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Mauser 1877 Single-Shot Pistol

Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another video on I’m Ian I’m here today at the Rock Island auction company looking at Some of the guns they’re going to be selling in their upcoming December of 2016 premiere auction, and I have a really cool Single-shot pistol here now normally single-shot pistols are kind of blasé and boring But this one’s actually got a lot of neat stuff going on for it Most significantly this is the first pistol actually designed and produced by the mouser company This is a Mauser C. 77 or construction 77 dating from 1877 although this particular example is dated 1876 and This was mousers very first kind of tentative attempt to get into the pistol market in 1871 Mauser Had their Single-shot bolt-action rifle adopted by the then Brand-new German Federation German nation and it would have been really cool to couple that with a handgun being adopted at the same time so there were trials coming up the trials ultimately resulted in the adoption of the 1879 Reich’s Revolver Which was not a mauser revolver mauser did follow this with a revolver design which we’ve looked at previously Can check those videos out if you’re interested, they’re linked in the description below But before they did that they tried their hand at a single-shot pistol now this kind of seems weird in retrospect like okay, it’s 1877 Or 1876 A couple Years ago the us Army of all people adopted the single action [Colt] Which is a quite fine nice Very functional revolver the French have adopted the 1873 revolver. Which is even better than the American one it’s double-action Why would you at this point Take a step back to just a single-shot pistol? and it appears this must have occurred to Paul mauser because they didn’t actually Even bother submitting this to the government after [they’d] [finished] it in total They made like about a hundred of these probably a little less than a hundred they were available by private purchase To individual officers, but they were never adopted They were never formally tested by the military because clearly mouths are finished producing this pistol and looked at it. When wow boy that’s It’s just no way. They’re ever going to accept that so let’s not even bother However that being said there’s some cool features to this as a single-shot pistol goes It’s actually kind of slick And it’s got some neat mechanical functionality and turned out to be kind of this niche popular Target gun In some officers hands I think you’ll see why in just minute let’s let’s take a closer Look at it and see how it works and what I keep saying is actually interesting about this So mauser clearly realized that if you’ve only got a single-shot pistol you do at least want to be able to reload the thing Fairly Smoothly and quickly and easily and so that’s what the main Mechanical function of this pistol is all designed around is easy fast loading. You’ve got a grip that actually fits the hand quite well You raise this up in a single hand target shooting type of stance, and you actually get a remarkably nice sight picture right there It handles. Well the safety it does in fact have a safety even though It’s only a single shot gun comes right under your thumb. If you’re right-handed which being a proper german officer You are of course right-handed now to reload this what you do is simply thumb down this reach block piece when you do that the extractor is going to push the empty case out I Believe if you do this with a little bit of gusto a lawn It will actually kick the fired case completely out of the gun you’ve then got this nice rounded surface in here Drop your new cartridge onto here slide it in and when you hit this ejector Which the rim of the cartridge is going to do That’s going to push in and it’s going to automatically close the breech block for you in that way It’s kind of like a little artillery piece Once that’s closed All you have left is a trigger pull so with a little bit of practice. You could reload this thing quite quickly and easily That breech block really does fall right under the thumb Second hand drops cartridge in and you’re ready to go on the other hand however One I should point out the safety is properly designed in that up is safe. So when it’s under your thumb All you have to do is snap the safety down to disengage it and it’s ready to fire The Trigger pull however is quite. Heavy and quite long This is a quintessential revolver style double action only Trigger, and it’s really Stiff and heavy If your target shooting with this thing boy, you’re going to get really good Trigger control now possibly that’s in there because the German Ten point six millimeter Revolver ammo or ten point six ordnance ammo which is what this fired which is the same as what the later Reich’s revolvers would use I Suspect that stuff had some pretty hard primers in it the Reich’s revolver had a very heavy trigger Because it had a very heavy hammer spring, and I suspect this is done the same way Pushing this down does re-cock the trigger or reset the trigger, so when it once it’s dry fired Ya got nothing left the firing pin remains in the downward fired position until You re-cock by dropping the breech block now. It’s ready to fire again So we do have one set of stamped markings on this pistol, and that’s here on the left side patent gebrüder Mauser and C That was in fact one of the very early names for the Mauser company they were in Orbandorf in vertanberg and I said this one’s dated 1876 my information was that all of these were manufactured in 1877 To be honest. I’m not entirely sure if the the 1876 date is based on Development of the model Or if they were perhaps manufactured over a short period of time from late 76 into early 77 I did not find a serial number anywhere on this piece So I can’t tell you where it may have fallen in the production line up Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video very cool to see one of these guns They’re very rare out there as I said earlier They only made a hundred or a little less than a hundred of them, and that was boy almost 150 years ago now So they’ve been through a lot this one’s not in fantastic shape, but it’s totally functional it looks good The bore is actually a lot better than you would expect looking at the outside as well, so if you would like your own Really cool and historic single-shot pistol whip up some 10.6 German ammunition and do your own Target shooting with it well Well take a look at the description text below you’ll find a link there to rock Islands catalog page on this piece Where you can see their pictures read their description and place a bid online over the phone or live here at the auction Thanks for watching

94 thoughts on “Mauser 1877 Single-Shot Pistol

  1. If I may just take a moment to compliment the content of this channel, I'd like to point out that there aren't many sources that go into deeper details about the engineering aspects of firearms that I know of, as well as a "in a nutshell" history of the firearms. Very good indeed.

