Mail Time: Sig P320 XCompact, Beretta APX Carry, Knives and Yoga Blocks?

What’s going on Luke from USA Carry
here and as you can see I let a few packages pile up this past week or so so
I figured I’d do a mail time video so y’all can see the stuff I’m getting in
to review some new stuff I’m trying out so let’s open some boxes if you guys wind up like in this segment let me know in the comments and I’ll do more of
these today I’m using my bokor plus gent knife it’s got a cool Damascus blade I
got it as a groomsmen present from a friend of mine thanks Brett it always
seemed a little too nice for me to carry so it’s sat on my desk and pretty much
been a a box opener alright let’s see what we got here these are Smith Optics
glasses so I recently got some steel targets and instead of using my regular
sunglasses I wanted to get a pair of glasses that had some impact protection
these are the prospect elites so yeah I got a 50 percent coupon code after
attending a Vata training center pistol course so I figured I’d give these a try
they’re similar to the sunglasses I use look pretty good I guess I’ll be trying these out on the range next
week all right what do we have next my new skeletal I
always carry a pocket knife but I’ve kind of been thinking I’d like to have a
multi-tool on me and the ones I have are generally too big so I was looking
around and decided to give the Leatherman skeletal cx a try it’s got
some pliers wire cutters it’s got a bit driver locks in so you’ve got two
Phillips bits there and there should be they put another two flathead bits and
then you’ve got a lanyard bottle opener and one thing I wanted is to be able to
open up a knife without opening the tool so that seems pretty cool I went with
the CX because the regular skelatool it has a different type of blade I think
it’s like a 420hc steel this is a 154cm steel it’s a better steel from what I’ve
read and the main thing is it’s not serrated I didn’t want a serrated
knife so yeah pretty cool seems similar to the size of knife I carry it’s
smaller than this knife so I’m gonna see if I can carry this instead of a regular
pocketknife gives me a few more tools we’ll try it out all right what we have
here what is this the electronic hand
dynometer so this is just something for me to test my grip strength something
I’ve been looking at working on lately it comes with batteries so that’s cool
on so you can have different users it seems male age I’m not 25 years old pump
that up to 40 set start one hundred seven point six which says that’s normal
in my right hand let’s try the left ninety six point two one hundred eleven
point two eighty nine so obviously I have a difference in grip strength from
my left and right hand something I need to work on this goes together with these
these like grip trainers out of that same course I took from vada one of the
instructors recommended these to work on your grip strength and I bought them and
honestly haven’t really used them since the course but I’m gonna try to use them
a lot more regularly now so one is like a trainer yeah this is the trainer to
kind of get your hands warmed up and then this one forget like what pounds
they are just says 1.5 on the bottom COC it’s like or the name of these
I’ve got the names and put the link in the descriptions I’m gonna put these in
my truck and try to just work on my grip strength when I’m driving you know every
other day try to get some of these in anyway that’s that and by the way I’m
gonna put links to all this stuff in the description so if you’re interested in
any of it some of it will be affiliate links if it’s on Amazon some of it might
not be let’s see what this is it’s not gun related but let’s see we
can call it EDC related maybe it’s called the Sidewinder I’ve got a MacBook
you put your macbook charger in it wind it up and keeps the cables organized a
little bit so I carry my MacBook with me all the time and the cables are is
just jammed up in the bag somewhere wherever I can fit them this bigger end
I never bring because it’s separate from the charger so it’s like two separate
cords and it’s it’s just kind of aggravating so this I can have it all
connected and wind them up together yeah that’s cool looking forward to trying
that out tactical defense institute k-bar oh this is a k-bar knife I ordered
that I’ll be giving away on Instagram I saw they were good price on Amazon the
other day I think they were like thirty thirty-five dollars somewhere in there
32 bucks seems like a cool knife there’s a sheath I’m just gonna open it up to
show you here but I will be giving it away it’s gonna be brand new I’m not
gonna use it or anything it’s kind of like a self-defense knife similar to the
one I carry that’s smaller okay this is the K bar
original TDI law enforcement knife that’s cool it’s got a little Kydex
sheath with it snaps in got a nice little pocket clip metal not plastic or
Kydex it’s a cool little knife I came across this because I was looking at
giving away a knife on Instagram and the knife I carry is this Colonel blade but
they’ve stopped selling them there on some kind of hiatus so you can’t buy them
from anywhere anymore who knows if they’re coming back so this is a similar
knife it’s a lot smaller doesn’t have the finger loop but I thought this would
be something cool to give away on Instagram so if you not already follow
us on instagram at USA carry and we’ll be giving this away maybe next week
alright moving right along so this is another pair of Vertx jeans
the defiance jeans I brought a pair of these maybe about a month ago to try out
I’m very picky with my jeans I’ve probably been wearing the same type
of jeans for a few years now I guess lucky brand but I wanted to give these
a try because they’re I don’t know tactical they got like a few more
pockets they’ve got these mag pockets I’m actually wearing a pair now so they
have these mag pockets on the sides here and I’ve been you know I’ve been
carrying my pocket knife here my wallet in this front change pocket cuz it’s a
bit bigger so it kind of frees up so not everything’s in the same pockets and the
one thing I like about these is these belt loops here they’re pushed over a
little bit than most jeans so I’m able to string my belt normally and just move
the buckle over when I’m carrying if I take my pistol off I can just shift my
belt buckle back with other jeans wear the belt loop is right here I’d string
the belt through this belt loop and then cinch it down to where I don’t have the
belt buckles sitting right next to the gun and have that bulge so that’s kind
