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Mayor Pete Buttigieg Talks Medicare Plans, Gun Control, and Colin Jost’s SNL Impression

-Last time you were here, it was very interesting,
I think, for me. We were all trying to figure out
how to pronounce your name. -Yeah. -And now here you are —
You’re a major contender for getting
the Democratic nomination. You just got a big day today.
The polls came out, and you’re number three
in the polls in Iowa. [ Cheers and applause ] What do you attribute
your surge in popularity to? -Well, hard work, a really good
team, and the right message. I think our message is what Americans
are really looking for. It’s not just how to end
the Trump presidency, which is obviously
a huge priority, because our country’s future
depends on it. [ Cheers and applause ] But it’s also about what’s America going to need the
day after this presidency ends? This presidency will come
to an end one way or the other. And when we get there, when the
sun comes up over this country, and we’re picking up the pieces
and figuring out what’s next, I think it’s going to require
that we’re ready to undertake bold solutions, but also that
we can bring people together. And that’s been the core
of our campaign. And I think it’s resonated. [ Cheers and applause ] -I think, the last debate, I think you scored major points
for a lot of people during that because, one, with Elizabeth
Warren, you challenged her and actually debated, as you
would in a debate, with her about her Medicare for All.
-Yeah. -And you were saying,
“How do you pay for all this?” And she didn’t really
have an answer. -It’s a respectful, honest,
but major difference of opinion. First of all, when you’re
proposing something like this, it’s got to be clear
how it’s paid for. And the plan
that I’m putting forward, we call it “Medicare
for all who want it,” can be paid for without raising
middle-class taxes. And it’s got a lot
of other advantages, too, because it lets people keep
their private plans. So the basic idea is
we take a version of Medicare. We make it available
for anybody who wants it, but if for some reason
you prefer a different plan, that’s okay. I’m not going
to make you switch. And I just think
that’s better than saying, “You’ve got to do Medicare
whether you want to or not,” and make that entire change
for the entire country in four years or less. So it’s just an honest
difference of opinion. -And I saw a lot of people
were saying, like, “Oh, well, wait a second,
Mayor Pete. You said that — You tweeted out that you were
for Medicare for All…” -Yeah.
-“…a couple years ago.” So what do you say to that? -Yeah, for the long run,
that’s still my preference. I just think we got to have
some humility about this. In other words,
to get from here to there, it makes more sense
to make it optional. And then if we’re right, that
that’s going to be the best plan for all Americans, then
all Americans will choose it, and it’ll become the only plan.
And if we’re wrong, and some Americans would rather
be on something different, well, then we’re going
to be really glad we didn’t kick them
off the plans they had and force them onto ours.
So it’s a similar vision about where I think
the destination’s going to be, but an approach
that is more practical and I think more flexible
for Americans who I trust to make
the right decision on what’s right for them. -I think another thing
that where you scored — [ Cheers and applause ] Another area where you scored
in the debate is when — with Beto O’Rourke, and you kind of, you guys
kind of sparred a little bit about gun reform. And would you like to talk
about your stance on that and — -Well, first of all, I think we
all want to get real gun reform. There’s been way too much talk
for way too long. [ Cheers and applause ] And I think the focus right now is we’ve got to have
universal background checks. By the way,
Republicans agree on this — not so much Republican
members of Congress, but the Republicans
across America, and Washington still hasn’t
been able to get it done. We got to go further than that. We got to have red flag laws
that disarm domestic abusers. And we’ve got to ban the sale
of these assault weapons and the high-capacity magazines
to load them. That will save lives in America. And we’ve got to do it
right away. -And that’s a —
It’s a big issue for you. If you do become President,
you’ll — you’ll — that’ll be one of your focuses? -Yeah, I mean,
we can’t go on like this. You know, I was in high school when the Columbine
shooting happened. And since then, we’ve generated a second
school-shooting generation. Shame on us if we allow there
to be a third. [ Applause ] -And you know these guns because you’ve seen
these assault rifles. You were in Afghanistan. -Yeah. -What is your take on everything
with Syria and Turkey and — -I got to tell you,
it’s just a bad day for America when our country can’t be
relied on to keep its word. You know, I really felt
when I was deployed that, in addition
to my body armor and the weapons I was carrying, that one of the things
that protected me was that the flag on my shoulder represented a country
that was seen as credible, that our allies
and our enemies knew that when we said we would do
something, we would do it. So when you got
these Kurdish fighters, they put their lives on the line
to be at our side fighting against ISIS,
and you betray them, which is what
this president has done, not only is it undermining
stability in Syria, it’s undermining
the honor of American soldiers who feel now that their honor
has been taken away. And when you take away
a soldier’s honor, you’re taking away
the most important thing. And it’s taking away
our country’s honor. It makes the world
a more dangerous place. And when I am president,
when I am Commander in Chief, we will restore
American credibility, because lives depend on it. [ Cheers and applause ] -I know you’re in New York, and I saw that you were riding
the subway today, which is — There you are right there. [ Cheers and applause ] I don’t know if you were here — I don’t know if you were here
to stop by “Saturday Night Live” to ask them to stop doing
an impression of you. I don’t know.
But I don’t if you saw, they did an impression of you. But they’re not on this week. But yeah, you didn’t see it?
-I didn’t see it. [ Laughter ]
-You didn’t see it at all? -No.
-No, you didn’t see it. -Was it good?
-Well, we have — Here’s a here’s a clip
of Colin Jost playing Mayor Pete on “Saturday Night Live.”
Take a look. -Hi.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you very much. Thank you.
I went to Harvard, but they don’t teach you
where to put your arms. Why am I not winning this,
you know? I’m a veteran. I’m under
the legal retirement age. And when I talk, it makes sense. Is something wrong with me? -No, no, you’re a great guy, just, like, as a friend,
not for president. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -So, you like it? -It’s okay.
-It’s okay. It’s not — It wasn’t that bad. -Yeah, I just want to say I’m
very comfortable in my own body. I know exactly what to do
with my arms. I don’t know —
-But now you’re over-thinking what to do with your arms now?
-Yeah, now, I’m wondering. Are they too far out,
too far in? -I’ll make it easy for you.
I just want to shake your hand. Thank you for coming
on our show tonight. [ Cheers and applause ] Mayor Pete Buttigieg, everybody!

