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Man Carrying Rifle Taunts Police And They Backdown

authorities in Michigan were called to Lamphere high school in Madison Heights after there were some reports of a man with a gun walking near and then onto the campus when cops showed up they were confronted by a gentleman who was not too happy about the fact that they were investigating him especially considering the fact that Michigan has open carry laws now the video that you’re about to see is incredible because I can’t really imagine most people getting away with what he just got away with take a look I’m guessing this batch got a report of somebody walking with a rifle slung over their back that would right so I mean in a legal sense it’s it’s just as weird with me walking down the street with my dog you don’t need add your hand on your gun back something okay that’s the area it’s in a resting area so it’s a rusty resting area can I rest my hand on my gun sir don’t you feel you need to do sir will you shoot me so you met your hand in your gun because it’s comfortable but we don’t know that if I were to do something similar you guys would pull your guns on me and maybe even shoot me automatically you guys here took a long hard look in the mirror I feel a GI of a certain military but the earth you took to the Constitution you take something very similar when you pin that shiny little badge to your chest do you not does that mean anything to you how about you sir it does how are you hey mister how about you come on answer my question yeah you don’t understand that you don’t have here fairly to tell me what to do okay okay here pick their bag I have to say I really respect the way the cops handled that situation right because when you hear story after story of cops acting brutally towards someone who might pose a little bit of a threat it’s surprising to see that they just walked away when this guy is basically taunting them right no no I’m not gonna give them any credit at all the reason they did that is because he’s white Jake you don’t know that no I do know that no I do know that you don’t know you telling me that a guy walks up with a serious weapon near a school in some and was on school grounds for a while and he’s black ha ha ha then I mowed him down in the street I guaranteed it okay he’s gonna walk by the cops with a weapon they just we just in a story yesterday about a black guy who was naked who was naked who was clearly unarmed and had and they shot him anyway and they killed him Jake I understand that I reported on that story those are not the same cops so I know but how many how many stories have we done it how many swords everything yeah Brock I looked at him wrong in a murder right I get it I get it but again you don’t know deep I know I know I know if that’s a black guy they put him dead in the street they put him dead in the street they don’t even think about it they shoot him in two seconds I know it happened all right every single cop in the United States will shoot a black man in a situation like that he’s walking into school with heavy weaponry single cop they’re not gonna ask questions that I could have a polite conversation they’re gonna mow him down they’re gonna kill him but it’s a white guy well he’s got right to Gus he’s got a second Amendment right he’s gonna say you’re a white guy you’re walking out with any kind of weapon you like would you wave it around run kids who gives a shit you’re white you got rights in this country you’re black you have no weapon oh you charge it a cop you looked at a cop you ran towards a cop I don’t care that you know I thought you were gonna draw a weapon even though you were naked what were you gonna hide I don’t care I’m gonna kill you cuz you’re black okay I know I know I’m angry I know I’m taking it over the top but this guy it would have no chance if he was black no chance okay instead why people get to walk around and targets Walmart Starbucks not Starbucks Starbucks doesn’t let okay in the schools and cops come around go hey how you doing easy what happen at the end there the cops drove off like okay yes of course you have right so what weaponry why can they tell Tamir rice idiot right to a weapon when he didn’t even have a weapon he had a toy gun he was a 12 year old well why didn’t they say hey wait a minute maybe they said he thought he was a 23 year old with a real weapon they were wrong on all those counts even if he did even if he was wouldn’t have a right to that weapon when he ever right so how about that guy that they mow down in the Walmart didn’t have a right to a weapon I see white guys walking on will and Walmart’s all the time they never get shot they never get shot right so this guy gets a walk run cuz he’s white any point weapons anywhere he likes so that’s the kind of country we live in so if you’re white have added hostile to then you got different rules different rules well there’s get any kind of weapon you like important right at the cops you won’t get they won’t do a thing to you you’re black you look at him kinda funny and I’ll mow you down all right well there’s another issue here which is what that guy was doing was totally legal in the state of Michigan right apparently you can put to rice was doing was legal yeah Walmart is illegal everywhere we already