March Diary / Digital Bullet Journaling on iPad Pro 11 / Plan with me / 2020 / GoodNotes 5 / CR

Hello everyone and today I want to set
up my months. Let’s start with it. As you see I already prepared some stickers for
my main activities YouTube, Instagram and painting sticker. First of all I want to
set up my painting lessons but now I realize that I need something beautiful
for Woman’s Day. I also want to say that painting sticker I created using
procreate and if you want some stickers or pictures from here FOR FREE of course
just let me know by leaving comments below. Okay.
Now I should set up my YouTube and Instagram schedule by adding some little
stickers. I’m trying to post my videos every
Wednesday. About Instagram I understand that one post per week it’s really not
enough for Instagram and I am trying to create more posts and stories but every
Monday one good post with a good text and valuable information
it’s my must help. Also I really like decorating my digital notes with some
pictures that inspire me and also I discovered recently how cool
it is to have different paper solutions for any stickers. You can create
beautiful to-do lists reminders notes if you want something simple you can create
your own stickers just using only good notes tools like shape highlighter. Don’t forget that you can use fonts that
you like or you can add your own font because we can add any fonts on our iPad. Do you like digital planning as I do? By the way “L” sticker means learning and
it’s really hard to decide where to put it. At the end I decided that I need date to
relax and I should put some reminders about it. I hope you enjoyed it if it’s
true like, subscribe, leave comments if you want to see something specific. See
you in the next video. Bye Bye

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