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Marauders: Why Snipers Will Die Quickly After SHTF

Imagine this scenario: A new pandemic has swept across the world. It’s wiped out about a quarter of the population. And
when the virus was in full rage, people quit going to work and quit going
to shopping centers. And soon manufacturing also shut down, and then
the world found itself in an economic downward spiral. Soon police officers and
other emergency personnel were getting laid off. And then came the riots for the
government to fix the problem. And with no tax money to keep them operating, and no electricity to keep them lit, and with the constant assaults: even local
governments began shutting down. At first, people shut themselves inside of their homes in an attempt to protect themselves from becoming infected, but
soon the need for food and water came and people began to venture to the
nearest ponds or streams to collect water. Then in one typical u.s.
neighborhood, a person went to a nearby pond to get water, then suddenly a shot
rang out, and that person was dead. This person was sniped by somebody else so that they could collect any weapons and anything else of value that they might
have on them. Today you are going to learn why that sniper is probably going
to have a very short life after SHTF, a life expectancy not much longer than
that person that they just shot. Right after the channel intro: Welcome to this channel. This channel is
all about learning how to prepare for when the dark times come and the grocery stores are stripped bare. So subscribe to this channel to learn more about
prepping for those coming dark days while still retaining our integrity and
our honor. My belief is that after a major collapse of society, when local
governments are shut down, when the police are laid off, and when people no
longer have running water or food in their homes: that initially things may
get pretty bad. And before things naturally work themselves out during a
time of without rule of law the psychopaths among us may do evil things to try to ensure their own survival, such as taking up hiding spots and lying in
wait for their next helpless victim so that they can snipe that person out in
order to take any weapons or anything else off of that person. And I think that
a particularly dangerous place to visit during a WROL situation will be bodies
of water (whether they be nearby lakes or nearby streams) because these psychopaths will know that people will be drawn to water making these easy targets for the
psychopaths to take out so that they can take the weapons and ammo and anything else that person has. And psychopaths will probably target homes also, especially if
they think that residence may contain food or weapons or other resources that
the psychopath needs to survive. But I think the evil people that do this: while they may have some initial successes and will reap some
initial rewards, I also think that this will be pretty short-lived and the
Psychopaths sniper will end up being hunted down and probably will be killed
and butchered up in a very public way and displayed in public, very similar to
the way that Qaddafi and Mussolini and other much-hated people were killed and
then their corpses displayed in public. And here’s why: immediately following a
societal collapse, while there may be an initial time period that people may only
be thinking about saving their own butts and
not be considering anything outside of the walls of their own home: eventually
neighborhoods and small towns and communities will start banding together.
Eventually communities will want their streets to be safe so people can make it
to bartering stations. And in times of starvation, communities almost always
start trying to get a way of food-production going. So these communities
will want people to be able to work in the community gardens without getting
shot, etc. And people also like normalcy as much as possible, and after SHTF they’ll realize that community will offer them help and also help with safety. And then
people will also soon figure out that not only do they need community to
survive, but they’ll also figure out that their own survival will depend on the
survival of their community. And sources of water in or near these post-SHTF
communities will become very important to these communities, and they won’t
stand very long for a lone sniper to be targeting their water source and
endangering the survival of their community. So when a lone sniper decides
that he’s going to target a water source for easy prey, it won’t be long before
that community starts devising plans to catch that sniper and take him out. First:
when a sniper shoots somebody from a community, that person that he shot is
going to be somebody’s brother or sister or parent or friend. So for every person
that that sniper kills, he’s just made several enemies that are going to want
to eventually find him and kill him. And 2nd: people within that community are going to want to get that sniper taken care of before THEY become the next
victim. So it’s only going to take a couple of dead bodies to give them the
initiative to band together and devise a plan to take the sniper out. And real
quick: I want to give a shout-out to Praxis Prepper who has created a new
preparedness card game called a Bug-Out. If you’d like a fun way to introduce
your kids or grandkids or friends or family into
being prepared, this card game goes off the premise that an event has occurred
and that you have to make your way to a bug-out location. So if you’re interested
in this family-friendly game and you would like to support Praxis Prepper in
this, and if you’d like to order a deck for yourself or as a gift for someone
else: then visit his Kickstarter page and I’ll be leaving a link to it below. But
back to the subject of snipers after SHTF: We also have to remember that
during wartime that snipers will many times end up with huge bounties on their
heads. People just have a tendency to grow a real hatred towards people who
kill others while hiding in the shadows. And even if a sniper isn’t targeting a
water source but targets farmhouses or homes instead: again it’s my belief that
these communities (whether they’re a farming community or a city neighborhood)
but that these people again will want to band together and devise a plan to get
this marauder-sniper taken out before they become the next victim. Now a
situation like this is different than let’s say the Siege of Sarajevo or
something similar where people lived in constant fear of snipers. In cases like
that, they were actually targeted by an army where the snipers were actually
part of a military force, so communities were helpless as they
couldn’t fight off an entire army. And I’m also not saying that this fate will
befall every single sniper during SHTF. There are always exceptions. There could
be situations where a sniper targets a lone person in a very unpopulated area
where it would not affect anybody else besides the sniper and his victim. And
there could also always be the occasional sniper that will be highly
trained and will be very skilled at sniping and evasion. But when a sniper
hits a target-rich environment and has a whole community in an area hunting them:
they won’t be able to eat or sleep or even use the restroom, and only the most
highly skilled sniper will survive that kind of a manhunt. And I’m also talking in general rules here and not as a
steadfast rule of how this will play out in every single community across the
United States or across the world if this were to happen. So let’s hear your
thoughts on this subject. I will totally admit that I am human and I’ve probably
missed some very important points. So if you can think of any excellent points on the subject that will help out fellow preppers, please comment below and let’s make this video a wealth of information for everybody who watches it. And if you
would like to learn how to get two(2) different foods from one plant that you
can easily grow after SHTF, a food that will provide vital nutrients
and also give your bland prepper food some great flavor: then click on the
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learn more about that. And to see the most preferred method for water
purification for after SHTF by serious preppers, and to see where I actually
take green lake water and purify it and drink it, then click on the video that
should be appearing on the right side of the screen just about now. Anyways folks,
if you made it this far: hey thank you very much for watching, and I pray that
you have a good night!

