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Mass Effect PLASMA RIFLE (Nerf Gun Mod)

[Music] hey guys on this episode make it real we’re gonna try one day mass effect plasma rifle build since the Mass Effect 4 is coming out next week we’re going to start with a nerf gun we don’t need that [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now we’re not actually shooting plasma in fact we’re shooting an aluminum projectile which we manufactured our tormach PC and c4 40 milling machine it’s basically a little aluminum cap which fits over the barrel making it an over the barrel pneumatic weapon on the end of it is a piece of ferrocerium which is campfire Flint when you keep this stuff up super hot it becomes extremely volatile and explodes all right so we’re ready to test the Mass Effect plasma rifle we just built let’s plug it in it’s powered by two lithium polymer batteries from hobbyking running at forty four volts the main power switch is right here we have a voltmeter to measure the battery pack that goes to the induction coil heater which has active cooling which then turns on the induction coil this will heat any ferrous material which means on a high-speed impact they actually explode in Sparks + o7 laser pointer [Music] put your fucking hands up [Music] I think I saw some guys fighting over a thermal clip of what a thermal clip they stopped weapons from overheating I’m sorry just a joke alright that was pretty explosive don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notify Bell to make sure you’re notified when we release the next video because we’re gonna do an awesome video where we test this thing by blowing some stuff up also make sure you’re following us on social media cuz the next time we do a one day build Briona livestream it so you can guys can be right here in the shop with us

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  3. Duuuudde make a sword please its was my child hood dream and i miss it if you cant its fine but if you can you will fill a child hood of someone

  4. Can you make a rail gun but instead of accelerating a solid projectile an electric ark (witch ionizes particles[plasma])

  5. Is it like, deadly? I mean, if someone (or something) is hit by an "ammo", will he get slightly injuried, injuried dangerously, or dead?
    I'm asking because I'm not aware of the power of the materials you used…

  6. I would love to see you build something that fires this kind of projectile, heated by an induction coil, but which has some sort of feeding system from a magazine that allows you to fire repeatedly.

  7. This is interesting, so there’s (I’m guessing) a small pressure chamber that is charged and the quickly opened releasing the air thus pushing the out of barrel projectile down range, however I was curious as to if say you used a Co2 cartridge I think the 12g ones are like 800psi and then just bursted it shot by shot into without having a pressure chamber it would it have similar results?🤷‍♀️

  8. Hey man
    I know you may or may not see this but i am a HUGE fan
    I wanted to contact you and ask you the approximate cost of some projects
    Pls respond

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