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Make your own ammo Vs Buying Ammo | Prepper | Tactical Rifleman

I hear all these people talk about all these skills they’ve got to have when society crumbles and after the zombie apocalypse and all this crazy stuff And one of the things they talk about is they talk about reloading ammo. I’m a big fan of reloading ammo however reloading ammo accuracy versus a survival situation there’s a bit of a difference guys right now accuracy all about it right for example, I load 178 grain a maxes for shooting competition for 308 long-range Me hand loading each individual bullet with a lot of love a lot of TLC. [I] can hand load Ammo, that’s more It’s much more accurate [than] what you can buy from the store even trying to buy the top-end stuff hand loaded ammo is just always Going to be more accurate if you’re taking your time, and giving it some TLC I then load 110 V maxes very very light using [JP’s] personal recipe for three gun matches it runs my semi-Auto gas fed at 308 gas gun Very very smooth very very little recoil just enough to cycle the action it allows me to get that follow-up Shot very very quick, so when I’m moving and I’m trying to double tap targets real real quick Awesome. I can do it a lot of time almost as fast as the guys running those sissy little five five six guns for Let’s say 300 blackout you want to hand load Subsonic rounds for example so [that] just barely breaks the sound barrier It’s best to hand load because each gun each setup gas ports are different gas systems are different barrel lengths are different and if you can if you tweak it hand loading it you can get just Where you’re just breaking that sound just under that sound barrier and you can make subsonic ammo reliably cycle your gun if you’re shooting a semi-auto and Still stay right where you want it to be velocity wise you don’t want to be too low because then you’re just lobbing a football softly you want it throw that football as fast as possible without breaking that sound barrier so you don’t get that supersonic crack alright, so hand loading for Accuracy all about it um the argument that your hand loading for expense And it the excuse I used with my wife. Oh, honey I’m gonna be able to hand load ammo a lot cheaper than I can buy it 9 Millimeter for example you can buy crap 9-Millimeter ammo for practicing on the range a much cheaper than you can hand load it, and it’s a lot easier on your fingertips alright Now the argument that it’s a great skill to have [in] a survival situation. I’m all about having the skill I’m all about having the knowledge Okay, and if you want to go out and invest in the equipment to hand load for the art I’m all about it but for you to invest your money in it simply so that you can Use it as a trade after the fact that when Society crumbles One guy’s going to be a blacksmith other people are [gonna] be farmers you say you’re going to Reload ammo and sell ammo. It just doesn’t hold water and and here’s why I’ll show you real quick Roughly a box of 100 rounds of 300 Blackout okay um bought it at the store so much money that It box would be a little smaller than that now for me to reload [that] same box of 100 I would need primers. [I] would need the 220 grain slugs right and Then I would need I like To load my 300 blackout with 16 80 now it would take that now. I’m having to [real] [reuse] all my brass 100 rounds of brass I’m reusing space in my shelter For 100 rounds of blackout to reload it or space with 100 rounds that already exists Okay, already done already ready to go it takes up Actually less space right now You’ve got to remember Using these components to make ammo you’re not really making it what you’re doing is you’re assembling it, right? So once you run out of primers which Are sometimes hard to find I’ve heard the logic now people saying well Ammo is getting so hard to find I’m gonna have to start reloading they haven’t gone out and tried finding Reloading components sometimes just finding primers is hard binding 1680 is hard sometimes I still can’t find trail boss to load my favorite recipe of 308 Subsonic Right so sometimes it’s hard to find the components right so in a survival situation or post apocalyptic situation You need to be able to make it not [just] assemble it because your once your components run out You’re screwed the farmer can still grow more stuff save his seeds, and he has it [so] [to] say I’m going to make ammo Brother you’re going to have to make like poor and cast slugs [now] our guys I know guys [that] do that [for] bullets for like 45 pistols a lot of Cowboy action guys They actually make the slugs we can reuse brass okay you ever try making primers. I want to see you Do that one. Not easy. Gunpowder are you going to go back to crumbling up saltpeter and sulfur from the drugstore? Now it’s it’s just not realistic, right? so if you want to learn how to reload by all means track down a local Subject matter expert he’ll gladly take you under his wing and he’ll show you how to do this. I mean It’s best way to go for accuracy for expense Actually, it is a little bit cheaper not much, but a little bit cheaper than just buying the ammo Knowledge it’s the best tool by far knowledge is going to be the best weapon You ever have knowledge is power right, but as far as reloading in a survival situation No, I look at some other trait really wait, and we that’s my take on reloading

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  1. Do you feel like sharing your recipe for subsonic .308/7.62 ?
    I have a 14.5 inch barrel .308 match barreled AR (PWS MK214) that I'm running a Griffin Armament Recce 7 can on and I just started reloading. I'm loading 44 mag for another rifle but haven't started loading "rifle" ammo yet, any advice or recipes would be appreciated.