touched on the race issue there’s another issue right so if you have some guy walking around with open carry with a gun out in the open how do you determine whether or not someone’s a good person or a bad person right how do you know whether or not someone’s a threat so so if I have my kids going to that particular school and there’s some dude walking around with his gun just out in the open I’m gonna be concerned about it right cuz I don’t know who that guy is she I don’t know whether or not he’s gonna go around provoking people which is exactly what this dude was doing in this particular video right you’re a million percent right about this so the rule there laws in Michigan are insane so you get to walk around my kids with weapons this guy’s mentally imbalanced he calls himself nunya beeswax okay or Nutter Butter or whatever he calls himself okay goes around in fatigues waving guns around he thinks he has the right nobody even knows if he has a permit for the gun the cop says he’s white didn’t even ask for a permit if you’re quite we assume that your innocent innocent innocent no matter what you’re doing if you’re black no matter what you’re doing we assume you’re guilty guilty guilty guilty right they didn’t even ask him for a permanent he says on his blog he doesn’t have one he doesn’t need one no you do need one you do need one but they didn’t even bother asking so if this lunatic is look at the chaos you’re gonna create because if this lunatic is walking around my kids school the weapon you know what I’m gonna want to do I don’t want to show up with a weapon then we got a goddamn mess on our hands okay god help a black parent if they showed up with a weapon to protect their kid you think they wouldn’t get shot they should the parent dead okay this guy’s second Amendment rights you know by and they say liberals don’t like cops we’re too hard on cops are you kidding me we don’t want to kill cops conservers walk around with weapons right next to cops and they say oh yeah you do you think you’re tough cuz you’re not tough guys the guys at the Bundy ranch they putted their weapons at the cops they pointed their older weapons at the cops if they were black they would’ve all been killed killed killed they would ascend in the drone they would have called in an air strike on those guys they get the point weapons at cops and nothing gets done about it that imbalance in this justice system in the police state that we have in America is grotesque all right Junior unbelievably this is an interesting part of the story went to this high school okay can you imagine look jammers can you imagine you had a black guy with a gun that shows up at that school okay on the school ground just like this guy same exact fact back and the cops show up and he says I have a right to this cut and they have a conversation for a couple minutes and the cops go oh okay and they get back in their car and leave no actually in the taunting part I actually kind of got me more because even if I mean I’m not expecting them or or asking for them to shoot this guy but they weren’t even annoyed that he was I guess what they take is usually when someone says anything back to them taking away their manhood or being disrespectful as always the term he was being very disrespectful but you know it was the server still getting tossed around and answering their questions diligently well yeah yeah you know I stand from my badge I like to represent what I represent so those questions being asked and again from Anna’s point I’m finally didn’t shoot him yeah cool I’m glad they didn’t shoot the guy but he’s asking for that that’s what he wants for some reason which would tell us he’s a little bit off this reaction these cops had to this guy is what you’d expect him to have with everyone else but what’s been proven is that they don’t and when we say they were talking about all cops was you know we know that’s the general because every cop doesn’t do this but we keep hearing stories about how a majority of them do it so if that’s where the problem lies and yeah so in case from the disagreement you guys had I don’t want to see uh I don’t want to seem like jinxing I’m expect these guys to shoot I wanted them to kill them that shouldn’t fucking face but that’s what they’ve been doing why not why have they been doing it that way yeah of course so uh just in case a is confused about that of course Ana’s right that I don’t want the guy getting shot I’m glad they handled it that way although I would have asked I would wish they actually were a little tougher on him and asked for a permit and evidence that he had the right to carry that weapon anywhere near the school and they could have stayed around to make sure he can go back on school grounds right but of course I don’t want that guy getting shot right I also don’t want all the other black people getting shot which obviously you don’t want either so we’re not really disagreeing that much but I got I got worked up in the in the story because I can’t is too many stories with the disparity and it’s too stark and then I I think the other thing is he under my skin is all the people commenting online oh no we don’t see it we don’t see if there’s a disparity there’s a disparity nothing nothing nothing nothing no you can see this parity you’re being purposely blind to it

