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Marine Corps Weapons

Draughon: Every Marine is a rifleman. That’s what they teach us and that’s what
we learn. Flynn: The Marines are definitely the subject
matter experts on our particular weapons systems. That’s what they bring to fight. Lindsey: My military occupation is an armor
2100. I take care of all the small arms weapons,
M16s, A2’s, A4’s, 9mm’s, SAWs, 50 cals, all the 13 different type of weapon systems the
Marine Corps has. Dixon: M240 Bravo, it’s a medium machine gun. It fires 762 cyclic rate, which is just holding
down the trigger, between 650 and 900 rounds a minute. Basically if you want, you can put down a
wall of led. We are the ultimate support. The battlefield is a dance floor, and machine
gunners are the jukebox. As 11’s, the basic infantrymen, as they move
up, we keep the heads down of everybody that’s shooting at them. Draughon: This is the M4 carbine. It fires a 556 NATO round. It doesn’t matter where you are in the Marine
Corps, everyone knows how to shoot this weapon effectively up to 500 yards. McMillin: This is an Mark 19, a 40mm automatic
grenade launcher. It’s a great, great support asset to have
with you no matter where you go. Lundy: The M110 SAAS is a semiautomatic weapon
system. It’s for mainly multiple target engagement. The M485 is our traditional weapon. It’s a bold gun. It’s mainly for precision and accuracy when
it’s really needed. Marine (off camera): This is a Browning M250
caliber machine gun. It’s an awesome weapon system, and you can
go just about anywhere with this heavy machine gun and do whatever you need to do. Rader: Standard Issue M9 Beretta pistol. It’s clear, no rounds. As the standard issue pistol for the Marine
Corps, everybody that rates a pistol does get one of these. It is a 9mm. It receives a 15 round magazine and is fired
semiautomatic. Maddy: I’m a motorman. A motor is a high angle fire weapon. Basically we’re able to reach out and touch
people from far away. Wren: This is a M40A1 Saber antitank missile
system. We can hit targets moving laterally at 45-50
miles an hour in front of us at about 3,500 meters and have about 95% hit ratio every
time. Horrocks: Using a lot of conventional artillery,
a lot of area fire weapons, we can now engage from a further distance with precision guidance. McArthur: We may not show up with the biggest
weapon system, the largest piece of armor, but you don’t have to. You just need to know how to use the tools
that you have.

100 thoughts on “Marine Corps Weapons

  1. Damn speaking as an army 11B soldier I can effectively use the M4 at 300 feet if all of you can effectively shoot it at 500 feet we might need to cross train with you.

  2. i love how they don't show any jams or problems we have in the Marines with our equipment, we have such shitty equipment and weapons its a miracle more marines arnt killed due to jams probably cause close combat doesn't happen very often so the marines have the distance and time to clear jams. The marines get the least amount of money from the government the air force being at the top, Marines just have to make due i swear the moto adapt and over come came from all the problems that stem from marines always having the worst equipment. i dunno maybe things have changed but when i was in around 2009 it was crap equipment everywhere.

  3. I love the 240, man…!!!!! Nowadays they are issued a new pistol(sorry, don't know which it is…) and a new H&K assault rifle(M27?), correct? The new pistol may just be ARMY, atm…, if I recall correctly now.

  4. Poor kids getting brainwashed into wasting their youthful time getting treated like pigs and potentially die for rich fuckers and politicians.

  5. Ew marines, you cant fight talibans at night i am from Army ill end this quicker than march to Baghdad first to fight for the right, defend the nations might. You cant even nods operation at night.

  6. why are snipers always buffer than other soldiers they're do one that do the least walking in the army lol xD

  7. I love M4A1 I was a U.S Marine the Kevlar helmet is not for protecting your head like when a gun shot at your helmet it goes around your helmet
    I served for 7 years I was deployed in Afghanistan branch:plane and bus ticket/Marine corps it’s impressive almost everything in the Marine is just bunch of high quality stuff

  8. Wait, I thought the USMC was issued the beretta M9A1 with upgrades like a pic rail and squared trigger guard by the Marine corps request. So why was that marine showing us the army standard M92fs?


  10. "We may not show up with the biggest weapon system" but we probably will because America 🇺🇸

  11. Cant agree with the LtCol. Sometimes you need all the 155mm firepower you can get. USMC are badass, but you need the right tools.

  12. So what kind of waiver do I have to sign to spend some range time with the Corps? Too old to join so that's not an option, when I was young enough diabetes kept me out….but that recruiter kept calling & showing up at the door!
    "Dude just sign up, doesn't matter if you're 4F."

  13. Semper FI!! But when I was in, I didn't have no "dam scope" or "hand knob-er" at the end of my rifle!!! Can I get a temporary issue to try it out and see if I like it? Thanks!

  14. 2:39 Lt. Col. McArthur put it best, that's what we learned in 3/7 that's what being an Infantry Marine is all about. Using what you got to the best of it's capability. Rah! 2007-11 3/7 L 0311.

  15. Im presuming doesn’t mention the m27 but I’ve fallen in love with that. That and the m240 bravo. Is the most beautiful combo. If anyone has experience with using the m27 tell me your thots on it.

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