100 thoughts on “Marauders: Why Snipers Will Die Quickly After SHTF

  1. The shirts in the video make a great gift (for yourself or someone else). Buy them here:

  2. I WAS gonna be a gillie sniper and live in the forest but now im saying
    hmm? E: i was just going to try to live off the land i wasent really thinking of killing other people for food that much because i dont want to kill innocent people to help myself anyways thanks for helping me prepare for the future

  3. Same for knowing all your major water sources – spas swimming pool, public swimming pools, backyard neighbor's swimming pool, fish ponds, for easy and concealable resource allocation sites, versus being out in the open, bent over, and getting lead in your butt.

  4. Here in the Great Lakes Region there is a lot of water that would preclude a sniper hide over water. Along with 1 million well armed hunters, least those who fessed up to having a rifle or other gun, who would get irked if a rogue sniper were targeting everyday survivors. Good video EP. Best

  5. getting to a bug out is only for rich people. Bug In. have food water now. let the others die of starvation … protect your self

  6. Good video, EP. I want to remind people to be aware of where the local wastewater plants are. Waste may still flow into plants & overflow to discharge into streams & creeks without being treated. This could cause serious desease outbreaks. Take note of the people in your surroundings now. Sometimes you can spot the ones who may pose immediate concerns.

  7. No Difference
    Between the "NOW" and some "EVENT".
    It's the same all around the "World".

    The same dumb people doing the same dumb things.

    You get useful people marginalized, then when it's too late to get much done they are lauded for what they did do.

    It's just a matter of wealth.
    Instead of a sports car it will be a bicycle.


    It's just a matter of depravity.
    Instead of murder it will be mass murder.

  8. Gangs using sniper(s) will be UNSTOPPABLE. Hidden sniper(s) take out targets at distance, gang members waiting nearby rush in to strip valuables and then run away. Angry CIVILIAN community will do what? Set up anti-sniper teams and ambushes? Mass force attack with 300 fighters? Really?

  9. You sound like a logical,informed,experienced person.
    You have also pointed out that what you propose is generally speaking.
    I seem to get that you also have read a lot. Reading being a very important,
    ten percent of what it takes to get things done. I take into account everything
    you say and learn much of value.

    But why the almost assured opinion that S.H.T.F. will happen?
    I do not know much about who listens to you.
    I do know that an awful lot of people think they want S.H.T.F. to happen.
    That it is inevetable.(sp)🤗

    To me the only thing unavoidable is a negative or
    better yet cynical attitude garnering a negative outcome.
    I do not say this of you just generally speaking.
    I prepare myself for tomorrow every single day.
    But all that S.H.T.F. will give us is the possibility of loved ones in danger.

  10. Good perspective. It works when you can be equally armed or equally skilled as the sniper to hunt them down. Alternatively, under armed, as with us Canadians, you likely need to trap them so the knife you bring to the gun fight works.

  11. In this video you say, "when the police are laid off." Spoken like a truly blind cop. Aren't you intelligent enough to know that 'the police' will be a major threat to preppers during any collapse of society? Don't you know that the cops are the ones that will go door to door to confiscate firearms from the citizens they're suppose to be "protecting" and "serving?" If you don't know this to be a fact. I suggest you go to the NRA and see their review of the Police States actions during and after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.