100 thoughts on “Man Carrying Rifle Taunts Police And They Backdown

  1. Dude you really need to learn your law before you start saying he has to have a permit. The rest of the country is Not like California. Here in NC the only permit you need is when you first buy a handgun. You get the permit to buy from the Sheriffs dept. Then wait your 7 day period, get your written permit to buy and then buy. For a rifle of shotgun that's not even needed. Any law abiding citizen can walk right into a gunstore, run a 20 or 30 minute back ground check then buy. And to carry, there is NO permit required to open carry and long as the gun is in full sight with as least 3 visual points of eye contact available. That's NC but many states use the same law. To carry concealed we do have to have a concealed carry permit. I'm not saying the guy in the video is right to trade cops. That is just stupid. But what I am saying, is YOU Cenk are wrong in thinking all states have the same laws as wherever you are. They do not.

  2. I think this guy went overload on his point. Even the girl sitting there with him was feeling it. He made his point then again and again and again. Do it once and move on. Its more a far more powerful message.

  3. and yet there are many examples of black people doing open carry that were NOT shot…sooo…how do you explain that?

  4. He wants to to get shot. So any nut can carry an assault on a school campus. Your inciting racial hate. Yeah and white kids are the school shooters. It’s a fact not theory.

  5. If he was a black: dead in less than 6 seconds or: disarmed, made to lie on the ground, handcuffed, theeen punched and kicked while the cops repeat "Stop resisting sir"… # Blue hypocrisy

  6. Jesus christ Cenk…not every state requires you to have a permit to own a gun or a permit to open carry.

  7. Why would we need a permit for something that is a right. I know of disparity of how the cops react that needs to be corrected so we are all equal under law and reaction of police.

  8. Everyone needs to do this! Police have raged a war on citezens and you will see more and more resistance from people in the community. This is the slow start to a revolution

  9. You don’t have to have a license to open carry a long gun.. learn the damn laws because you are looking like a jack ass!!

  10. In fact I am revoking this guys white card walk around and in a school is a dumbshit move. I think it has alot to do with people trying for the youtube likes (provoking cops and shit).

  11. Not to point it out anna why do you feel offended about it dont trun from the truth it true why feel bad about it like really

  12. Police were afraid no race. The guy had a gun probably autamatic assault military rifle. He may be military man, policemen saved their lives. They were afraid simply no race card, they have to play nice to save their ass.

  13. I'm going to try that but I'm going to have 3 guns on me and walk past the cops and if they try something I'm point the pistol and say back up it might work cause I'm black

  14. What she fails to realize about her comment saying well how do we know who is a threat and who isn’t is irrelevant. Until that person breaks the law there ain’t 💩 you can do about it. The man was near the school not because he is a lunatic but because he wanted to record the police for YouTube, he does it for a living. That is why we should all have the option to carry firearms. He was taunting them because they were harassing him. Yes black people have it worse but we all have a right to go anywhere without being molested, unless we are a suspect in a crime. Learn your rights

  15. My birthday is coming up. I have a wish. Will every member tyt kill your selves. Please!!!!!!!! Why are yall so racist.

  16. The men not do nothing wrong! If you think if he has black the police arreste him or act differently maybe it's because black people do maioraty of the crimes in U.S.A and that's statistic. I personally tinck black community are victims of cultural garbage of television and gangster life style stop watching MT'v and act like a gangster should help them.

  17. The funny thing is, if he had been arrested or tackled or anything to detain him, he would have been whining and crying saying I have no idea what I could have possibly done wrong. You know those type of people?