  2. In the beginning of the video I noticed the hole in the trigger guard and I couldn't figure out why. Than you cocked the gun and it all cleared like a fog on a windy day.

  3. Hats of to the Mauser Brothers, With all the strange wepons sent to military for testing they hade the clear thought of not sending it in, and make somthing better.

  4. They should have made it chambered with same round their rifle was using. Simple infantrymen wouldn't get fancy revolvers anyway and this thing would have alowed them to "dual wield"(two guns for different situation, but only one type of round you need to carry).

  5. Ian, it kind of looks like an 1896 Mauser C96 "broom handle." I know that's a couple of decades later but was there more than a coincidental relationship with how the Mauser company decided to lay out the C96?

  6. I think this is a neat gun, that would have been a great training pistol. And i bet you could revive the design today and you'd have some sold for that reason alone.

  7. dude, you should bid on this if it's anywhere near affordable. that would be very interesting to see pit against revolvers of the time in 2 gun

  8. thanks. mauser had some good ideas here but i believe he could have simplified this design and made a fine single shot target rifle. that thumb dropped breechblock is intriguing by itself. the guillotine like action in the trigger guard looks possibly quite painful however.

  9. Maybe it was designed by a former enlisted man who thought an officer could do less damage if he only had a single bullet. 😉

  10. That's… surprisingly cool. I think that I can think of many civilian uses for a modernized design like this. A cheap entry-level training gun, a small shotgun, a flare pistol, a platform for custom/high-power rounds…

  11. I've always though that autoloading military rifles should, due to the inherent relative unreliability of autoloaders, be issued with singleshot pistols of the same caliber. They're cheap enough, light enough, can have adjustable sights that are strong enough, have virtually perfect reliability, and hit hard enough.

  12. In speed trails though, this firearm seems like over say 12 shots would be just as fast as a revovler. Would properly be more accurate due to the action design and more rugged then a revovler for combat duties and easier to load under stress of combat…. Surprised Mauser didnt submit it.

  13. I just realized that what you do is a win-win for you and RIA, you get to make videos on really cool and/or rare firearms and RIA gets free advertising for some of the things they are auctioning.

  14. just looking at it I thought "target pistol". I think a modern pistol like this would be a great target pistol design if it solved the heavy trigger pull.

    Going by the excess oil, and worn out but fully functional condition, maybe the previous owner did shoot it?

  15. I'm curious as to why you would consider the Mas 1873 better than the SAA. The Colt fires a significantly more powerful round, doesn't it? Is double-action really that much of an advantage? Not trying to champion the SAA or anything, just curious as to your opinion.

  16. The "A/N" to the right of "Oberndorf" means "am Neckar" translating to "at the Neckar river".
    Just in case anybody was wondering.

  17. Seems pretty slick and reasonably ergonomic, though I suspect if it had been adopted "Mauser thumb" would be a thing.

  18. The stamp Oberndorf a/N actually means "am Neckar" (German river). Württemberg was the old district where the city was located. Today the federal state is called "Baden-Württemberg"

  19. That would had made a good rear echelon pistol. I can see how you could reload it really fast, grabbing a round with your left hand while ejecting and dropping the breach with your right. Slide the next round in and bang, you are ready to go again.

  20. I suspect that with practice it should be possible to maintain a similar sustained rate of fire as a non-speedloader revolver, as your free hand would be grabbing a cartridge while the other was firing and opening the breach. I quite like the idea of this actually

  21. The "…& Cie" in the company name was pretty common nomenclature in Germany at the time, simply means "und Compagnie" as in "and Company". For example, a precursor to Mercedes-Benz at the time was also known as "Benz & Cie". French terms (compagnie, the German word is actually Unternehmen) were widely used in the German language at the time, especially in the west and south-west where Mauser was based.

  22. I, having seen (on youtube) some stuff concerning the reichsrevolver, this seems way more practical (at least for infantry) than that monstrous thing. pointless for cavalry however.

  23. Don't think i had heard of these. Very interesting. Nice design- i like falling blocks. I wonder if it would be possible to make brass from .44 Spl or .44 Russian, or maybe even 10mm? Or squeeze down 45 Auto Rim even? A modern version in 10mm or 357 Mag or even 44 Mag would be interesting. They could make a relatively inexpensive outdoorsman's pistol that is lighter and handier than the Contender, with good power. I would certainly buy 1 or 2. I have a Contender and several barrels. I like it, but it is a little large sometimes. Something like this would be a nice option. Great video as always. Thank you

  24. This is an impressive piece of work, very well-made gun and a good, ndepth video. Ian, did any arms manufacturer make a double-barrelled pistol similar to this that you know of?

  25. I'm sure this Mauser single shot had a much higher volume of sustained fire PER MINUTE than a Colt Single Action Army…

  26. Hey, I like it. I wonder if anybody makes 10.6 mm flobert? It would be a great grip and trigger finger workout in the basement. I guess I could settle for a primer – driven plastic projectile.

  27. Ian having studied the history of development of military and civilian small arms for decades, I have one request. Please write a book with all your documentation. I will buy a copy no matter how expensive it might be. You may have to publish a few volumes but it's worth the effort. So far all books on small arms are half complete

  28. Given the clumsy loading of that era's revolvers that single shot might have a higher rate of sustained.

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