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Hello and welcome to ePIG. Today part two, of the Magpul Remington 700 pro chassis. In part one we showed you the assembly of the system. In part two we go over the features. Roughly said the Magpul 700 pro chassis, is more a stationary sinper chassis. Heavy system. There is also a hunter stock, it is lightweight and handy for hunting This is heavy and for shooting laying or kneeing, sitting, whatever or on a tripod. Lets have a look on the features. The system has an folding stock, you get it with an fixed stock as well. but we want to have a folding stock, on this compact size setup. You can fold it, the bolt is embedded, in the folding stock. You can fold it without problems. You do not have to remove the bolt, to fold the stock. the rifle is instant ready. Lets go over the stock. The stock has a adjustable cheek rest. An adjustable buttpad. The buttpad is very thick and soft. You can shoot bigger calibers with it, without getting uncompfortable. You have pushpin sockets for a sling on both sides. And on the lower side two MLOK slots. to install an earth spur, or something like this. Lets continue to the grip. I mounted the straight one. The set comes with an straight and an angled grip. So you can choose, your ideal hand position. You can change the positon of the grip, in relation to the trigger. The trigger frame is made so large, that you can use it even with thick gloves. It is very large. you have an enlarged magrelease button That’s another benefit of this system. That you can use the Remington 700, with normal magazines. That are AICS pattern. these are made by Magpul, but the steel ones will fit as well. Well, it looks like this and this way you can release the magazine. On the front you have MLOK, on both sides and on the bottom. To add equipment. Since the last video I mounted an ARCA Swiss Rail. That way you don’t see the MLOK ports. I show you in a second the reason for that. It has two MLOK ports at the front. So much that far. The ARCA Swiss Rail has these slots, to use a bipod. Whats also not included is the nightvision bridge. We showed you how to mount it here on the front. To add nightvision devices or something simmilar. Another special feature is that you can change it, for lefties or righties. Yo have an gap at the breech. Where the breech rests. on the other side you have an port for a slingadapter. You can easily swap that, if you’re an leftie. Or when you have an lefthanded Remington 700. So will have everything on the other side. Shooting whille Sitting or standing gets more popular. With an tripod. The sniper and sportshooter community, went to tripods from the foto industry. There are baisicly two big ones. Manfrotto and what has prevailed ARCA Swiss. The benefit on ARCA swiss is, you have this continuous rail. So you can use a foto adapter if it can carry the weight. So when the weapon sits on the rest, you can move it on the rail I place it on there. You see I placed it on the rearmost spot. I can slide it to the next spot, there is the next mounting point. Then I can raise the rifle a bit and can continue. It goes very fast. You don’t have this on a Manfrutto. That way I can stationary…. Well you have to open the flip up covers shoot stationary. Finally I have the weight for you. The Hunter stock weights 1,5 kg (3,3 lbs) Here with this stock system, well both are without the weapon. You have 2,7 kg (5,95 lbs), without the nightvision bridge. With it about 3 kg (6,6 lbs). easily 1,5kg (3,3 lbs) more than with the Hunter stock. This is an stationary system, the other one is an mobile system. What you chose? The plastic hunter stock, or this aluminum Pro chassis. Everybody has to decide it for himself. As additional information that you know it. The folding stock, there is a 16,5″ barrel. That means you are over 60cm Thats all in legal state for a rifle. That’s the minimal lenght we could have. That way it is very short, very handable. and the stock brings the weight for an stable shot. Thanks to Honrer Arms for the Magpul parts and MGBstrategic for the Remington 700. Below is the Link to Magpul Any questions to the system? Write them in the comments. When you like the video give us a thumbs up. Suscribe to our channel, hit the notification bell, to get informed about new videos. See you next time, take care, bye bye.

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