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Mapping global gun violence | The Economist

Since 1990 the number
of gun deaths worldwide has reached 6.5 million. Three quarters of gun deaths
occur in just 15 countries. Latin America is home
to some of the world’s most violent countries by murder rate. El Salvador, Venezuela and Guatemala are the top three countries for deaths caused by guns per population. These Latin American countries
are marred by corruption, organized crime and a dysfunctional
criminal justice system that further fuels the problem. The availability of guns
in the United States is another concern for these countries. An estimated 200,000 guns
a year that were first sold in the United States, are smuggled over the southern border
and used in violent crimes in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the Unites States, the
constitutional right to bear arms has led to looser regulations
and easier access to firearms. This contributes to the
30,000 men, women and children who are killed with guns each year. Mass shootings attract the headlines, but in fact these make up
only 0.2% of gun deaths. 60% of gun related deaths
are in fact suicide. America’s suicide rate increased by 25% between 1999 and 2015, with nearly 45,000 taking their own lives in 2015 alone. Half of these suicides
were carried out with guns. Though guns aren’t the most
common method of suicide, they are the most lethal. Other wealthy countries have far lower rates of gun violence. In Japan, if you want to
own a gun, you must pass a written exam and a shooting
range test, alongside a series of mental health,
drug and criminal record tests. It has virtually eradicated gun crime. After a mass shooting in
1996, Australia introduced an effective buy back scheme of firearms. In the 20 years following the ban, there was an accelerated
decline in total gun deaths. But in America, the
House of Representatives has not voted on a single
measure to prevent gun violence and in some states, such
as Texas, where students at public colleges can now
carry concealed handguns, the law has actually loosened. Easy access to firearms
will continue to be the main driver of America’s gun deaths.

100 thoughts on “Mapping global gun violence | The Economist

  1. This video is a relatively bland overview of guns and gun crime, but the comments I share this space with are incongruously controversial.

    The video was also prefaced by a spooky “Concealed Carry dot net” advertisement.

    There is a macabre phenomenon of society being enacted here, with this video page as much as with this issue in America.

  2. South America gets their guns from CHINA, and the statistics for the U.S. are untrue. God Bless America and Thank God For The Bill of Rights!

  3. Don't waste time with people without logic.

    The United States must manage guns.

    Any reform would offend the vested interests, which is the only way to reform. If it is not, it will never change, because everyone is afraid that the other party will use it to murder himself, and then he will buy a gun for himself, a vicious circle of countries

  4. I have an idea. Let's make murder and rape illegal. It already is, you say? A law will not stop a murderer. My Glock will. My wife's Glock will. My mama's revolver can too. Just like My grandpapy's shotgun. One of my great grandpaws even used a musket to fight off a king. Another grandpaw used an M1 Garand to fight some nazis out of France. We and alot of other people are free because of American gun culture.

    If a man was in my mom's house about to rape her, I can't believe you think it would be a good idea to have had her turn in her 5 shot revolver in the name of public safety. Do you think the rapist in my mom's house turned in his gun? Luckily you don't dictate whether we are armed or not. so that rapist would get shot and my mom gets to live. 'Merica

  5. Fuck you and your tests, you aint taking our guns , dont even think about it. The Second Amendement is sacred, HANDS OFF MY GUNS

    WANNA IT? Come and take it, just try

  6. Woooooooow so many erroneous statements in this video😐. Also, facts flatout left out that if said, would change the actual point. This video does nothing but prevaricate in order to push an agenda.😒 Not suprised.

  7. The Economist, We are proud Americans that actually have rights to defend ourselves. Name another country that can do that! We are also the most diverse population on earth.
    The United States of America is the world (micro means). Keep your Liberal Socialist mantra away from our politics.

  8. What ever happened to the indictments of AG Eric Holder et al and Operation Fast and Furious? You know, that gunwalking fiasco? Not one of the perpetrators in that little gang bang crowd were ever held accountable. Yes, they all got off scott-free and it was all obfuscated purposely. Mexico still has possession of a good number of those lost weapons.

