100 thoughts on “Marlin UD-42 from the Dutch Resistance

  1. Those magazines look strikingly similar to the Thompson mags. Do you reckon they'd be interchangeable? At least as far as actually fitting in the mag wells?

  2. Can you do a video in the same vain as the one you did on Canadian gun laws for Dutch gun laws? Because I have no idea how someone could own this in the Netherlands….

  3. Ian, small request: could you please not call The Netherlands 'Holland' anymore? Holland is a province (2 actually), not the country. It's really annoying to a lot of Dutchies that are not from Holland. There's more to this great little country…

  4. Yeah
    Another fine firearm from Connecticut
    And High Standard from Hamden Connecticut
    Now a home cheapo stands where HIGH STANDARD once stood

  5. Any chance we will get a look at the Japanese military rifle Howa type 89 ever in the future? Little videos and knowledge about these since Japan has strict export laws.

  6. I believe I have seen these in pictures from the Vietnam war. Am I mistaken? Or were these supplied to south Vietnamese forces?

  7. A great man once said, "There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch." (Nigel Powers)

  8. Ian! Can you weigh the Bolt of some of these sub guns? It could be interesting to see how that affects the ROF. I know lighter=faster but iy could be to compare real world examples and see what other factors could come into play.

  9. 02:37:
    How could the parts of several exemplaries of the same gun not be interchangeable?
    Why wouldn't it be the case?

  10. It seemed that when the sights were lined up for the camera, it looked like the front sight was a bit off center. Or am I seeing things again?

  11. Resistance? Holland was occupied and OUT of the war. Partisans! (aka terrorists.) Ninety percent of whom were Communists. There were more Dutch volunteers fighting with the Germans than against them. I love these double standards! How do we complain when this happens to us in the middle east?

  12. Best part is how the Dutch government ordered guns for the colonial territory, while the homeland was occupied by the germans

  13. The Japanese didn't attack the Dutch East Indies. The Netherlands declared war on Japan on December 8th. The day after Pearl Harbor. Also the Japanese had conquered the Dutch East Indies in March of 1942 not 1941.

  14. I still don't know why Ian doesn't have his own show on Military or History Channel…oh maybe because it's actual history and not Pawn Stars…

  15. Ian has been doing this for how many YEARS and yet he still somehow manages to find an obscure/unknown American manufactured, used in WWII, by very cool sneaky people gun. I think his reserve of super cool and historical guns might actually be endless…. Bravo, Ian, Bravo!

  16. Im drawing a blank here. What is the name of the GOV agency/Company tasked with supplying guns to things like police, guard and sentry posts in non combat areas * During WW2 ( IE guards at factories MAKING war material ) When Ian said United Defense, I thought of that agency/company, but i don't think its them

  17. It looks like it's much handier and not as heavy or clumsy as the Thompson. Its fun to shoot a Thompson but I wouldn't want to carry one very far.

  18. What a cool little gun. 1000rpm! Bet it needed those double mags. Would love to hear one firing, bet it's a bit of a 'burp gun'.

  19. Now that you mentioned High Standard I'm still waiting for a High Standard HDM video. Would be nice if you could get your hands on one of those.

  20. At 6:47 you push on something that looks like an extractor but is on the large diameter back half of the bolt, what is it?

  21. The Netherlands ordered these guns as well as Johnson rifles and machine guns in 1940/1941. All these guns were ordered after the Netherlands had been occupied by the Germans, in May 1940. The guns were ordered by the Dutch gevernment in exile, for the Dutch colonies in the East, which were still "free" after the occupation of Europe by the Germans. Only a few of the Johnson weapons were actually delivered before the Japanese rolled into the Dutch colonies, in early 1942. The rest of the Johnson guns, as well the UD-42s, remained in the States after the occupation of these colonies.

  22. America believed during the war that anything inferior than .45ACP wasn't worth deployment. "Nothing less than a .45, will do." Talk about gung-ho. 9x19mm is very good. As we all know. less stopping power, yes, but higher velocity.

  23. America believed during the war that anything inferior than .45ACP wasn't worth deployment. "Nothing less than a .45, will do." Talk about gung-ho. 9x19mm is very good. As we all know. less stopping power, yes, but higher velocity.

  24. First Ian. Nice job!
    But in december 41 the Netherlands (The Dutch) was occupied by the Germans. So I am a little confused.
    But keep up the good work.

  25. This just opened up a whole 'nother chunk of WWII history for me that I was unaware of. The Netherlands fell to the Germans in 1940, yet the Dutch Empire sided with the Allies and went on fighting. I'm just a little fuzzy on who actually assumed responsibility for the contract, since the Dutch government had already fallen. Did the king/government rule in exile? Did the colonies already have their own established governments and financing or did they hastily have to establish them? Did the Dutch colonies act as one or did they all do their own thing? What happened to the Dutch merchant fleet?
    Looks like I have a lot of reading to do.

  26. Was it just the camera angle when we were looking down the barrel from the rear sight or, is that barrel/front sight crooked or twisted?

  27. I'm sure the Abwehr in the Netherlands enjoyed these very much, given that they were running the entire SOE network in that country by around mid-1942…

  28. Нидерланды, это круто. Капитулировали за 5 дней. Так Нидерландия и проч. работала на Вермахт и СС? Малльчик с конским хвостом, ты об истории хоть догадываешься? Нидерланды 15мая 1940 года стала фатерляндом 3го рейха.

  29. The actions of OSS in this matter are not so cool, when you think about for what the guns were intended to be used. The intention behind it was to make people able to kill people, let's not forget that sad aspect of the story. Great and thoroughly explained history and disassembly video, as always. Thank you for making these!

  30. The Japanese did not start their march across the Pacific and Indian Ocean until December 7th (8th their time) 1941.

  31. … Funnily enough, I'm watching this video standing not 300 feet from Marlin's old factory…

    I can't help but beem with pride every time I see New Haven on the side of a gun.

  32. dude gun jesus please do a meetup next time youre in the netherlands i wanna give you hug man and i got atleast 2 other friends who'd want to do the same

  33. Small magazine capacity, crazy rate or fire, barely any use in the war, and practically none by soldiers??


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