  18. You don't need a permit for a rifle plus you don't need a permit in an open carry state either for carrying a pistol as long it is registered to the person has no criminal record most people wouldn't carry one around that is not allowed to

  19. Cenk is an idiot. It was because of the body camera and most likely other cameras that stopped the cops. Black guys have done this type of thing with cameras and the cops have backed down. IT WAS THE CAMERA! Cops won't break the law when being filmed! Well, usually they won't break the law.

  20. In most states you DO NOT need a permit to open carry you only have to have a permit to conceal carry and that normally only deals with handguns you sound ignorant and less you know the laws of every state about needing a permit or not

  21. I just love this guy he has some big balls !!! Yes if he was black he would have been a year old ghost this time next year. !!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  22. Feel some type of way about white people 😂 white folks will shoot back. Cops know most blacks will freeze up in fear. White people will call other white armed individuals. HUGE difference. You can defend yourself against unlawfulness. SHOCKING WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHT AND EXERCISE THEM.

  23. this reporter is constantly promoting racism,what a asshole what if they were black cops dumb ass.

  24. Shut the big mouth bitch down!😂😂😭😭🤣🤣

  25. This guy is an idiot. They never have the gun pointing at the police. If you aim a gun, or brandish a gun in a threatening matter, your gun is not standby or stationary on your person. If it is in your hand, you are a threat.

  26. So much racism lmao!!
    A black dude wouldn’t be dead
    All you making out cops kill blacks on sight
    Cops kill more whites and more unarmed whites per year than blacks. More than double in fact

    So stfu with your racist fear mongering shit

  27. There are literally hundreds of 2nd ammendment walks done by black men on youtube right now and they arent getting shot

  28. I was hoping the cops would’ve shot him. I HATE people this arrogance. Pure privilege and arrogance. Now with all of the white dudes doing these mass shootings lately, they need to be shot on site if they are walking around with guns on full display.

  29. I have law enforcement in my family and I would bitchslap that bitch and jerked that weapon right out of his hand. Your “right to own s weapon “ does not trump my right to be alive. And obviously he could accidentally shoot me because he is clearly making me feel threatened

  30. That’s opening the door for white a person to fool people to believe he or she is ok. Then come back and start shootings because they know the cops won’t do nothing to them cause there white. Yet they are killing a lot of black people. It’s like when the police kill one black person at a time. There own kind go back and kill 10 times more white people. 🤔

  31. 13 percent of the U.S. population makes up over 70 percent of the prison system. Those numbers can't be coincidence. Blacks are targeted.

  32. So first he does not need a permit to simply own a gun or open carry. Secondly, if we look back fewer than 100 years, students used to bring their hunting and sport rifles to school with them. Funny how we never had mass shootings back then. The most dangerous place on earth is a gun free zone. Criminals dont care if you tell them they can't carry a gun, the only people affected are the law abiding citizens. And when an active shooter situation develops, I personally want as many armed good guys around as possible. Even if that means a few bad guys also have a slightly easier time maintaining their own weapons. The fact is; that when seconds count, police are minutes away. Instead of everyone taking personal responsibility for the safety of themselves, their families, and communities. Instead we beg the government to keep us safe, and all for the low low price of taking away our freedoms. I dont like violence of any kind, but when someone tries to initiate unjust force against me or anyone I care about (strangers included.) I will not hesitate to use any and all means to defend myself. And if just 10 or 20% of the population could make grow a spine, maybe we could start to reduce the influence of the police state on our live. Because as far as I can see, I am at greater risk of harm from a cop than another Citizen could ever hope to impose on me. Wake up America. A people who are willing to trade essential liberties, for temporary security; deserve, and will end up with neither.

  33. If he were black these “cops” wudve rolled up on him just like Tamir Rice and shot him dead. We ALL saw the video so let’s not pretend they are not trained to kill blacks without question. Jenk is right.

  34. There is no law against carrying gun, and no law against taunting. I'm black and open rifle carried no issues. Quit race baiting.

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