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Make Your Gun Safe SMART – Rifle Rods

According to Gun Storage Solutions, a gun safe doesn’t have to be big – just smart! If you look closely the space you’ve been looking for has been right there all along. When guns are leaning into notched racks, valuable space is being wasted. Here’s how your safe can get smart. By simply straightening up your guns, Rifle Rods will transform any small safe into a larger safe. But wait! What’s a Rifle Rod, and how does it work? The Rifle Rod is a plastic rod with hook fabric on the head. Shelf Liner is included in each starter kit for the underside of your shelf. Slide Rifle Rods down the barrel of your guns set the gun in the desired location and pull up on the Rifle Rod until it attaches with the Shelf Liner. The Rifle Rod simply stabilizes the gun in the upright position. Maximize your space and fit rifles with scopes into the profile of the gun behind it. Rifle Rods offer the versatility you need for your diverse gun collection. Get the most out of your gun safe with Rifle Rods. Made in USA!

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