  2. got a question…..instead of buying ammo at the gunshop and besides buying all the equip to make my own ammo(i really dont have the room or patience to make it myself)…….do you have any tips on good suppliers/places to buy ?? for now i'm really just using 9 and 45

  3. I cast, reload etc and I do it because I enjoy the hobby of it and also for lr shooting. But as this video says, if shit hits the fan you better already have your stuff.

  4. I agree with you 100%. I go to war with my dad on this topic of reloading at least once a month. Stock up on cheap ammo in common calibers.

  5. I'm no expert in handloading, but I do know that you can pop the spent primers out of shell casings, tap the bottom of the primer flat and "reprime(?)" them with match powder, but I do know that it's corrosive

  6. I agree I can have 1000 rounds of 5.56 in an amo can I have a bunch of them and they store easy now 1,000 rounds or the equipment too do so would take up much more. I prefer just buying for(the collapse of civilization) I guess.

  7. Thanks. Common sense is refreshing. Reloading is for producing high quality ammunition. Hope the wife doesn't watch your videos. . . LOL

  8. It can be a useful SHTF skill and tools though. It just depends on your mindset. If you are willing to scrounge and work you can make your own black powder. You can build bullet traps or pan it out of the dirt for lead. You can even make your own primers (dangerous!) so end game your ammo will last as long as your casings. Unless you have the tools to make casings. I'm really into machining and DIY EVERYTHING. The more you can make at home, the longer you can insulate yourself from everything. It might not be as fast or clean as a modern round but still good for hunting or target practice. Down the road it might be the only choice.

  9. NO NO No. Farmer without ammo is a dead farmer and he knows it. He will give up a lot of food for your box of ammo. So, if you found reloading components in someones basement, you can protect yourself and trade. You will be very welcome in any community with this skill.

  10. This is the best and objective words about the reloading for survival. I always wonder that when shit happens how you "reload for survival" people gonna find the powder and primers?? Reloading for accuracy, for the hobby, for cheap or shot more; these are all correct, however, for survival is total bullshit. Just buy enough bulk ammo and keep them in a nice place and store them so you can use that ammo immediately. I would rather learn the muscle art to cut a zombie's head off with a knife than hoping to have everything on hand to reload without being attacked. For those big dame fat ass talking reloading for survival all day long, please learn another really important skill for survival–RUNNING, as you have to run faster than the zombie to be alive to continue reloading your ammo.

  11. It all depends on who is doing the reloading and what their procedures are. 32 years so far. I trust my precision handloads for self defense but I've seen a lot of handloading stupidity. And BTW with bullet casting you can load pistol ammo for pennies a round. All you need is brass, primers and powder and scrap lead plus tooling. Primers can be remanufactured if you have the raw chemicals, and blackpowder can be used for revolvers. Percussion caps can be remanufactured with toy cap gun caps, which are super cheap. It's all about being prepared

  12. I know that this is a little outside the scope of your channel, but could you go over your favorite loads, with the understanding that everyone that tries it will have to tweak it to their gun?

  13. Well put my friend. All this crazy end of the world crap, and someone thinks if he can make ammo he will be untouchable. I was thinking primers the whole time. So, I’m happy you brought that up. Very good video.

  14. Sorry Karl, I have one more question for you. I like your vid’s a lot. You explain everything very well. Is there any point to placing a laser sight on AR system, if you are not using NVG’s. It seems like it is just dead weight. And at night if you are trying to remain stealthy (again with out NVG’s) it’s just a flag that might as well read “enemy in the AO.” I know there is video that is probably best to ask this on but I’m struggling to find a reason to keep this attachment on my Armalite. With back up irons and EOtech optics. I don’t think I need a third back up.

  15. The honesty and practicality is awesome and refreshing. When ever I hear end of the world survivalists brag about how they're all set up with generators and fences, I just think "I'm taking my AWOL bag with, camping gear and the family and hiking for a few days back into the woods to get away from the nut jobs until they sort each other out".

  16. Oh, and Karl, if the 5.56 is a sissy, then what are you reducing your .308 loads to manage the recoil…… 😉

  17. Just for shits and giggles, I'm currently teaching my self how to MAKE ammo. Make the propellant, cast the bullets, reload the primers, etc. Because I've got too much time on my hands.