  12. Things you probably missed:
    1. Tribalism
    2. How to detect the/a sniper if he is smart? Cached/hidden weapons and or smaller "sniper rifles" (e.g. chiappa little badger, maybe even surpressed and/or scoped).
    3. The sniper might even be one of "your" group and you wouldn`t even know it. Maybe "the sniper" is even two or more.
    4. What ressources does the sniper have. Has he a fixed hunting ground or is he traveling (maybe even part of another group and he goes hunting for a few days or weeks.)
    5. Does the sniper belong to a group that wants power/control and sells "protection"?
    6. Does the sniper belong to a group? There are different "sniper concepts" around the world the most common would be called "designated marksman" in english and they can be deployed in multible ways (mainly observation/intelligence, offensive & defensive).

    There are quite a few variables to this points alone. I`m not even mentioning terrain specific things as well as how smart the people are. There are people that can`t think under even light stress especially when it´s about "fieldcraft" but not limited to that. This is probably the "sniper killer no.1" together with lack of fitness and impatience which leads to poor decisions.
    There are a few terrain specific things that can be done to hunt someone down though (listening posts, observation posts, drones, dogs, dedicated hunter/killer teams, counter sniper…) .

  13. If you look at Lebanon during the Civil war in the 80's and Serbia in the 90-2000, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Etc.  you can see that Snipers were everywhere. in fact they were one of the biggest reason all these conflicts had such high civilian casualty rates. Snipers have been around since the invention of the firearm. I cant see snipers disappearing in significant numbers during any type of SHTF

  14. Depends on situation. I live in the south, we are all snipers. It all comes down to which faction you roll with. When I say faction, I’m talking about your group, neighborhood, click. There won’t be many lone wolfs running around.

  15. Community for safety and security. Possibly have a trained sniper (one or more) in your community…counter sniper.

  16. Hey EP! I see I've missed some of your videos again! Will catch up right now while I'm taking a break. Good vid! It's a pretty scary thought, all of this. Also a reminder of not going "out" alone, but rather in pairs. But would that even help in this situation?

    I can't wait for Praxis' game!

  17. Communication between different neighborhoods would be key in stopping shoot and move bad guys, even if they were able to evade local guards the would run right into a forewarned and ready neighborhood watch in the next community.
    Once bad guys make themselves known they should never be allowed to just move on, they should be actively hunted until their elimination.

  18. I love the fact that you made this video goes along with your other video about counter sniper video . But I do agree with you about everything in this video great work on it. God bless be safe

  19. Wow you couldnt be more wrong. If you are talking about in major cities maybe. If you are talking about in rural areas where most farmers live and hunters, it wont happen. If any sniper with any training will not get caught. One shot suppressed long distance it wont happen..

  20. Great video great points appreciate the effort nice shout out also Band together. And long live the republic

  21. Good point on Sarajevo. Snipers are strong when they are very protected, or they can pick off a lone person and get away with it.

  22. Sorry but this video is so wrong snipers have been around since black powder firearms plus I think your view the sniper wrong think more like the dangerous game hunters they will be picking a specific target to hunt

  23. This is why I highly recommend that people purchase a good thermal unit. It will make it a lot easier to spot the sniper if you can see their body heat. This is one of those times that you don't want to go cheap and buy the little $600 models. My friend has one and it's good for close up but it doesn't detect people past a couple of hundred feet. You need to get one that will detect a man size target out to at least 500 meters. That means you're going to pay bare minimum $2,000. You may be against loans but that is one of the exceptions in my book where signing up for Paypal credit and getting a good one on Ebay will be worth it.

    I've gotten a lot of my high tech toys that way where otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford them. If you're serious about having the right tools for the job then I would recommend the Armasight Apollo Mini 360 clip on thermal. It is expensive but it clips on in front of your red dot or rifle scope. You don't need to re-sight in your rifle or anything. You just clip it on and do you business and take it off when you're done. I have three different thermals and this one is by far the best (and most expensive) but buying it using Paypal credit was worth it. Here is a link to the one I have

    Just remember, after SHTF you won't be able to buy this stuff anymore so that's why I believe sparing no expense in getting the best equipment possible while you still can.

  24. One of the biggest things I noticed about this video that disappointed me was that you made no mention of snipers who are working for the community. They will also have a high target value by the enemy but also the protection of the community. Who in that situation do you feel would have the advantage…the marauders who want to take out the guarding sniper, or the sniper protected by the community?

  25. Good topic Sir. It seems that prepared communities with pre-existing alliances, patrol teams and even counter-sniper contingency plans BEFORE it hits the fan would be at a huge advantage. I think the major population centers and suburbs would be hell for quite a while. Therefore, it is prudent for folks to factor this very real scenario into their planning. If you are stuck in a zoo-zone, perhaps one or more could provide counter-sniper overwatch to protect their folks, BUT these same good guys could be mistaken for bad guys by OTHER good people trying to survive!💀 I believe the answer is in pre-planning, prevention, preps and locale. Thanks EP!

