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Hello and welcome to ePIG. Good old Remington 700. Beautiful rifle. But you can make more out of it. Today we show you the Magpul Pro 700 RIlfe Chassis I’m staying at Max’s place today To do the conversion, but this has another reason, too. As many of You know I have two left hands. I swap to Max, he will show you what you have to do. Well, hello! As said left-hand-Martin, swaped to for the 700 conversion. Into the Pro Chassis. And I show you how you uninstall and install it. The Magpul Pro Chassis fits, all Remington short action models from the 700 series. or for footprint size models, like the .22 bolt actions by Voodoo Gunworks, or something similar. To unistall it, there is not much to say. It works via two system screws on Remington models. These are located at the bottom Unscrew the first screw. Unscrew the second screw. To unistall it you need an imperial, hexscrewdriver set. Otherwise You are screwed. That’s all to remove the System Let’s put the good hogue stock by side. And the one metal respectively boxmag, You needn’t that anymore too. We checked the gun status before. So we continue, by removing the bolt. Now we have this part, with that we continue working. We don’t need the two system screws, out of the old system anymore. Magpul delivers the two cylinder head screws, with the set. There ist not much more to consider during mounting. One screw here on screw here, drop the system in. That’s what we do now. As said you need an imperial hex driver set, to mount all addons. Here my equipment is even unsufficent. The mounting Points for the screwes are so deep. I have no insert for my torque wrench to go that deep. Usually you thight it with 55-60 lbs. Thats an good hand tight. And thats fine. We show you how to mount, the nightvision bridge in detail. As it is the most complex step. Bipod etc. is selfexplaining. How to do that. When you want to mount the nightvision bridge you have to remove the cap, which is hold by two screws remove it – Next you have left and right, Panels which are just locked in Get them loose with a small screwdriver. So they come out with no effort. Done it left and right. Take the bridge, it has an arrow on the top side. So now we have 6 screws. That have to pair with the bridge holes. Screw the screws in but don’t thighten them. To get them all in nicely. The Magpul bipod in the MLOK version, fits perfectly the slots. And it’s in. By mounting, the MLOK Screws, just some counterpressure. To screw in the rest, you feel the counterpressure. And tighten it down nicely, hand tight, suits totally. The MLOK ports are just aluminium. Not out of plastic or something simmilar Holds good. Well we are done now, with our Remington 700 conversion. You see it Looks very nice with its short barrel. Not much more to say. Let’s go to our conclusions. As you see the boss is happy. All done. Totally Max! Thank you very much. Well, not much to say. Well made the whole setup. Compared to other manufactureres, like Accuracy with folding stock you get it pretty cheap. All in one an pretty awesome package. Whats included and what features that you get inside. We will show that to you in the following video. Now we want to thank Horner Arms and MGBstrategic. I fade you the links, well you find it in the description. They delivered us the parts and the gun. Any questions to the video, write them in the comments. If you like the video, leave us a like. Klick the notification bell, to get informed about new videos. See you next time, take care, bye bye.

3 thoughts on “MAGPUL PRO 700 RIFLE CHASSIS – TEIL 1

  1. Zum Glück ne 16.5" 🙂 Fehlt noch die Tüte, ab gehts.. Leider wird ja auf der Night Vision Bridge selten bis gar nie was vernünftiges sitzen :/ Super Video, wie immer!!

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