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Maintenance Tips for a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun : Supplies for Cleaning a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun

Alright, here we are, 226. What we’re going
to use to clean this 226. We’ve got a few items here. We’ve got our bore light here.
We have a little series of brushes. We have a light brass brush and a few nylon brushes
and a light steel brush that we’re going to use on the inside of the handgun. And I have
just here a little push, a little nylon push brush that I’m going to use, just to clean
the very front of this barrel action. I have some patches here. We’re going to use these
patches to wipe down the outside of the gun, wipe down the inside. And it’s really going
to, these white patches are really going to let us know how clean we’ve gotten the firearm.
And the Q-Tips, we’re going to use these Q-Tips in small areas that we can’t get to with the
patches and our fingers. And we’re going to use this little flat-blade screwdriver with
the patches to really get down inside the action and inside the slide once we get this
break, broke down. Here a little oil rag, we’re going to use this at the very end. Those
are just something that we’re going to use, to do an over-all wipe down we’re fully complete.
Here’s our nine millimeter bore snake. We’re going to use that to polish out the inside
of the barrel. And as we move over we’re going to use Hoppy?s No. 9 right here, in conjunction
with our bore snake. That’s going to help break away some of the lead and some of the
copper, uh, jacketing inside this barrel. Here’s our Rim Oil. We’re going to use that,
it’s kind of a lubricator. We’re going to put that on the slide action. Give us a real
smooth action but the time we’re done. And here’s our Break-Free and we’re going to use
that to really coat the firearm and all the individual pieces here to get them worked
for getting it all cleaned up. Alright so, the next thing we’re going to talk about is

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  1. ?
    Well… The 226 is the model of that Sig Sauer Handgun (P226), and the 22 Long Rifle is a caliber, but not of this pistol , that Sig Sauer P226 is alimentated by 9mm ParaBellum…

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