of cool that’s the two things I like about this is the loops that are further
out and these mag pockets they call them and they’re pretty comfortable so I just
got a new pair in a different wash and yeah I’ll probably be doing a full
review on these so keep an eye out for that maybe I’ll give a pair out we have
here undershirts so I’m a heavy sweater and I live in New Orleans outside of New
Orleans so it’s very humid and it’s hot I like wearing undershirts for one for
the sweat and it’s easier to draw for me you know when I’ve got an undershirt on
so I tried these out they were pretty cheap on Amazon I think I got them for
like $18 a piece they’re not just regular cotton t-shirts they whick the
sweat off you and they have some underarm protection here and they’re
pretty tight I like that they’re v-neck so you can wear them under a t-shirt you
don’t really see them and the main thing is they’re not they’re not expensive
they’re like 18 bucks says each fiber is fused with silver to fight odor causing
bacteria Ejis Ejis I don’t know how you
pronounce that but I’ve had two of them for probably two months now they hold up
pretty good I just wanted to get two more pair to have more on hand if you
like undershirts give them a try I know it this is yoga blocks so I’ve been
getting into yoga and no not at all so I got these to build some foam wedges for
some holsters I’ve got a foam wedge on this one that I bought from a website
because I’m lazy you see just need velcro these foam wedges that I bought
it came with velcro you just add it there so it kind of pushes the gun back
towards you a little bit and I notice it’s a little bit more comfortable when
your appendix carrying if I put it at the edge so when I’m sitting kind of
have some cushion here so it’s a little bit more comfortable when I’m sitting or
when I’m driving like I said I bought these wedges I bought two of them I have
them on this holster right now this is a Bravo concealment holster for the Glock
43 and then I’ve got one on another holster I think it’s a Comp-Tac Glock 43
holster that I was testing out but one of our writers Nate Parker submitted
an article on how to make your own foam wedge out of yoga blocks so is probably
gonna do a video to go along with that article and these were like I don’t know
maybe eight dollars or something on Amazon for two of them so yeah that’s
where I got these four and this is something I’ve been waiting
for if you haven’t heard of them darkstar gear they make holsters I
originally contacted them about their koala mag pouches which are here this
one’s for a Glock 43 this is a for my Glock 19 but what’s cool is they are a bit longer
so they seem a little bit more comfortable when I’m wearing them and
you can adjust the height of how far they go in which is pretty cool
they have belt loops so you can angle them whichever way they concealed pretty
well so I’m really digging these koala mag pouches so they sent me these to
review and when they sent me that they also sent a Glock 19 holster which I
thought was pretty neat looking got this metal clip it’s got a wing not sure if
this is their own proprietary wing or not but my Glock has a TLR-7 on it so I
couldn’t really use this unless I took my light off so I asked them to send one
for the Glock 43 for me to check out and they came with some lemon heads sweet
coz I’m still been in a search for a nice Glock 43 holster and a sticker
awesome so they sent me this this is for a Glock 43, 43X and a 48 so one thing
I’m interested in trying out cuz I still haven’t found the perfect holster
for my Glock 43 what I’m digging about this is it’s a little bit longer since
it fits the 48 so that should make it a little bit more comfortable I’m thinking
it’s got the wing it’s got this metal clip so I’ve been looking for a 43
holster that I can wear with my GI when I’m going to jiu-jitsu class or when I’m
running so this might be a good option I’ll have to try it out and if I need to
I can add a wedge to this as well let’s see let’s just do a quick little test it’s not bad it’s kind of a tight
t-shirt and it’s all black but if you weren’t looking for it you probably
wouldn’t see it so be on the lookout for a review on this I’m gonna probably make
that my daily carry holster starting today what else do we have
what’s this these are the bit drivers for the Leatherman so I ordered this bit
set just to throw in my EDC bag so they’re just extra bits that you
can hook to the skelatool you know it’s got some different flat heads Philips
got some hex bits or allen bits or whatever you want to call them and some
super tiny flat head and phillips that i’m not sure exactly how I would use it
with this but I’ll have to look that up so and last but not least we’ve got a
couple guns we’ve got the new beretta apex carry I haven’t shot this yet so
I’ll be looking for a review here soon cool little single stack subcompact grip
seems pretty aggressive there so it’s got some dots on the front in the back
and then kind of like grip tape texture on it you’ve got front and back
serrations one white dot on the front none on the back not sure how I feel about the trigger
yet I’ll have to shoot it but like a long trigger pull kind of anyway pretty
cool something new to try out steel sights aggressive slide serrations
modular frame with enhanced economic sand texture comes with flush pinkie and
eight round mag bottoms so that must be the eighth round bag bottom and then you’ve got the pinky and the
flush got a manual lock the usual so yeah we’ll be testing this out soon I’ve
also got something new from Sig Sauer this is the P320 Xcompact that feels
really good obviously it’s a double stack so it’s a bit thicker it feels
really good it’s got a flat trigger but that trigger feels strange it’s a lot
shorter than the last trigger I’ve just messing with on that beretta I’ll have
to shoot this see how it feels tritium night sights that’s nice
front serrations rear serrations 15 round mag I guess it comes with two of
those yeah two mags the usual gun lock trigger feels weird but like I said I
need to shoot at first but it feels really good in my hand it’s nice so be
on the lookout for that review as well I think that pretty much wraps it up so if
you liked this segment let me know in the comments below I’ll do more of these
we’ll be doing more reviews and stuff like that so give us a thumbs up
subscribe hit the notification bell to get notified when we come out with new
videos and that’ll do it see you later

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