  9. Giving too much access to gun stuffs,there is no doubt that there will be more and more gun violence in the future. Now,I checked out the news again where California bar shooting killed 12 harmless people. Follow Japan system or Australia system then gun death will decline gradually.

  10. All countries "BENEFITING from U.S. style DEMOCRACY and CAPITALISM"?
    We don SHITHOLED more countries n murdered more folks then u kin shake a stick at these past 120 years…….Thanks alot there GOP F$CKING FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Americans are fucked in the head, they will dowvote any video that does not cooperate on their murderous narrative. Now i know like / dislike ratio is a fucking lie wheter a video is good or not. Means nothing. You can have a video will full likes and still a shit because in reality people and their values are degenerating.

  12. in Australia the gun control worked very well. a brand new pistol 5k black market price tag .that's if your well connected to organized crime the common thug cannot afford this and wont have the connections to buy one safely. assault rifle will buy you a house on the beach .and since ammo is impossible to get .we don't get drive by shootings (seen has very cowardly over here and gives you not respect but shame) also a waste of ammo. just stupid childish behaviour . and open carry laws are dangerous .one maniac with a gun and you just hide from his line of fire in AUS .in USA its hide from everyone's bullets . you Americans say the same thing always "if i had my gun this wouldn't of happened " no your bullets will go through the maniac and hit everyone behind him and in front of .and his bullets will now be coming your way killing everyone around you .basically a big pub fight with bullets .and half the people just want to run not fight. not to mention the bounty put on guns by organized crime .between them and the police they are very hard to get over here . and they don't end up in the hands of a common criminal . they would prefer the 5thousand dollar bounty.

  13. Frankly, I can't understand the fuss. The amendment specifically states the purpose of the provision – to support a "well regulated militia". In any other country, that would govern interpretation of the provision and the courts would happily regulate other uses and- surprise, surprise – gun violence would disappear. If Americans are happy to support a questionable series of decisions and not to demand a referendum to drag the country into the 21st century, they deserve the regime of murder and mayhem they have. And to argue that the answer to gun violence is more guns is bordering on the psychopathic.

  14. Please donate

  15. It's hard to believe…. but you'll already have to update the video from 30K US Gun Deaths/yr to 40,000……….
    …and this is with all the effort they've all put into reducing Gun Deaths…….

  16. I live in Dallas. In my school (high school) , there are NO ONE bringing ANY guns. (but I dont know other places or towns or cities in Texas, and *THIS IS JUST MY OPINION*)

  17. this limey c–t forgets to mention that the countries with the highest murder rates per capita are all strict gun control countries, and the areas of the usa with the most shootings are blue states and blue cities with the highest gun control in the usa. lets see, what else is this leftist babbling about; japan, you forgot to mention that it is a very strictly controlled very little personal freedom country, and they have few non japanese, which leads to less violence when a country is homogenous and when their yakuza is entrenched in the corporations and government. next australia, and this dipshit forgets to mention that after their guns were taken by their authoritative government, not to mention individual rights, their assaults and rapes went up dramatically. ooops, must have forgotten to mention that.

    then the final statement, easy access to firearms will be the main contributor to gun deaths. how about backing that up with data? also, might want to mention the fact that the areas of the usa with some of the largest legal gun ownership per capita, also has the lowest murder rates. These leftist clowns dont want to really talk about whats going on. blue states and blue cities with the strictist gun control in the usa also have the highest shootings and murder rates. you may want to look at progressive social engineering, welfare states, and single parent families for reasons of assaults, rapes and murders, and stop this idiotic "gun deaths". how about just murders? why fixate on guns? this limey scumbag forgot to mention that london england has surprassed new york in murders, gee how did that happen with strict gun control? or the fact that rapes in the uk occur 6 times more often than they do in the usa, not to mention knifings and assaults, because people cant defend themselves.
    Also, since these clowns want to talk about guns, lets talk about the fact that guns in the hands of usa citizens stop anywhere from 500,000 to 2 million crimes a year, from self defense.

