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Make your own BORING FLAMETHROWER! 🔥🔥🔥

Hey guys! So this weekend Bogdan and I were hanging out and we noticed that Elon Musk is actually selling flamethrowers to raise money for The Boring Company. And upon further investigation we realized we could probably build one with stuff laying around the shop. So that’s what we did! Those are reversed thread too… Wow! I’m impressed! How have I never played with this? I bought this a year ago. It was on sale for like 30 bucks. Do we want a better gun tho? A bigger one? It does look a lot like that. This looks a lot like this Nerf gun we have up here. Ok hang on. Oh it’s a tank on top. Bogdan: Yeah it’s literally just a propane tank on top. Bogdan: Like, oh I don’t know, maybe this one right here? It looks a lot like it. Bogdan: So we take this right here, and then this right there. James: It’s too easy. What went on the front? Bogdan: Batteries. James: Oh right. Bogdan: Or in our case an electronic igniter. All right let’s do it. Bogdan: How much did this thing cost you? James: It was on sale, I’m pretty sure I only payed 30 bucks for it. Even normally it’s only 50. Mmmm propane. Doesn’t want to do anything. Okay so we found enough fittings in our box of goodies here. Why is the flow backwards? Hang on, does this have a flashback arrestor right now? Bogdan: I don’t think so because propane doesn’t flashback unless you get air. Here the only time it actually connects is when it exits the nozzle, which is why that nozzle is a smaller diameter. James: it’s hot, HOT! There we go. Bogdan: Yeah you probably shouldn’t touch it. James: Who knew brass conducted heat…? Once the screwdriver handle starts melting you do it. Alright it’s done. Let’s just set it on the floor, yeah we just have to open the valve now. This is sweet! Oh my god… That could be a cool feature too. Like rapid fire like pa-pam! All right it’s done, time for the final piece. The Hacksmithing Company. Alright so it’s Monday morning and Ian doesn’t know that we’ve actually built the flamethrower already so i’m going to show him. Anyways I knew you weren’t going to be keen on the idea so we already did it. Ian: Nice. James: So to start you need to turn the pressure on low. We should probably go downstairs. Ian: I thought i recognized that valve in the Facebook video. James: Alright so just a little bit. Okay so it’s a solenoid valve, so this is gas and this is the trigger. Just hit the trigger. Too much you really have to start super low. Now crank it! I didn’t even know it could do that! What the hell?! Alright stop we only have so much fuel in the painted tank. Pretty close to the original uh? So this build only took us a few hours to do and probably costs 50 dollars plus a few parts we had laying around the shop. Now, I know this wasn’t a complete tutorial on how to make one, but it’s really not that hard and it’s really just some basic components from the hardware store. That being said if you want to support Elon Musk and his crazy ventures, check out if you want ot buy one that’s already made. Wait a sec, they’re sold out? Well I guess you guys will have to build your own. And if you guys haven’t watched the video where we test this out, check it out because I go a little bit crazy.

96 thoughts on “Make your own BORING FLAMETHROWER! 🔥🔥🔥

  1. On this episode of "Making Nerf Deadly" we're going to teach everyone how to play with fire! Hahaha, I love y'all so much; keep up the great content!

  2. I dont know all the technical things that make this build work so could someone explain to me how they got the gas to spew out and make the flames go farther?

  3. “Hey guys we were watching a documentary about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and we realized that it’s pretty easy to build and we have the very same materials in our workshop so to day we’re building an atomic bomb”

  4. Can we get links to the actual parts used for this? I know you said you had them laying around, but I want to build this so bad.

  5. hey hack smith ! big fan of your projects i had a cool idea for a bonus to your flame thrower. im sure you know certain elements burn different colors, by attaching an electric feeder like paintball hoppers can have and having multiple small containers with different burn colors you could make a color switching flamethrower! sounds pretty damn cool to me! call it the flamebowthower haha!

  6. I wonder what the nerf gun creators are thinking they made that gun thinking it's safe and they go on YouTube and see these guys easily turning t into a flamethrower lmao

  7. I did this the exact way the video explains except the flame when it comes out after the trigger is pulled is a noticeably smaller, cleaner blue flame, what is done differently to make such a bigger orange flame??

  8. Build my own or i can buy a weed burner, pretty sure if i had a Flamethrower that looked like a Gun in the UK i would have SWAT at my house either way great video 😋

  9. Did you really need the knob on top? It seems like all the flow was controlled from the knob on the propane tank.

  10. where did you get that adapter from! I cannot find any way to connect a 14,1 oz canister to a copper tube

  11. Wish I had a garage like this. My wife's kitchen is my automotive/repair garage. I'm lucky that we even have a kitchen.

  12. Nerv Guns are rerally cool already for what they are but even more for what one can make out off Very Sweet Build

  13. Too bad you cant buy the boring flamethrower anymore, and its really hard to find those things he used to make it 🙁

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