  26. Anyone with a weapon that kills for no reason at all isn’t a sniper, but a murderer and should be treated as such. Being highly trained in this craft, I would assist anyone in a counter sniper roll in putting a stop to it. With all of this being said, there are ways of minimizing being a victim, if you set up your group correctly and have scouts patrolling your perimeter out far enough to keep group members out of a sniper’s effective range. Get in contact with those who know who can teach you these tactics before any SHTF Scenario takes place. Good luck everyone.

  27. This goes for everyone else too. You may shoot a merauder who is doing what merauders do, but that guy probably has friends and family. Friends and family who were just as violent and bad as him, and who are vengeful. Tread lightly, because you don't want to start a war when you don't have to.

  28. I think the people who are more likely to survive funny enough of the homeless people who are on the streets already those people are more likely to survive than the average regular person who's used to be on the grid YouTube with dependent upon the government and everything else the homeless are not… so because of this reason homeless people have a better chance of surviving then regular people do…

  29. This is exactly why I stock up on water and food and I have my van my bug out van which has solar panels on it so if anything happens I can take off I won't stay in the same location… cuz like I do now I live out of my van part-time right now I live a simple life which is why it might islands called alternative living…

  30. I think if this happens most people be some people I think will come together and build a small community… the only downside to that is that means government will rise out of Ashes again…

  31. Real snipers can take down governments, you don't think a sniper can survive? Hahaha especially an ethical sniper in a rural area? Ok

  32. One shot wether it be fatal or not will cause a disruption in that homestead/bug-out camp ecosystem and I’m sure once you experience that threat it entirely changes the spectrum; especially if you were set up in an convient way for the sniper and a big disadvantage on the homestead camp. I’m sure people would live in fear at the bugout camp even if the sniper never even came back ever again.

  33. Bug out to Canada and avoid the issue 🙂
    A sniper will not kill the first target or the second. Once people stop responding to the screams he/she will then kill them. They will also move between shots to different prepared positions and move out before anyone get get close. Or else they are an idiot sniper
    No one likes snipers or mortar dudes. Cute shirt btw

  34. @Ethical Preparedness, this video shows a scenario that I think could be very common in almost any area. I wish there was a way I could find out who on my street and in my neighborhood are trained marksmen or have tactical knowledge of any kind. I would really like to form a group of at least three to five people on my street who could get together and talk about having a security plan for our street or neighborhood or subdivision, and just run scenarios. No hot-dogging, just serious planning and coming up with a team strategy, areas of coverage, etc.

  35. I live in an area with neighborhood WATCH, and we Already Watch at Night & Day in different point positions. Better keep out IDIOTS as we watch for Snipers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JMHO Of Course!!!

  36. i believe the sniper would be of the lesser variety, a highly trained sniper would be an asset to any community and he would know this, like your content ✌

  37. Ignores organized predators, the strong will get stronger and consume the weak, only the strong will survive.

  38. Well, actually I think whole populations CAN beat armies. Easily. Armies do need a minimum of cooperative behaviour and people being in fear in order to operate successfully on foreign terrain.

  39. A sniper would also have to traverse ground to loot said victims, which would be very risky and time-sensitive. I'd say ambushes by gangs would probably be more of a threat than a lone sniper… as an organized group can cover eachother's movements.

  40. [Donald Trump voice] WRONG. No seriously you're wrong. Snipers with any sort of skill or camo whatsoever will be virtually unstoppable. Take for instance Eric Frein, he was hunted for weeks by the highest trained law enforcement in the country and Eric was only caught because he got sloppy. You really think a community of suburban dwelling loosers who have never held a gun outside of a controlled range will hunt down snipers? You sometimes have decent content but this was absolute crap. Someone who has a precision weapon and is at a standoff distance will have a massive advantage.

  41. I love that card game idea from Praxis Prepper! Maybe he has got something going on there and I my random feeling was wrong about him! As Dickens said, it may have been a spot of underdone potato.

  42. People have to be pretty bold and well organized as well as disciplined in order to take on a sniper-infested water hole.

    Unless you are in the desert like me, you could just dig a well or find someplace else.

    A sniper doesn't have to be Carlos Hathcock in order to make you pick somewhere else. Even if the guy misses, that water hole will become a lot lower priority.

    Besides, a smart sniper doesn't use the same spot twice.

    In order to end a persistent sniper it takes coordination, teams of counter teams, fearlessness of being hit, and maybe counter sniping.