  18. According to CDC, in the US, there were 13257 violent gun actions against another person last year: there were 26,516 suicides with guns last year. This is just the US. And yet the US is only ranked 107th in the world for hominids committed n a country last year. As comparison, the WHO has recorded 56 million abortions last year around the world, with the US showing 640,000. Abortions are killing 48 times more people than violent crime…..Let’s think about stopping the #1 cause for deaths…..abortion.

  19. I don't understand why bridges haven't been made illegal. The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco alone has killed over 1700 suicidal people.

  20. I just can't comprehend why people would argue against gun reduction and gun restrictions, guns were invented to kill. You want less deaths maybe removing the thing that kills people will help that. Absolute madness, blood money on all the hands of the NRA supporters and politicians would refuse to take action on these issues. Soulless, remorseless and inhumane.

  21. They have been pushing this agenda for years. The European Firearms Directive , is in direct compliance with the UN Protocol Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms . Using women to push an agenda is the exact tactics used to push for Alcohol Prohibition. We all know how successful that was.

    The truth is violent crime and homicide rates, which includes mass murder and mass shootings, are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. Kids today are not living in a time where they are more likely to be murdered. But they've been dupped into believing this utter fantasy by anti 2nd Amendment propagandists and their puppet media, who peddle this lie every day.
    1. The fact is, reduction in gun possession and/or gun availability has never proven effective in reducing overall violent crime or homicide rates.
    2. But if there was a correlation shown in crime stats it would be against strict gun restrictions.
    3. IDGAF about articles, theories, or opinions, the data speaks for itself. Articles can be written by anyone, and without data references they're sanctimonious fluff. (aka BS)
    4. The number of mass shootings used by anti 2nd Amendment proponents is BS. They include any shooting where 4 or more people are shot, even if ZERO fatalities occur, and regardless of circumstance. They include events of gang violence, home invasion, mutual combat, ..etc. Then compare it to rampage and spree killings that have multiple indiscriminate murders. Basically attempting to deceive people into thinking there are hundreds of rampage shootings every year, which is a lie.
    5. Calling mass murder a crisis or epidemic is just more fear mongering lies. The CDC qualifies an epidemic as causing between 6.5 and 8.0 percent of deaths. Mass killings or even all shootings don't even come close. Mass killings resulted in 208 deaths in 2017. With a population of 323.1 million thats a per capita rate of 0.06438 making the percent rate 0.00006438%. You are 7.9 times more likely to die from animal attacks, and 7.7 times more likely to die from knife attacks. Mass shootings are a subset of mass murders and a minute portion of overall murders. Even if you could stop ALL gun homicides, if you don't reduce the overall or homicide rates then you have saved ZERO lives. That is why anti 2nd Amendment proponents don't show data on trending overall violent crime or homicide rates compared to gun possession rates. The truth is overall violent crime and homicide rates in the US are at one of the lowest points in over forty years, gun possession is at one of the highest, and this doesn't support the censored data or rhetoric of the anti gun agenda.
    6. If you have the right to life, but not the right to armed defense of life, then it's not a right. It becomes a privilege conditional on the choice of the criminally violent not to be an armed threat. As long as weapons exist and people have the right to life, then they have the right to armed defense of life.
    7. Quackers Hill arson attack, Churchill arson attack, Childers Palace Hostel arson attack, the Manhattan truck attack, Nice Vehicle attack, West Fertilizer Company arson attack, Oklahoma City bombing, Happy Land arson attack, Bath School Massacre, September 11th, Glendale train derailment, LaGuardia Bombing, Gullivers club arson attack, LA Times bombing, Upstairs Longe arson attack, all deadly mass murders that didn't involve guns. How is banning specific types of guns going to ensure that those who perpetrate mass shootings, won't use some other means of mass murder, like the perpetrators of the attacks above? We don't need gun laws that disarm citizens and don't reduce overall violent crime rates. How is it logical to use gun restrictions when they have never proven to reduce overall violent crime or homicide rates? Mass shootings are a subset of mass murders and a minute portion of overall murders. None of which are caused by people owning guns or exercising their rights. Again, if the rate of overall violent crime or homicide isn't reduced then no lives are saved, and people are not any safer from being murdered.

