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Magnum Research Desert Eagle WMD pistol

A legend an icon, the Desert Eagle from
Magnum Research really doesn’t need a presentation. This huge gas-operated
handgun with a rotary multi lugged locking bolt have been featured in a
host of movies, TV series and even computer games. Massive! Waffen Ferkinghoff provided a very impressive new model of the Mark-19 Desert Eagle, the circled
finished Apocalyptic Desert Eagle. The gun is fairly expensive, costing 2,612 Euro. The Apocalyptic look Desert Eagle is a
special edition of the full-size, the Desert Eagle with a 6 inch barrel
chambered for the powerful .44 Magnum round, featuring a special surcoat white
matte distressed finish and GP10 grips. The single-stack magazine holds 8 rounds and the gun sports the usual barrel top machine, the Weaver style
accessory rail.

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