  43. invest in a drone one with ir capability ,you can get ir wireless cameras cheap , arlo being one , invest , for grid down you can make a wireless relay to keep your bluetooth equiptment going , it is a simple matter of time to manufacture tools as force equalizers , ie things with shotgun shells, fucassi mines , caltrops etc , it is time again to harden an area best thing that is free to stop bullets is dirt or sand , time , just time , dogs are early warning as well , take them too the range with you too get them used too gunfire same with horses , think about where you would be if you were shooting yourself as a sniper then mittigate that position , we played a game of dealing with snipers , we learned that a sniper out around 700 yards cannot outrun nor shoot enough dogs too get away if you have at least 5 dogs , yes you have too train the dogs , and yes you will have some shot , but a sniper has no chance evadeing those dogs and evadeing you at the same time , gangs i love how ppl use that as a defineing term , gang , unless everyone in the "gang" has training , they are the easiest thing too deal with , better ppl are grouped in a gang than dealing with several different small groups , with gangs just deal with the loudest mouths , and the ones that watch them , then the rest will disperse , small mentalities are usually sucked into groups it doesn't take much to rattle them and gangs in cities are not used too being the target of organised aggressive behavior , see its illeagle to end the problems we have now because it'd be effective and our constabulary doesn't want that 🙂 they'd lose money , then there is the advertising , after you deal with snipers or gangs , no one not even criminals or ner do wells like traversing country where in the open with no one around hangs the proff that ppl are still accountable for thier actions , which will happen , only in the movies or ppls dreams do assaulting a prepared position go as happily as they like , increase your forward intelligence , if someone has to park a mile away from you to get to your area have a camera at that area , if they have to cross a creek or stream etc , black berries are a great tasteing tool , my husband thinks its funny everyone in america is a sniperspecialforcesninja mostly overweight but 1million armys of 1 lol , just keep in mind after you shoot a sniper or gang member or whom ever , remove the teeth and the hip bones , you don't want your hogs getting indigestion , do not feed them for 3 days and they can rip through 15lbs of raw flesh a sitting , 4 sittings that day , so buy extra hogs , and nothing would disperse gangs faster than hearing the gang member you tied up screaming for help after you throw him in the hog pen , hogs …invest , geese are another great investment for security , and a note on the hogs we have alot of deer hit by traffic that we do not eat but rather find along side the road we feed them too our hogs and yes that is the ratio we have seen on thier meat consumption , 4 hogs = 240lb carcass in 4 sittings – the hooves , hip bones and teeth , hope that helped some and also remember it would take alot of organisation and food to have a gang move from a city location to a rual area and sustain itself and most sniper loners wouldn't make it very long anyway say even just passing through an area , no one is going to LET someone stalk through thier backyard or close to thier homes wo challenging that person , and only so many times will that be allowed before that loner stumbles on the ppl that won't even bother too ask what they are doing walking alone armed around thier home

  44. Luckily in the USA, most truly trained snipers will have a military background. A few will be LEOs on a SWAT ream. That's lucky because they will be less likely to be marauders. They're most likely to use their very specialized skills to protect their neighbors, not kill them. Who's left in the marauder talent pool? Guys with scoped rifles who can shoot well at medium range (let's say 200 yards). 200 yards is not a very safe distance for a sniper. Trained snipers can readily shoot people half a mile away. Not much you can do with someone like that. I agree with EP and think the marauder snipers will get away with a few kills, but will be found and subjected to some very brutal street justice. That 200 yard rifle setup is worthless when three guys with baseball bats are working him over.

  45. It doesn't just apply to snipers, include those who shoot first and ask questions later… observation and evasion are key, the ability to break contact or avoid contact , usually keeps initiative in your favour! The ability to choose the place and time of the fight is key! And remember, every time you fight, you give up something, even if you win totally! You give up ammo, calories, time ECT…and if you take a bullet, even in a non threatening place….your going to die of infection. A lot of people are prepared for bullet extraction, but first you have to know where the bullet is in the body, 5.56 is notorious for hitting a limb and winding up in a completely different place. That means you need an x-ray to locate the round. In shtf, your not going to have that!

  46. hard to say up here he would be hunted .. most people where I live belong to the "MAG" … if gets this bad, there will be patrols etc

  47. Whatever work that needs to be done never do it alone. Always have security doing OverWatch so that the workers are protected.

  48. While I don't have specifics like some others here I believe there are a lot of nuances to this particular scenario. I'm pretty sure the only unprepared snipers that will exist after SHTF are those apex predators, the clever hunters – never underestimate their cunning or penchant for deception!

    EDIT: After some more thought this is where I realized that more advanced preps such as mortars would be useful. Having good trackers would help too. Track him to a general location – what's that, he's in this mountain region somewhere? To SHELL with HIM!

  49. There's a lot of great comments in here already. I will just add that there is a huge difference between someone who is a good shot on the target range or even a hunt, and a trained sniper. Though the former is a hazard, the latter is a really serious problem.

