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Maintenance Tips for a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun : Brushing the Side Nylon of a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun

Alright, see this nylon brush here? I use
this for the outside. This keeps it down a lot of wear on the outside, but the outside
can be just as dirty sometimes as the inside but we don’t want to use the steel on the
outside because we don’t want to mar that bluing. So I’m just going to go around, I’m
going to really break some of this stuff down that the Break-Free has had time to really
get into. Alright, that’s looking pretty good and sometimes this process may take a little
bit longer depending on where you’re at or what condition your firearm is in. I know
a lot of times if you were to maybe buy this particular firearm used, maybe somebody didn’t
take care of it quite as well as you’d like to of and you just spend a little bit of extra
time cleaning something up or cleaning the actual firearm up. So I’m just going to keep
scrubbing here. I’m scrubbing this Break-Free in. Now I use this nylon brush as well and
I come through the, where the barrel seats. This barrel hole. And I just push this nylon
brush right in. Not doing any harm, it’s just personal. I just come in there, it’s kind
of like brushing your teeth in a really dirty mouth. And I’m just going to be in here. I’m
in these corners inside here and I’m just really scrubbing away with this brush. Alright,
that’s looking pretty good. Now I’m just going to take this nylon brush now and I’m going
to go through where the slide makes contact with the receiver and the rails. Really get
in there with this nylon brush. Alright, we’re looking pretty good. So what we’re going to
do now is we’re just going to let this sit. We’ve got this all scrubbed up. We’ve got
our bolt face scrubbed, we got the back end scrubbed and the outside scrubbed in pretty
good and I’m just going to move this over and we’re going to switch and we’re going
to do the same thing now to our lower receiver.

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  1. If the railing on a handgun is sticky to the point where its hard to cock the gun, what can a person do to refinish the railing so it slides like normal?

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