62 thoughts on “Mayor Pete Buttigieg Talks Medicare Plans, Gun Control, and Colin Jost’s SNL Impression

  1. Pete sounds a lot like Andrew Expose this PLAGIARIST. Americans need the truth about our candidates.

  2. Bernie or Elizabeth are no corporate sell out. Pete is Facebook Representative & he will sell Americans out to tech companies.

  3. Mayor Pete dances to the tunes of those he owes. He has taken more corporate money than anyone else, and money talks. Pete was for Medicate for All (M4A) earlier this year but now is against it, he is now spreading misinformation and trying to make it sound like a bad choice over his better plan. His "M4A all that want it", I can tell you as a healthcare worker there is no way that will work. His "M4A all that who want it" will be a program full of old and sick people, these are the patient groups that require the most resources, the program will inevitably fail under its own weight and everyone will point to M4A and say 'hey look it doesn't work'. But that is incorrect, it failed because you only went half the way, giving the private insurance market an option to make premiums and rates competitive enough to pull all the young healthy people away from M4A will eventually lead to its demise. Single payer where everyone chips in a bit but also everyone benefits from the system as needed is a much better option than 'Medicate for those who want it' being burdened/underfunded because it only takes care of the disproportionately costly patient groups in society.

    This candidate is Hillary Clinton 2.0, I do not trust him. If you disagree, I suggest you look into the firing of a black police chief during his time as mayor as an example. Pete goes where the money is, he is a savvy politician and has broad appeal to the liberal base, that is what makes him a dangerous candidate. The fact that he plays identity politics to paint some kind of rosy LGVTQI liberal/progressive appeal to counter the true progressives shows me what sort of politician he is. He is using the language of emancipation when he is ignoring the biggest oppressor of them all: Neoliberalism. I want a candidate who stands with the people and who always has, Bernie is my candidate – he hasn't taken one dollar of corporate money.

  4. Pete, Medicare for All must be ALL IN. Without universal participation you won’t get the ECONOMIES OF SCALE required to get prices down. Only single payer systems give the government the power to command low prices for pharmaceuticals and medical services.