    A real sniper from a 1st-rate world power military, their rifle is not the biggest threat that they pose. Their knowledge, general military skill, and ability to develop a fighting force to accomplish the objective are the ultimate danger. He will not be alone, but probably coordinating the offensive from a vantage point, and intervening with shots only at key moments.

    A person who fancies themselves a sniper, they're everything mentioned in this video. They're a hazard, but their lives will be cut short like any other common murderer.

  50. I hear what you're saying, but I think you're overdramatizing this. Most people don't have enough situational awareness to put 2 and 2 together, and figure out where a shot came from, based solely on a dead body; you also assume your shooter never moves… In all likelihood your shooter could melt back into the population, or wouldn't shoot at a group of people and would never be IDed. Precision rifles aren't that unusual, and you don't need a ghillie suit to blend in.

  51. As I've said before, I will be my neighborhood sheep dog, an if somebody would try this I know I would be the hunter hunting psycho sniper, an unless they are a spetnaz, navy seal, or green beret or force recon or other military trained specially trained sniper, I can pretty well gauretee they would be non existent at this point, but you already know were banding together as neighbors for at least a couple of blocks in our area for hurricanes if nothing else.

  52. Great video, and thanks for the mention. I like the shirt design you showed too – did you do the art yourself, or is it from a friend or collaborator?

  53. A guy with a scoped rifle isn't a sniper. He's just some fuck with a rifle and a scope. A real sniper would survive comfortably after SHTF because a real sniper has patience, iron will, intelligence, skill, and training. A real sniper would make work of a 20 person community in under 48 hours and he'll stay in h's spot for that 48 until he needs to move up and start clearing buildings. There needs to be a new word for untrained bubbas with scoped rifles. Maybe lens lickers?

  54. Although appearing to be alluring, I don't think snipers in SHTF are very useful. Outside of taking out a war lord or third world dictator. I'll explain using real life and fictitious examples:

    Simo Hayha – equipped with Finnish version of Mosin Nagant. 259 sniper kills and as equal amount by machine gun during the 4 months of Winter War. Shot in the face and permanently disfigured.

    Lee Harvey Oswald kills President JFK with bolt action Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Arrested in theater shortly after, shot dead by Jack Ruby before arraignment.

    Chris Kyle – Navy SEAL sniper, Government issue Macmillian sniper rifle (runs about $10,000). About 150 confirmed kills. Taken out with a gunshot to the back of the head by a crazy guy sitting in the backseat of his truck.

    Former Navy sharpshooter and LAPD Officer Chris Dorner – .308 Remington 700 bolt action, AR-15 .223, five 9mm handguns, smoke bombs. Lasted 12 days and killed 4 before being killed by police.

    DC Sniper – armed with AR-15. Shot 27, killed 17. Lasted for 24 days before being arrested.

    'Phone Booth' sniper Kiefer Sutherland. Armed with Remington 700 equipped with carbon M1 modification and Hensholdt tactical scope. One kill, one toy destroyed, Colin Farrell right ear injured by flying shrapnel caused by gunshot near head. Pinned the murder on a pizza guy whom he slit his throat with a carpenter's knife and evaded capture.

    "First shot, the cops think they did it. Second shot, they get suspicious. Third shot, tou gave yourself away. And I'll be dancing in the streets before you can even hit me." – – Stu

    Sniper in '28 Weeks Later'. Ome confirmed kill, taken out by Jeremy Renner at close range with M4 equipped with night vision scope.

    'S.W.A.T.' Jeremy Renner equipped with bolt-action .50BMG sniper rifle equipped with suppressor and high powered scope. Fired two shots to down LAPD helicopter. Escaped the scene, only to be kicked into the path of a moving train at the end of movie.

    'S.W.A.T.' sharpshooter kills two armed bank robbers with Remington 700 equipped with bipod and high powered scope at the direction of LAPD command to prevent their escape. Other two bank robbers killed by S.W.A.T. officers inside the bank using M4's.

    'Wolf Creek' killer. Killed several people with various weapons, including knifes and handguns. Killed a motorist with a hunting rifle trying to help his victim escape.

    'Shooter' Mark Wahlberg equipped with various sniper rifles. Shot in the back in an ambush. Killed more in close range using various weapons and tactics than with sniper rifle.

    'Jackal' attempts to kill First Lady with Polish ZSU-33 electric gatling gun mounted on remote controlled tripod and equipped with high power digital zoom lens. Causes extensive destruction to building behind her, gets killed shortly after.

    'The Bourne Identity' 'The Professor' kills several with SIG 556 equipped with high powered scope, suppressor. Gets killed at close range by Bourne with double barreled shotgun.

    'Assassins' Miguel Bain tries to snipe Robert Rath with suppressed Remington 700 equipped with high-powered scope. Shot dead by Robert Rath using suppressed Ruger Mk .22lr.