  18. i stopped watching your video when you said sissy 5.56 guns. thats not something a 'gun enthusiast' should say in regards to such a popular platform, a 5.56 is more than capable.

  19. Another former Paratrooper friend of mine once made the statement…
    ''Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.'' -Jimi H.
    Just tuckin' in some random posts i'd overlooked TR. Drive On! 32018

  20. They may "Ban" ammo or stop making your favorite caliber (9 mm or 5.56)… But may still get the componets ! Or every one will go back to Black Powder and Flint Locks ! tjl

  21. Old video I know but how about reloading due to an ammo tax? The dems want to pass some crazy stuff, 50% tax on firearms, 25% tax on ammo plus background check. Just curious what your thought is there.

  22. The only reason I started reloading was because I have one antique rifle you can't find ammo for but you can find or reform brass from a parent cartridge. Then I branched out to about 8 other calibers and I make my own BP. It's all fun but it rarely saves any money.

  23. Yeah for survival no one is going to be hauling a Dillon 650 around in a tent for sure !
    That is way too much weight and space!

  24. I agree with everything you said. That's why I still practice with my Flint Lock too. I can actually make all the components 😁

  25. When times are good and components available, creating your own loads can be an enjoyable experience and pastime but there are limitations.
    Addressing the part about a Zombie Apocalypse or external (or even internal) invasion or government upheaval, one must consider several important aspects.
    One is your location. Zombie Apocalypse notwithstanding, you must address if you'll be able to stay static in ONE place where you can set up all the gear required to construct your ammo.
    Two, if you are forced to relocate for any reason, will you have transportation to get there as well as packing up all the equipment you'll NEED?
    Chances are the answer is no. But not always, so you can't discount those possibilities.
    In that case, having ammo already constructed beats the other options hands down. But even if you DO have a LOT of ammo, how much can you realistically expect to haul on your back or even in some means of conveyance?
    It's all relative and not to be taken lightly.
    As I said, you MUST be realistic in your expectations.
    All that aside, IF you have a place to hunker down (we all HOPE we will have that option) then a HUGE stockpile would be of great importance. And along those same lines, even if you DO have a home base that is secure (and is it REALLY secure after all??) having an appropriate place to set your gear up will take up valuable real estate, too. But either pre-made ammo or components aren't going to be something that you just leave laying about without appropriate security and safe storage.
    So as has been previously discussed, rolling your own ammo CAN be cost effective once you amoratize the equipment factor but when it is all boiled down, crafting rounds to optimize your shooting platform for the accuracy and end result, needs must be factored in.
    It's a case of Chevy vs Ford. Glock vs Colt, etc.
    You either LOVE one or you LOVE the other, so reloading is more about personal choice, need and expectations.
    As for ME, I bought a LOT of supplies years ago when prices were MUCH cheaper than the same materials are priced in today's environment. To that end, MY pre-made ammo in virtually EVERY caliber is a LOT cheaper than if I had to buy ammo at current prices.
    One example is loading generic AP rounds for my .50BMG rifle. When I was buying components, I could get AP projo's much cheaper than Ball projo's so I stocked up.
    Using my stockpiled components allows me to create one loaded AP .50BMG round for right st $0.85 each. I couldn't (CAN'T!) achieve that price for ONE of my
    .300 Win Mag rounds with a decent projo for either hunting or "target" shooting.
    Try to source factory ammo of similar parts for those and you'll be broke before long.
    One last item before I shut up:
    When it comes to reloading, one of the most important parts to have is the expended (new?) cartridge case.
    If you don't stop to pick up every expended case, your supply will dwindle very quickly. And who amongst us is going to be standing around and scrounging up fired brass if you should have the misfortune to engage in a protracted battle with some unknown adversary? Not THIS guy!
    Those expended rounds, and more importantly, the brass is gone FOREVER. That is unless you plan to return to the scene at a later time to pick up all the brass you can find.
    Just my $0.02 worth on the subject.
    And, Karl, as always, THANK YOU for your videos, time and expense in bringing us your insight in some very valuable subject matter.
    God Bless and Keep Your Powder Dry!!

  26. It’s a sissy gun that shoots m193 and will piece armor, and the hollow points have insane hydrostatic shock. But yeah it’s a sissy gun. Their is no such thing as a sissy gun. Stand in front of one of its a sissy gun.

