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Maintenance Tips for a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun : Assembling the Guide Rod of a Sig Sauer 226 9mm Gun

All right, here we are with our slide. We
have our barrel back in, back in here nice and tight. I’m going to set that just to the
side for a split second. And here’s our guide rod, and here’s our spring so now just a quick
word. You can see a difference in this spring, just at the bottom. You can see how there’s
a full coil at this end of the spring, as compared to this end of the spring. You can
see how it’s just about a three quarter coil, and its one full coil here. And another notice
is this color. About four coils out of this spring have paint on them. Now that paint
indicates that it’s going to seat to the back side of the guide rod, so what we’re going
to do–we’re just going to simply seat that, we’re going to slide it all the way up. You’re
going to see that it stops by itself, just a little bit shy of the guide rod. You’re
just going to grab that spring and just do a little bit of extra push. I like to just
kind of slide it around here, and make sure it’s seated all the way around. And it’s looking
nice. It’s real seated. Okay, so basically we’re going to bring back our slide and barrel,
make sure our barrel’s still seated, still flush with the front of the slide, which it
is. Now we’re going to take our spring and guide rod. We’re just going to set this spring–we’re
going to seat it right inside that catch. And this is where you’re going to feel a little
bit of tension, so be a little bit careful, and have this pointed in a safe direction
because if you were to push this back in and possibly lose it, it could fling out and possibly
hit you in the face, and hit you in the eye. So, we’re going to keep that faced away from
us. And using both hands, see, I’m holding the spring with my left, pushing it with my
right, and just kind of taking up the slack as I go, and then I’m just going to come and
seat that rod inside the inset. You’ll feel it. There’s just a flat spot on the front
of that machined barrel catch for that seat of the guide rod to sit. Now at that point,
you can hold it upside down, you can hold it right side up; you can hold it any way.
And I just kind of do that as well, just to give it a good look. Make sure everything
is seated in the right place. I’m not seeing any extra play in my barrel to slide. Nothing
there. Guide rod’s seated real good. Next step we’re going to do is we’re going to re-put
the slide–we’re going to reassemble the slide to the lower receiver.

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