    The typical effective range of an AR-15 is 600 yards. It will take time to leave sniper position to retrieve dead person's belongings/resources. Either the body will already be looted by then. Or the sniper basically confessed to shooting the victim by showing up at the crime scene. Might also get picked off themselves because they left the sanctity of their sniper position, and is now vulnerable to whomever takes up that spot or is set up elsewhere.

    Every kill for a small amount of resources is risky. Even using ground forces to collect the spoils, upon equal division, results in small gains if possible. It's more effective to set up ambushes or roadblocks than snipe. Sniping in this manner would only be good for supporting ground forces should the victim fight back.

    Snipers need the support of the locality, with regards to resources, medical supplies or treatment, and shelter. A sniper killing marauders from a long distance looking to invade their community gets a lot more sympathy than a psycho with a rifle.

    Otherwise, they need to get their own resupply. They can not depend on community that won't rat them out or kill them.

    Sniper rifles are often big, bulky, can't be carried easily. They can not maintain covert appearances while carrying a sniper rifle. If they do use a rifle, it is often a basic rifle available to all and effective kill range limited.

    Expensive sniper rifles are hard to come by, skilled repairmen or parts of limited supply, and for what was spent on the rifle could easily buy a few months' worth of preps. If most people die naturally during SHTF, there would be no reason to snipe them.

    For snipers to be a considered a 'very serious threat', it seems most, to coin a phrase, "can't see the forest for the trees". Most are taken out at close range from one reason or another.

    Simo Hayha killed just as many by machine gun as he did by sniper rifle. The difference is the weapons' uses. Sniper rifle for long distance; machine gun for up close on a large amount of invading forces.

    For a sniper to be effective, they must remain mobile, have advantages over the enemy, must NEVER be discovered, their kill having a significant impact on the society as a whole, and worth risking capture, injury, or death. They have very few kills to do so without jeopardizing themselves.

  55. That wont Matter because Nobody wants to be the First casualty so you have to take countermeasures. Whats your point here ? I usually really enjoy your Videos a lot but this Sounds more Like a rant, or it went above my head.

  56. Travel at night with thermal, if possible. Have more than one, if possible.

    Leupold handheld thermal is about $500, Cheapy gen 1 Armasight Spark is $500, GREAT clarity, but needs an IR (Gen 1). So for about $1,200 per person, you may not have the best, but still above 1% of the urban population.

    At night at a pond is when youd want to hunt, too, not just stay away from snipers. Raccoons, Bobcats, dogs, etc. Will become even more nocturnal.

  57. What you're saying will be true after a considerable time of people freaking-out (and starving) because of "the sniper". Desperation will eventually make people organize into patrols to combat the sniper. The organized sniper group will pose a great problem. Team NEGAN will also become a reality — where they don't need to snipe — they'll just take.

  58. This could be applied to any lone marauder or even just any lone person. It's more likely that there will be small groups of raiders and bandits that will thrive on the chaos of SHTF and it will quickly become a game of cat and mouse as raiders widdle down the protectors and leave the people unable or unwilling to fight back desperate to make a deal. Granted, I feel that some communities that take a concentrated effort to regularly recon and overwatch the area around them and ensure supply sources are fit with cover and concealment will do much better against that threat. This is assuming that the existing communities from before SHTF drop the ball during the transition from a macro government collapse in the first place. I feel that quite a few communities will persist beyond the larger scale shut down and that really only the larger communities like major cities will actually fall apart. Most small towns and rural communities will be able to handle the loss of outside logistical support much easier and have fewer mouths to feed with more average area per person to feed them on.

  59. If the sniper in question is smart he will not attack the same community twice but kill someone take their shit and move onto another area in search of their next victim.

  60. This is why I thank God I was a firefighter me and my wife just bought our very first home o n a new area where I'm coming out of retirement to rejoin the fire service but being a firefighter I know how to protect me my wife and our family from pathogens and how to keep deadly viruses out of our home and no I was never in the military but the fire service also trains us to always have our heads in a swivel any time out side if the station because there are people that want to do harm on us unarmed firefighters also I have been on calls where my unit was ambushed and shot at so after that me and my fire fighters started wearing bullet proof vest

  61. Do you know about the 3 days of darkness? When the Nuclear bombs hit the United States and a great earthquakes along the Mississippi River will divide the country in half. The earth will stop rotating for 3 days. The WHOLE world will become dark with poisons winds. Lock doors, Cover windows and vents so poisonous gases don’t come into the home. Do not go outside or look outside for any reason. Like z nation, and walking dead you will become a zombie if the poisonous gas Infect you , a great sickness. Have food , water, Bucket to do your business in. No electronics will work must have candles for light. After the day light comes back , a short peace, BUG OUT!!!

