100 thoughts on “Make it Real: Batman Grappling Hook Winch (TEST)

  1. Maybe try the same thing but you connect the grapple gun to the belt which has the motor part which may be able to hold you like in the dark knight trilogy

  2. I wanna see if you can jump at the building and fire that hook thats too cool but you can use some bouncy if you falls xD

  3. You should get a smart company to make 100000000 millons of them and sell them and you would be rich but the price should be 30$

  4. I think the hook at the end of the rope has electronically retractable legs so that you can wind it back into the gun tip

  5. He should put the device that pulls him up on his side of pant and connect the rope to the grapple gun and shoot it at a building and the thing pull him upward

  6. You could peobably patent that as something like "winch launcher" or something. I can imagine a patent exists for "grappling hook" or gun

  7. I wanna know where you learned all this because since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to just make the things you do and I’ve done some research and taken minor classes I wanna know where you started

  8. Dude. I dont know why youre wasting your time on youtube when you could be selling your patents to the military.

  9. Perfect it ,then pitch it to military n law enforcement agancies. Make a civilian version or fun version n get the everyday dollars as well.nice product

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