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I don’t know what that is. I think it’s freaking heavy there. Maybe there’s a whole toolbox out there Welcome back to the up. So guys today. We’re gonna do a little magnificient here today. This place has been flooded all year I’ve had a chance to come out here. It’s my first time out here in a while I came out here once before it was wrong. I see I didn’t do so good. So we’re gonna have another shot today We are at a Conservation Park. So hopefully we don’t get in no trouble for being out here They’re real strict about conservation parks and state parks. For some reason. Apparently you can’t clean them And I also wanted to give a big shout-out to Anthony Carter alias You guys want a shout out in next video? all you gotta do is leave a comment down below and I’ll pick one of you guys and give you a shout out in the Next video. Okay. It’s gonna throws big boy out o Lot of rope We came up dry absolutely nothing Oh We got something on there, I think we’re some rocks or something I’ll look at that guys. Check it out. It’s like a socket Okay, I not too bad to start the day out with Man guys, I am not having any luck at this bridge today. I thought for sure they’d believe something knocked off over here The line right here so we’ll just dry get a couple times back and forth and just wish for the best. Oh We got something hey that guy’s Just got some piece of wire Oh Guys this is running along the wall right here And sticks oh there’s something on there too. Oh look at that Look that guy. It’s just a pair of somebody’s house keys more likely there for a long time United States deputy sheriffs Association But somebody was mad they dropped them in the water Oh Dance is too much mud. That’s why I’m not finding anything as everything’s it’s way too down deep in the mud Oh We got a piece of wire it looks like Now this place that got to start panning out I’m very disappointed. Oh Oh, that’s a log there’s a lot of logs here guys probably why I’m not getting a whole lot She’s like right there another log I think oh, oh there is something on there though. Oh Look at that guy’s there’s like very old pair of pliers Not too bad my best find today so far Oh, we got something look at that guy’s oh Yeah, look we got an orange knife Goobie, a murder weapon people think this is a murder weapon. Let me know down in the comments. Heck. Yeah We’ll stick again, oh Look another Socket guys, that’s the second socket. I found out there so far. We’re gonna keep throwing out there Maybe there’s a whole toolbox out there. Ooh Laughs some mud on there. Oh No, no, look what we get Rock a bill Rock now, that’s now Rock check that out guys Sure, what that thing is? I’m going to check my magnet Mesut make sure I Tightened it all the way. I didn’t put Loctite on it when I bought it. I Usually don’t because the rust usually gets it all Another one guys, there’s gotta be a toolbox out there. Look two sockets now. Oh, yeah Oh-oh-oh guys We’re gonna get the grappling hook and throw it right there where the bubbles are because I’m definitely it’s like the third fourth time I feel like I got in something heavy on it. Oh My gosh look guys, holy cow. I was hung up at I got this thing. I Dunno what this thing? Is anybody knows what something like this is used for definitely. Let me know down the comments Oh Oh nobody’s all that Oh, hello, we got guys but yeah, I lost my grappling hook Let’s walk around maybe every we can get it off there. Oh Man oh I don’t know what that is. I think it’s freaking heavy Oh All right, guys, let’s take a look what we found real quick. Check this out Anybody knows what something like this could be used for let me know down the comments Out there of a house keys unless somebody was mad whoever lost those Found a little pair of pliers. Oh that kind of opens still Did find a couple sockets I really thought there was a big old toolbox out there. There might be a toolbox out there I don’t know might come back out here To find this not really for sure what this says I thought was a bell but it’s actually too heavy to be a bell anybody knows what something like this is Let me know down in the comments Define this thing is a knife could be a murder weapon if you don’t think it’s a murder weapon Let me know down in the comments. I also found a couple pieces of wire and A whole lot today as a brand new to my show hit that subscribe button Make sure you smash the like and thank you so much for watching really means a lot


