100 thoughts on “Margot Robbie Taught Mike Myers How to Day Drink and Shotgun Beers

  1. Maybe I am old or so, but Mike Myers is hilarious as f..k. What is wrong with the audience? I laughed my a.. off. Same as the appearing at the Stephen Colbert show. Don’t you guys get his jokes or what? This dude is so funny, really under appreciated….

  2. So many of my favorite childhood movies he was the star of! I adore him, I would’ve died if I was in that audience.

  3. Remember on Shrek 2 when Shrek says "why dont we pop in for a spell." And Puss in boots starts cracking up…I love that part.

  4. Let me get this straight Mikey. You needed an Aussie chick to teach you how to shotgun a beer? I thought you were a Canadian. Did she teach you how to skate and play hockey while she was at it? Come on eh.

  5. If anyone needed to do a movie a ring as Mike , jimmy easily could do it ! They look soo much alike ! And as an Australian he did the accent pretty good!

  6. Oh my god I just love him, it’s like almost dad humor but still so smart and genuine and entertaining.

  7. Mike Myers please cast Margot Robbie as the new “Powers” girl. We ALL want to see Austin Powers 4!!🇬🇧

  8. Yeah Americans got no chance when drinking … UK, russians and the real Irish are the only contenders when it comes to aussies.

  9. Mike has made some good movies.He needs to get back on the screen.I have heard he is quite difficult to work with.He is said to be an arrogant,pampered prick.

  10. I wish he’d do a movie about the dad Stuart MacKenzie in so I married and ax murderer that was the funniest character I’ve ever seen him do in my opinion lol

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