  5. If democrate make that mistake to choose Pete Bu… then it will be a Big win for Trump because of his Life style that many Christians do not agree with. That will turn many Christians off in the general. That will be a big risk to take in a country that is still divided in values, religious believes and ethical issues. This will be too much for Christians to swallow this will to the re-election of Donald Trump

  6. Well…I've been following each and every one of the presidential candidates very close….and with no disrespect intended to anyone of them…..Pete Buttigieg has always been my Top # 1 for so many reasons…..he is a brilliant candidate with exceptional intellectual ability and unique qualities and talents…..a young Genius, an eminent man with awesome intelligence …..I am still impressed !!………..the latest polls in November 2019 are showing him "second" behind Warren in Iowa…a key State in any presidential election….lucky Americans if they size the opportunity…..

  7. This guy is such a sellout! He takes more corporate donations from big pharmaceutical and insurance companies than any other candidate. He might as well run as a Republican.

  8. Fuck mayor Pete. He was for Medicare for all til his donors said not to. And he's pretending his plan adds choice, it takes away choice. You can't pick your doctor under his plan because everyone isn't in the same network. This fucking guy is fake as fuck

  9. Haven't seen or heard this guy before but as Australian you Americans need to make this guy president feel sorry for yous having a president like Trump he's the worst president in America ever

  10. Can’t fault him… where I come from, we have national healthcare but if you want private (it can be quicker for non life-threatening procedures), it’s your choice.
    America has a huge international reputation issue to address.
    To have an educated, articulate, honest, government-aware president in the WH… is a great step in the right direction.

  11. I can’t wait for people to see how corrupt Pete is. Sound Bend is the only experience we have to judge him on & they hate him.

  12. i like his healthcare policy but his gun policy is so basic. Is pretty much the same thing most of these democrats been pushing for a long time. I like yangs plan with the finger print option to use.

  13. Oh establishededia. Interviewing the guy who got no plans and all platitudes, the guy who flip flops whichever the polls wanted a candidate to be, copying candidates left and right. He's that kind of guy, expect he'll be the same if he wins.

    Open your eyes, the future of humanity is at stake, gods are already giving us Andrew Yang.

  14. I'm beginning to realize Pete is Mike Dukakis. He even sore of physically resembles him. He's decent and super smart and mature, well spoken, and a moderate. And I fear he's going to lose like Dukakis.

  15. Man this guy hast such a hilarious face. I'm sure He was bullied when He was a child. Short, funny face, funny Last name. I would guess this man has a lot of hate inside. Let's see

  16. Hes copied Andrew yang for months. Just look how hes handled his local community and the issues there.

    #yang2020 #yanggang

  17. You are the future NEXT president, people and children will adore you.keep it together ,you are strong. the country need fresh start with a fresh blood ♥️♥️♥️

  18. Our USA flag is Red, White, Blue. Red = female hooker, Blue = male hooker, White shades either and colors to identify kids sex as babies. Also, white refers to virginity, God, and "puruty." Nuns and priests wear black and white. I am a 9 centaur. A 69 black and white yin and yang. Is there opportunity for me? For everyone? Or just a select few? Even those without a high school education? Or, does your plan HURT our economy, society, world / universe? I can tell you truth as I am very close to myself! One thing I do not put up with is hurt, hate, lies and deceit! You are ab actor and hired! A representative of the people and PAID! I also do not stand for insubordination as that is grounds for termination in the workforce to disobey a direct order. As our government and congress did against Trump! Understand? I hope you and your gay community understand stonewall and the truth. It was a GAY HOOKER! Tina reflects that to me and the New York City New Years Eve Ball drop changed recently to resemble crystal ball. That is fact and one protected by a real military you may not know of! However, I have experienced and witnessed through a "U" (horseshoe/centaur( market network (telepathic) Which needs work! And, one that exists and will be brought to Justice if hired workers such as our hired government representatives continue to disobey direct orders! Statue of Liberty is Turquoise which relates to sagitartian color. Better color is the color of ICE: street term for Tina/Crystal Meth. And, one falling under a stimulant under Physic Education. I am fire and ice aka YIN/YANG and don't forget we move forward not backwards. Last vote was my stage character matt steel all done "perfectly" as planned.

  19. Medicare for all who want it isn't a proving ground for Medicare For All. It inherently ruins that public option because only poor and sick people would be on that plan and only rich, healthy people will have private insurance.

  20. In 2020 we will have two choices for president… A career politician and more corrupted government OR more transparency by a businessman who busts up corrupted governments.

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