  62. Hi, I just was turned on to your channel from one of my younger brothers. I'm the Trucker Prepper from Doomsday Preppers and was sad to find so many "incompetent " prepping channels that I quit watching any. That's what is so nice about being led to yours. Enjoying it so far.
    On the subject of Snipers in a SHTF situation, one aspect that I have not seen anyone address, especially for a community that is trying to survive together is that of the COUNTER-SNIPER.
    A community/ tribe should have one to protect its members. Their duties are different than a traditional sniper in that they are focused on protecting their community by detecting and eliminating the sniper engaging their people. I think the movie was "Enemy at the Gates" starring Ed Harris and Jude Law. Excellent movie of counter-sniping tactics.
    Counter-sniping is different and harder than traditional sniping but essential, I believe, to the longevity of a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. And, I believe once again more important.
    Just my take on things. Keep up the good work!

  63. I hate snipers they are not men i carry a 9 mm on my hip and even if another man shot at me yes I'd return fire and I'm trained to do so but as soon as he started retreating with his back turn I could no longer engage that man it's not chivalrous to shoot a man in the back i know another man would more than like kill me from the back but I just couldn't do that

  64. Tell the President about our natural rights and the immorality of "red flag laws" and everything pro second amendment. Please be polite when writing the President:

  65. How do we prep for this sort of thing coming???? pls make a video about that.

  66. From experience, half-skilled enemy snipers wont stay in one area once counter sniper parties are dispatched to look for them. Snipers also have many devious tactics to wipe out entire groups of people that come looking for them with the most famous being the shoot move shoot. Snipers are extremely well adapted to be mobile and travel light. In addition, snipers would be more of a community asset then a liability. After all, the same one shot that can kill a human could also kill game animals. Personally, Id rather waste my bullets on things that can feed me rather than a "potential" for a whatever material possessions a person will carry. Building on the last point, ambushing people collecting water is usually a bad idea just on the sheer principle that water weighs quite a bit. This means people getting water are usually going to be stripped down which would defeat the purpose of looting their corpse.

  67. Are you done making videos? I know you tube has killed a lot of content by pulling funds. I wouldn't blame you but you will be missed.

  68. Hi! Sir! I'm your new subscriber..City prepping send me here…My question is:- Which martial art is best! for street fight in terms of practicality & more realistic survival point of view?.

  69. Start now in your towns demanding limited impacts of congested (10 houses per acre RIDICULOUS ) subdivisions where most of these people migrate from the nearest largest town, settle in causing huge negative impacts on folks who have lived lifetime and invest financially a lifetime only to have their communities very negatively impacted. Why is this important – while we are all glad our towns are so nice people love them, they often are only there to live in a huge house with no property they need to care for causing a real disconnect to the land. They will be the dead weight whining, or worse, stealing what you have and when it comes time to join collectively, they will be the ones walking around with their finger up their butt.
    Huge numbers of these types of neighborhoods are taking over. DEAD WEIGHT!! We need to elect officials who have lifetime citizens at the heart of their master plans. Put a halt on these types of huge money making subdivisions eating up valuable land. Shame on the landowners. I know it’s a free country and I thank God for that but enough is enough.

  70. used to play a survival game called "DAYZ". survival horror with zombies. you start off with a shirt, pants and a rag, and have to scramble to find whatever kind of loot there may be. guns, ammo, clothes, food, cars, tools. everything. you can handcuff a persons friend and use him as ransom- if his friend is loyal. you can build trust with people sometimes. you can grow food, hunt, craft primitive weapons and clothing, loot military bases for top gear and automatic weapons…. you can even force feed human meat or poisoned food to prisoners. one thing i can say about THIS particular video is that psychopaths DO ambush watering holes. it happened to me more times than not and i cant tell you how many times i had the water well in my cross hairs just waiting for the group of "hostiles"(who are "hostiles"?) to show up to get water… its a military simulator turned horror game and i know and fully understand its a video game but those traits are there in people. thats the REAL part… its one of the reasons i started prepping… i refuse to be that naked guy on the beach scavenging for beans. and im not going to be alone either- i want to find a place with people who get it. i feel like that isolation in a shtf situation will pull out the very worst people, and the very worst from the very best people.

  71. I'm sorry, and let me say I'M NOT Trying to put down this channel, but this is just propaganda to scare some people from potentially doing this, and give others some hope this situation won't be a problem… In a SHTF situation, in most cases it will be regional/area variables that will determine the actual Risks and the level of each risks… Some areas would be hit heavily with with many snipers ,some areas will not, some areas will need snipers to stop certain forces/elements from invading an area…. But the information in this video would be correct in a few areas, but I'm sure theres already many people with sniping plans in place or will develop them for good or bad… Just someone that's decent shot with a .22 and a thousand rounds of sub sonic ammo , and 1500 rds of super sonic, located in the right spots will be a real danger for up to 250 yds, let alone anyone with other types of guns and skills at longer ranges…

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