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Hey guys my name is VoidTrance and welcome
back to another Black Ops 3 Best Class Setup Video! The 205 Brecci shotgun is a much hated
weapon in the COD community. The fact it can 2 shot at submachine gun ranges and can fire
very fast with a low trigger delay is enough to make this weapon the best shotgun in Black
Ops 3! Besides it being the best shotgun there are so many different ways to turn this shotgun
from overpowered to very overpowered so with this class setup you want to rush around and
be on the move constantly. Before I get into the setup if you do go on to enjoy the video
be sure to leave a like and let’s smash out 15 likes for this class setup! If you
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most overpowered 205 Brecci Class in Black Ops 3!
So to start off with the 205 Brecci’s attachments this class focuses around rushing so we want
to build a class that can help keep you moving as fast as possible and still have the ability
to shoot people at the same time. The only 2 attachments the Brecci needs are the Laser
Sight and Rapid Fire. When using a shotgun you are not going to be aiming down sights
most of the time. You are much better off running around and hip firing enemies instead
as you can react much faster and will have a great advantage in close range gunfights.
The laser sight tightens up the Hip fire spread which is perfect for a rushing shotgun class.
Rapid Fire is one and the same to be honest. Rapid fire ups the firerate of the weapon
and makes it fire bullets faster. This will be especially helpful in close range again
as being able to get a lot of shots out from the hip in quick succession will almost always
guarantee you the kill. It may also annoy the enemy players which can be helpful as
well. For the perks on the Brecci you want to use
perks that will help keep your weapon available whenever you will need it as rushing with
the shotgun and keeping to close range is super super important. The perks for the setup
are Ghost, Scavenger, Hard Wired, Blast Suppressor and Awareness. Ghost is a really good perk,
even though we are not using a silencer this will help you move around the map undetected
and can make moving from building to building a lot easier. The Brecci also has really terrible
ammo consumption, by the time you have about 6 kills this weapon will already have no ammo
left so you want to use scavenger to keep your weapon topped up on ammo and so you can
go on long streaks. Hard Wired is for avoiding equipment like tripmines and for negating
Counter UAV’s. Most of the time with a shotgun you want to be inside of the enemy spawn area
or nearby it. A lot of people in Black Ops 3 do tend to lay equipment in their own buildings
to stop people from flanking or coming behind them. So Hard Wired will make moving in the
enemy spawn easier and can make using the shotgun a lot less of a hassle. Blast Suppressor
is for moving around the map stealthily. Especially with a shotgun and rushing as well you need
to be silent and off that minimap whilst moving so that you can get the drop on people and
surprise them. Finally you want to have Awareness. The name of this class setup IS Breach and
Clear. So being able to clear a room knowing where the enemies are beforehand is a very
ideal situation to be in. Awareness allows you to hear enemy footsteps very clearly when
you soundwhore. Soundwhoring is a very good tactic to use for any class setup in Black
Ops 3 and I highly recommend you use it especially when you have a shotgun loadout on.
For the killstreaks I want to keep this class setup easy to access for lower level players.
If you have just prestige or are just starting out in Black Ops 3 this class setup can definitely
work for you! For the scorestreaks I kept it to the default setup of the UAV, Hellstorm
Missile and the Talon. These 3 Scorestreaks are very good and powerful streaks and have
a nice score gap in between which makes earning them quite easy if you can stay alive. The
UAV can be helpful for finding enemies that may be holed up inside of buildings. In the
gameplay you can probably see a lot of people camping inside of buildings so the UAV will
help you find these people and catch them out. The Hellstorm Missile is for clearing
the outside of buildings and for really destroying enemies. The Hellstorm can help keep a spawntrap
going as well as you can clear the spawn whilst there is nobody there to keep the spawntrap
going. The Hellstorm really gives you some breathing room and can help you with offensive
pushes and for rushing objective points. The talon is your cover, if you run into a room
and see too many people the talon in AI mode can be very good at protecting you. So the
final Scorestreak has to be the talon. Fr the final part of the setup you want to
use the Vision Pulse from Outrider. As I was talking about before, being able to know where
enemies are before you engage them is a very good advantage to have and vision pulse basically
gives you the ability to hack through walls and see where enemies are. So you want to
use Vision Pulse for your specialist. That about wraps up the best class setup for
the 205 Brecci Shotgun. The Brecci is a very good Breach and clear shotgun and is very
good for clearing objective flags and for flanking and getting behind enemy players.
I hope you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to leave a like on the video and if you
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3 videos! My name has been VoidTrance and I will see you guys on the next video!

19 thoughts on “Make the “205 BRECCI” OVERPOWERED in BLACK OPS 3 – BEST “BRECCI” SHOTGUN CLASS SETUP in Black Ops 3

  1. Brecci: Laser, Rapidfire, Long Barrel, Extended Mags
    Haymaker: Laser, Rapidfire, Long Barrel, Extended Mags
    Argus: Long Barrel, Fast Mags, Quickdraw
    Krm: 🚮

  2. I use laser sight, suppressor so i can get behind them unnoticed, extended mag so i dont have to use scavenger, and a legendary black market rapid fire. Its wayyyy to OP

  3. My class Brecci 205 with rapid fire, fast mags, long barrel, and extended mag with a concussion, gung ho, and scanveger

  4. DONT USE LASER SIGHT! The way shotguns work is mulitple pelets in your hip fire spread in that area and if one of them it does 50 damage laser sight makes the pelets harder to hit. If you don't belive me than look at Inkslasher's channel

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