  27. I love reloading, my father and grandfather were great teachers. When its cold and snowing in the middle of winter my son and I sit at the bench and make bullets all day. It gives me a chance to talk to him and spend some quality time with him. I was lucky to have my reloading equipment given to me. I also found an old Dillon 450 RL and a Lyman American with dies at tag sales for under 50.00 so stop and look you never know what you will find. Ebay has some good deals for people who are just starting out also.

  28. That fact is if u store it right and have a good stock of things u need u can reload enough to go out to find more ammo.u gotta make it last but the fact is ull have ammo and the ppl the only had afew boxes will be throwing rocks

  29. In a Doomsday scenario carry "only" what you need to survive. Ammo is heavy as fuck. Take 500 rounds of what ever ammo u wish toss it in a 60 pound bag and go run a mile. Why 60 pounds- think about tools food cloths water and what ever else u hit 60 pounds- pretty fast hahaha then toss in your 500 rounds. Keep in mind if you plan on going Delta force ninja all the gear ull be carrying as well. If your plan is to stay home and wait it out think again where do you think all the people are going to find food water? House to house that means your house… Well I'll just shoot them when they come…think again hundreds of people storming house's? You'll last 5 min at best.

  30. Rockin the Dillion. Side note you left out that some brass can only be reloaded X number of times before it fails. Split and now rimless case anyone? I hear you on components disappearing where I live good ol' 4895 and h4895 are the first to go in a panic buy same with varget. Good stuff 4895 very versatile.

  31. I know it’s good thing to win a shooting match, however light loads are not going to teach you to do full combat follow up shots. The match ammo you making is not going to usable for combat it will be such that you will need two to three hit for a single kill. Last issue is getting light loads mixed with first round combat loads remember your talking about hunting and killing hogs, deers, and people. I don’t think I want to wound a hog or a human because they just might come back and kill me. For me it buy and load only ammo suitable for dangerous game. There is no second place in that contest.

  32. Fully agree! Same goes for all the people that claim that in a SHTF they are all going to the mountains….SMH🖕👎

  33. I love the sh!t talking from “internet ninja special forces operator” community from people who don’t live in an active “apocalypse” zone like “Kommifornia” where ammo purchasing is going to be TYRANNICALLY regulated. Zombieland may not be where you live. But before the actual sh!t talk starts…Carl’s assertions are right on. But the added commentary of “how this is impractical in an apocalyptic scenario” is a reality RIGHT NOW for some….and this “skill” is absolutely necessary in a ZOMBIFIED COMMUNIST SOCIETAL SH!THOLE as in the People’s Republik of Gavin Nuisance’s Kommifornia. God Bless Free America, where people can debate and trivialize “ammo hand loading” – but for those behind enemy lines….Resist the tyranny of those that would destroy the US Constitution and the Republic for which we all should stand!

  34. If it happens, all of us will eventually run out of ammo. What do you think of having something like a crossbow as a backup weapon? Making a crude arrow would be easier than trying to manufacture primers.

  35. I have plenty of factory ammo. What's plenty?
    Good question…I doubt that I will ever need 1000 per caliber rounds for self defense.
    I reload for the joy of working with my hands, comparative studies regarding loads that vary,
    Just trying to have fun trying to find the better round ( combinations of components) to get the most accurate shots on paper at different distances…its a little science for an old guy to have as a hobby. I'm not a high precision benchrest shooter…I shoot leverguns and single action revolvers…
    You want to " survive?"
    Store water, food, medical supplies, know how to use them…find trustworthy neighbors.
    Pray alot…
    Lots of skill sets to simply survive outside of reloading..keep a decent shotgun and a store of ammo for it and that's practically all that you will need in that regard….
    Thanks for the video..
    God bless.

  36. I just buy and store my ammo. I don't own any expensive calibers. As far as post apocalyptic goes, well that just depends on the apocalypse, because we could all end up dead anyway so it wouldn't matter!
    I do believe though, many will experience short term disasters and fall of local society. Similar to Katrina which showed the nation just how bad and nasty a regular society can get when there is a major disturbance/interruption. I see that being way more feasible than some SHTF/WROL that's nation wide or becomes a permanent condition. A three month supply is more than enough to wait out the crisis or relocating somewhere else.

  37. Stock up in ammunition while you still can, if you wish to survive what may be beyond the horison

    Or under your feet for that matter

  38. I reload for fun. Sitting down and reloading 200 rounds is fun. Meticulous. It's one of the few times I get to be meticulous.