  22. If you think guns are a problem in America that has only gotten worse then your beliefs are not inline with the facts. Please look it up for yourself the murder rate in the United States is near 50 year low. We have roughly the same murder rate we had in 1962. There are more guns in America than ever before. There are more guns per capita in America than any other country by far! There are millions of AK and AR variant firearms in America and yet the murder rate is so low. There are some things the gun control lobby can't dismiss, facts.

  23. Anyone who protects gun rights is plain scary to me, like brainwashed or cult like scary, you know what I mean? You can't reason with them, t h a t kinda scary…like mentally ill basically.

  24. 30,000 gun deaths are sucicides which means they would have committed sucicide anyway. Gun sucicide is actually the 2nd leading cause of death from sucicide in the USA. Banning guns is not about deaths, it's about controlling people's lives. The person who made this movie stands against guns but probably supports planned parenthood which had MURDERED millions of babies in the same amount of time 30,000 people committed suicide by firearms (10 yrs). If you support killing an unborn baby and want to steal the rights of lawful citizens YOU ARE THE PROBLEM IN AMERICA … not the guns!

  25. Lying news reporters condemns Trump & blames guns for these murders. England’s citizens were never allowed to carry guns, and now England is condemning citizens from carrying knives.

  26. no mention of defence use of guns to stop criminals? lives saved far out weighs stupid people with guns

  27. Democrats are against NRA (guns) but Hollywood/Democrats have guns in all action movies. WTF? Hollywood promoters gun violence more that anything, and gets paid for it.

  28. The reduced gun deaths are replaced by hanging and drug suicide, stabbings, bombings, mass crowd car ramming and bludgeoning by hard objects.

  29. Chicago which has the strictest gun control in America also has the largest amount of gun related deaths

  30. Suicide isn't violence that's conflation
    Hell of a trick you tried:


    Learn to pronounce


    behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

    synonyms:brutality, brute force, roughness, ferocity, fierceness, savagery, cruelty, sadism, barbarity, barbarousness, brutishness, murderousness, bloodthirstiness, ruthlessness, inhumanity, heartlessness, pitilessness, mercilessness; More

    strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.

    "the violence of her own feelings"

    synonyms:intensity, severity, strength, force, great force, vehemence, powerfulness, power, potency, ferocity, forcefulness, wildness, frenziedness, fury, storminess, tempestuousness, turbulence; More


    the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.

  31. This guy does not like guns. A firearm is the reason I am still alive to even look at his video. It never made the statics because it was over in 1 minute………

  32. 60% is suicide… so isn't mental health the real issue and not guns. I guess they don't want to put too much thought or money into that one…

  33. Title says 'global gun violence'. I guess Japan, America and three South America countries make up the globe.

  34. REMOVE suicide, gang inter-murders and justifiable homicides/self-defense from that "30,000 gun deaths per year" quote and see the number drop like a rock!!

    Rwanda's 1 million murdered in one week must have been something of pride since they didn't use these Godless fascist guns?

  35. I was watching The View last year and my handgun jumped out of my dresser made it down the hallway and shot me twice in my left leg! Then the SOB gun ran and hide somewhere. After getting back from a 4 day hospital stay I searched my house for 2 weeks and finally found my gun hiding under my oven!! Sneaky handguns, we got to ban guns because they are out of control!!

  36. "Though guns aren't the most common method of suicide, they are the most lethal." I think the narrator needs some serious help with definitions.

