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Max’s Budget Blasters – SKS Sniper (Poor Man’s SVD) (w/ENG subs)

Hello Sbam friends! I’m Cook and I’m Max today we bring you the Max’s budget blasters on a new dimension the long range shooting dimension! what do we have here? Show us! so, we got a surplus SKS yeah with an SVD rail already installed so… was ruined already we installed a beautiful SVD sight PSO-1.. yeah yeah whathever what was it? 4 by? 24? yeah, 4×24, so the classic PSO the usual Dragunov one with illuminated reticle! Fantastic! yeah ok.. is a PSO, where did we bought it? on Aliexpress! where do you buy stuff?? how much it cost? 67€ a fair price.. we were lucky! yeah… so let’s say a softair product softair? is made of alluminium! 67€ for some plastic… we will see if 67€ for a PSO optical sight will stand a chance against, or at least being comparable to an original sovietic PSO from 250/300€, actual market price it was made by the same people anyways it ain’t true! yeah! they always are some commies on the other side of the globe! ok, let’s just make a quick overview on this rifle as he was saying, we bought it with an optic, no sorry… with a homemade PSO rail it was made by my Gf’s uncle actually not him, somebody for him I don’t know, looks milled it is a very homemade job but nevertheless it looks very stiff well, it’s quite a redneck job but… …we will see if it works especially the sight as ammunitions, we shoot these, what are they? this is the expensive reloading with the N120 so these are the sniper cartridges they are the good ones! so, N120… do you remember how many grains? yeah! 24 grains of powder and what ball? 124 grains ball yeah, which is the PPU FMJ ball so the cheapest ones ok, so now to try this thing we will shoot about 40 rounds 40… less… … about 10 come on let’s shoot a bit! who’s paying? ok as you want let’s make 10 ok let’s try this thing! ok so for the fire test we will shoot to a metal plate about 100m away let’s see if this sight can work I don’t think so honestly, but we’ll see I take in account that I’m an awful shooter so if it misses is my fault I will try some shots too I’ll see if is the gun or the shooter that miss the target slightly right bullseye ok, 2 rounds gone ok ok right that’s all I’m good let me try this thing a bit too do you need supplying? yes please looks like it works well oh right… we need to discuss about this how much did you paid for it? the rifle? the rifle was 150€ 150€, so is definetelly a budget blaster! yeah, it’s in the budget, in the original one let’s see right? no, they all are bullseye! the last one now is greased hit! yep, I definitely sucks ok Max promoted?? yeah, I have to say beside my initial concernment this thing it doesn’t shakes no you can even use it as an handle! NOO!! no! till now it works we will see in 6 months.. we will make an update maybe at a longer range and we’ll see if it still works yeah come on! it stays in the trunk anyways ok, so this episode of Budget Blasters is ended thanks for watching us bye friends!

9 thoughts on “Max’s Budget Blasters – SKS Sniper (Poor Man’s SVD) (w/ENG subs)

  1. Da notare come Max si rifornisce delle sue preziose munizioni con parsimonia e gomitate in faccia…
    Ma davvero hai pagato quella SKS 150 euro?E' davvero in ottime condizioni!

  2. aspetta. quindi io ho fatto lo stesso identico lavoro, ma ci ho messo sopra un'ottica da 200 sghei +spedizione + dogana +bestemmie varie per trovare qualcuno che me la montasse +pagare il cristiano altri bei soldi per fare il lavoro… e la potevo prendere su aliexpres? mi sento male.

  3. Se sparavi dal bancone in appoggio su bersaglio di carta si poteva valutare la consistenza della rosata, così a mano libera è difficile dare un giudizio…perlomeno sull'ottica.

  4. Raga questo è considerato stupro con aggravante di cinesate fototroniche 😂😂😂😂
    Comunque ho aperto il mio canale di armi :

    se ci fate un salto ne sarei felice.

  5. Io avrei preferito una ricarica con strapper clip, ma anche così va bene 🙂
    Comunque mi piace l'SKS, se dovessi comprare un'arma per sparare al poligono, una delle mie scelte potrebbe proprio ricadere su questo fucile russo

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