  39. i dont think its impractical to learn some simple chemistry to learn how ti make gunpowder wich is really not that difficult. if you want to survive, you need to be able to improvise, especially with self defence. guns are awesome but if you run out of ammo or powder or even a cleaning instrument, your fucked. take a bow for example and you can literly make your ammo out of sticks and have it be effective. honestly, instead of thinking about how to protect ourselves from people, we should think about how to work with people. if we all work with each other no one will need to fuck anyone over.

    its really eazy to make wepons for defence. mine fields, traps, snares, bows, etc. shit you can take apart a few microwaves and make a death trap from that. there are infinite ways to kill short or long range. theres also a lot of options for vests and shields and aurmor. defence is important but communication and problem solving and reaching out to others and helping others is the only way to sucseed. we have to work together agenst oppresive forses like govenments instead of fighting each other over food when we can grow an infinite amount and share with everyone

  40. A better way to acquire ammo after SHTF is to be proficient at attacking supply lines of your enemies. Says me, a real life tacticool internet ninja warrior commando.

  41. I would like to learn it just for the art. It's funny that I just watched this video today because a couple days ago I was just looking up videos on how to make gun powder from scratch. However, there are different reasons that I'm looking at learning to reload. In California they passed the ammo law, so real soon Californians are going to have to be registering our ammo, so we are trying to figure out ways around this and I think reloading might be a possibility.

  42. Shit ! I wanted to see someone reload cases not talk shitty scenarios!!! People you're referring to and talking about are not even worth explaining to!!! Lol 😆

  43. My two cents: reloading makes sense if you got some obscure or old mil-surp gun they don’t make ammo for or you want to make gentle loads that won’t blow up. Or you have the space, time, and money to set up an operation because you’re going through that much ammo a week. But if you’re joe lunch pail who maybe hits the range once a month and even then is only going between 1 to 4 boxes of ammo you bought at Walmart, then learn some other skills first

  44. It would just be better for those preppers to get a flint lock and a bullet mold. Can make the gun powder and don’t have to worry about the primers

  45. I was hoping that you where going to go into which reloading set up you had.

    If people want reloading equipment for after SHTF. Then they should get it. They’ll have a lot of free time on their hands for trial & error and looking for alternative resources for reloading.

    Personally I am going to get some soon. For one reason. Everything always goes up in price.

  46. I'm trying to figure out ways to make my own ammo from scratch for the sole purpose of writing a paper/video essay about how anyone could build their own firearms from the ground up even in countries that ban ammunition. Might even go as far as to publish and hope the material gets smuggled into said countries.

  47. You can get into reloading very cheaply if you get a handpress, or a basic single stage,,, wont be turning out 1000 rds a night.. but i can sit on the couch and do a box of 50 in the time it takes to watch a tv show

  48. Honestly it would would be more reasonable to mix up some black powder and casting lead for your flintlock if the world went to shit, good luck sourcing reloading supplies just like he said.

  49. Reloading has been much cheaper for me. I buy components on sale making it cheaper than buying in large bulk.

  50. I'm going to buy a reloader because as of July 1st in 2019 they are going to do background checks in California every time I buy ammo. It's bullshit, but there's no background checks on the reloading equipments.

  51. People usually talk about being able to make the components as well im gonna learn how to make the powder itself and even the primers because then yes you could infact use that as a trade because you know where to get the materials hopefully because all the materials we need they're right here on Earth that metal we need for bullet's right here in Georgia in the soil the reason we have red clay there's tons of places to get the other materials in Georgia to make the powder as well there's lots of things that could be done if you know how to do it

  52. But just reloading without any of that knowledge during a survival situation is just pure fantasy at least short term unless you've got tons of materials

  53. Let's see, if you go to a range you'll find 6.5 creedmoor brass all over the ground. I get 20 – 50 every time. 1000 primers=$30
    1000 hornady 140 gr edl $290
    Ramshot hunter 8 lbs $169
    So for $489 =1000 rounds of 6.5 creedmoor.
    Or go to the store=
    Hornady 6.5 143gr edl, 20 rds per box for $33, getting 14 boxes (280 rds) for $462.
    Or go cheap, Federal 140 gr $17 a box 560 rds =$476.
    If you're shooting steel for fun, reloading is the cheapest way to go.

  54. Making primers are difficult asf but they are possible just a lengthy process it's best reloading ammo when shtf buy if your a prepper when civilization still runs just focus on buying ammo

  55. post apocalypse we'll need to learn to make musket balls. We'll need a Musket gun; or a Blunderbust gun will be great, you load it with whatever is around- pebbles, broken glass, whatever. The hard part is how to make gun powder…

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