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Maintenance Tips for a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun : How to Wipe Down a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun Barrel

All right, we’ve got everything scrubbed down,
we’ve got our pieces, and we’re just going to go back to ground zero here, which is what
I consider the guide rod and spring. And what I’m going to do is I’m just going to take
a couple of these patches in my hand–I’m just going to wrap them around this spring.
I’m going to kind of do it semi-tight. And then I’m just going to spin this spring through
here. And, we’re almost there. All right. And as you can see by the patch, you know
we’re only picking up this extra Break Free, but by picking up that Break Free, we’re really
going to–you know, what the metal needed, the metals already soaked up with the Break
Free, and so by us wiping off the extra it’s going to really keep it from getting real
gunked up when we start to go–we go back out to the range and we go planking or whatever
we’re going to use the firearm for. So we’re good with the spring. I’m going to set the
spring down, and I’m going to take the same two patches because they look good, and I’m
just going to flip it over, and I’m going to do the same thing to the guide rod. Just
going to wrap this patch over here, and I’m just going to go to wiping this down in a
vertical motion. And this is kind of the area, if I had to pick between a guide rod and the
spring, this is the area where the black powder and the dirt really clings to. So I try to
dry this up about as much as I can. And we’re going to spin this around just a little bit
more, see what we get. Yeah, see we pulled off a little bit of dirt and grime here. And
flip it over on the clean side. See what happens. See now we’re pretty much only taking off
Break Free. And you want to do that as many times as you personally need to or want to,
to let you know that guide rod is really clean and it’s going to be in good shape for what
you want. And I’m going to do a little bit more for me, and I didn’t pull anything off
that time. So that’s going to be pretty good. What I’m going to do now, is I’m just going
to set both of these items off to the side, and I’m going to get on and we’re going to
clean and wipe down the barrel.

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