I don’t really
know my way around. Sure Murtaugh can
give you a ride. Is the DOA dead? Dead on arrival. Does it mean something
different here? I just want to make sure
there’s no one else left for you to kill. Just you and me. Besides, IA
confiscated my weapon until I’m clear from the bank. So if got to kill somebody,
it’s on you, big guy. And cut. Very, very good.

4 thoughts on “McG Set Tour | Season 1 Ep. 1 | LETHAL WEAPON

  1. I am in love with this show. I love the story line and the onscreen chemistry. I didn't watch it all season because I perceived it would be corny but when I was talk into it and told it was so good. I was hooked so much I binged watch all episodes in a weekend. can't wait until the next season. 🖒

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