  37. This guy is full of crap. It's all misinformation and leftist propaganda complete lies. Do not listen or watch this guy it's a bot or misinformed leftist…

  38. More life's are saved by guns and it's leftist policies and war hawk Republicans that's making people end their life they feel the government don't listen, race relations are getting worst and the law don't protect the community they harrass it

  39. Let Americans kill themselves. They are happy doing it. Saves others having to when they do it so efficiently themselves. If they dont care about their own why should anyone else.

  40. Some inaccuracies in this….we've had gun control legislation. The Australia gun violence rates were dropping before the buy back, and I'm sure a few more.

  41. Im sorry but Japs low guncrime rate is NOT due to stringent controls. It's not about what they have but what they don't have.
    And they don't have culturally alien foreign racially incompatible population of gangsters.
    This is exactly why Sweden in the last 5 years, from oasis of stability became crime and tape hell hole of Europe.
    And now back to the regular programming.

  42. I cannot find one video which isn't ridiculous about this topic. You have to give a comparison with the overall violent crime rate in order to give a good picture. Knives and other weapons. Then you see what's up. Also, compare the gun deaths in the US between states with strict gun control laws vs no or loose laws.

  43. There is no such thing as Gun Violence…
    dats da sneaky bastards way of attacking da 2nd Amendment of da Bill Of Rights…
    in order to disarm civilians ignorant enough to give up their own rights…
    in order to create a dictatorship that will not be fought against (by guns)
    – by the same tactics (by guns) used on civilians to make those civilians obedient slaves (by guns)
    in order to make the police (slave-catchers copping and policing up slaves), the overseers once again…

    no one can reduce violence (like in the movie Minority Report) done by an attacker with a firearm, gun, pistol, peace-maker or any other arms i.e knife, hatchet, machete, pencil, spoon, fork, stick, stone, poison, etc., …

    one can only reduce the attackers
    that are free to roam the streets creating victims…
    by giving those attackers lengthy prison terms with rehabilitation…

    It is not the Arms (firearm etc.,) doing the violence…
    arms (guns etc., ) are held, controlled and used by ones own limb/arm/hand/finger…
    without a controller, all arms are useless…

  44. This obviously a product an anti -2nd amendment person. I encourage all to research these numbers in more depth. Investigate regions where citizens have the right to carry vs. no right to carry. Also break down deaths by guns into categories such as suicide, accidental, while committing a crime vs. murder. Go into this with an open mind and no predetermined conclusion.

  45. America, where the people rather want to have a gun then children without fear to go to school. What a dumb mentality. Guns basically for everyone. I can’t believe that this rotten country isn’t fallen apart completely, but we will see. If people continue further to love more their stupid freedom for guns and less freedom for, being alive? Then good night. You can’t understand how good it is to live in a country where politics care that you reach 50 years and kids get not shot at the school. Rotten country 🤮 Listen further to a piece of paper made at the time where people had horses and slaves. Fools.

  46. So the statistics are correct, BUT in America the vast amount of shootings are gang related! So in other words, you reap what you sow!!!!!!

  47. Stop calling it gun violence. Guns are not violent. Hispanics and blacks are more violent than whites and asians. The weaponry is irrelevant.

  48. bullshit, who's heard that guns in America are slipping into Jamaica to increase gun violence. That's bullshit. And criminals aren't going to give the government their ridiculously untraceable weapons. If I pay you cash, how the fuck does anyone know who bought what from who. Criminals don't use credit cards. And those European countries with strict gun laws don't issue their police guns either. those dudes just whoop some ass. (well technically Russia has this stun grenade launcher the police shoot through car windows, but it aint lead)

  49. I don't know where this guy got his numbers are 30000 because the CD c has continually said for I think it's been almost 10 years that the most gun death including suicide hasn't topped 17000 since like the early 2000s

    He also fails to mention that in the United States Hundred thousand two 3 million people are saved every year Privately owned guns

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