  1. I don't know about that knife but that cowbell looking thing could be used as a weapon. LOL!!! We all need more cowbell. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Hope you didn't get hurt falling, some interesting finds, a murder weapon…lol. And tools. Try soaking and scrubbing tools with vinegar to get the rust off

  3. Well,i think like 10 years or so,murderers go to lakes and throw a knife or a gun to not get caught(maybe)but maybe that lake has stuff in it,its beacause the water gives morr preasure to the items or mud can stop it by going anywhere(good caching weapons btw :3)

  4. I would love a shout out mate that would be epic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ just started watching this πŸ˜€

  5. Hey Tom Tv..
    Another great video..!! I do have to say that you did forgot my shoutout that you promised me tho..For watching and having the 1st view and 1st comment 4 vids in a row now..? πŸ˜”

    Now I am in protest and breaking my 1st comment streak so now I'm 20th.³2⁴
    20th..? πŸ™„
    Maybe next vid you'll remember little ole' me..The "1st view, 1st like, 1st comment, dedicated viewing, all around super cool guy"..a.k.a. Mike Bizz..😟
    I'm just busting your balls'll keep watching your vids anyways I🀣🀣
    See you er=rrΕ™

  6. I back I just fell in the river lol luckily my phone is waterproof πŸ˜‚ have no idea what that long thing is with the stripy top on it πŸ€” bet the police were mad when they dropped the keys in the river

  7. Once I was removing invasive species from a park and I got in trouble and they tried to make me put them back! Now they’re protecting the trash as well? I’m not sure what they’re really trying to conserve anymore

  8. The pulling of the rope soooo cathartic WHAT DRY !!!! Throw it back throw it back…holy crow did you throw those keys back? Jk is that a 3/16 socket ? Is that oil spout?

  9. Keep it up we all dont have the greatest day magnet fishing but hey you got a πŸ”ͺ and finds are finds hook a brother up with a shout out βœŒπŸ‘ from Florida

  10. A lot of that stuff can be washed off with water and soap, bathed in vinegar overnight and polished. Pliers and such.

  11. The knife is a murder weapon and they used the pliers to pull teeth so can't identify by dental records lol, good story I think, awesome finds and great vid.

  12. The keys were ultra cool. Good stuff! (I don't think it was a murder weapon…I think someone was just slicing bologna or something.) :-D. Keep up the good videos!!

  13. The reason for such is because the seaway has to keep it clear .. So with the all the run off from rain dont help it any .. The triangle thing looks like a motor mount from days gone buy , a boat light or a sw antanna , or that knife was used to hide Jimmy Hoffa.., man only you knew how many times my looks to see if theres any new vids.. When you fell my wife said , that you when your pulling , come or bust is the only way .. Thank you mr Magnet man … Always saving mother earth …

  14. Just think , magnet man throws out his trusty super pull, splash comes from the water and all the fish go , awwww its more forgeing its only magnet man again … Maybe you should bring some old bait loke bread ( you make toast ) they love that .. Your awsome…

  15. The bell is a weld on replacement tooth for an excavator bucket. The pointy wire with the rubber base is a tooth from a hay tedder.

  16. Another great vid. Not sure about the knife. Maybe murdered some apples at one point. Your due for a gun soon. It's been a while. Keep it up bud. 🀘✌️

  17. Another great video man. I think the knife someone lost fishing. Can i get that shoutout. And love the intro to the video. Keep up the good work

  18. I would make a map of each location on a board then with all the finds cleaned up position them artistically to memorialize the day

  19. Piece of metal stabbing thing 8scraples,piece of rusty tool 2scraples,little pieces of tools 5scraples,two piece of metal bendwork 3scraples,time spending in the old dirty river have no price

  20. You got a tooth off of a heavy equipment bucketand where you keep getting hung up and pull that lever that looked like a hydraulic control lever

  21. Man you went on two good trips…see you next fall! Oh that is SO lame. I can tell that knife was tossed in by OJ after he sliced up his missus. Good finds as always.

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