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Magnesium and Aluminum SHOTGUN experiment

[BANG] [MUSIC] Shoot it like it’s going to blow up. [BANG] Dang it ! [BANG] [MUSIC] Okay, I’m ready. [BANG] [BANG] [MUSIC] Okay, I’m ready. [BANG] [BANG] [MUSIC] [BANG] [BANG] [MUSIC] [BANG] [BANG] [MUSIC] [BANG] Oh yes ! Oh yeah ! Very, very bright flash. [BANG] [MUSIC] Okay now, steel wool. Whenever you’re ready. [BANG] [BANG] [MUSIC] [BANG] [BANG] [MUSIC] [BANG] [LAUGHTER] Saw a glowing ember, something burning there. [BANG] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC] Okay, I’m ready. [BANG] There we go. Yes, sir ! [LAUGHTER] [BANG] There we go. [MUSIC] [BANG] [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Magnesium and Aluminum SHOTGUN experiment

  1. Shoot thermite out of a shotgun that's a powdered metal I have been asking and nobody has delivered so will you take the challenge

  2. You should try titanium powder or shavings, and reshoot it at night with just a light on the target so we can see the effect a little better.

  3. Well since you say it pays to be wrong on the internet i guess i'll also comment on 10 yards in meters at 50~ish seconds too. nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more

  4. Neat video.

    I think if you placed a wad in between the metal shavings and powder it would delay ignition until the shavings had left the muzzle. In theory that would give the shavings more range and produce a larger muzzle flash.

  5. For the aluminium and magnesium you should really do it again with a mix of finer and more coarse particles. it looks like most of the magnesium burned of even before leaving the barrel.

  6. Aluminum sure did react. I expected it too as in powder form, it is rather reactive metal. Reacted too good actually as it was all burnt up shortly after leaving the barrel. Impressive fireball though.

  7. Hello i have the dream of shooting into molten glass (or resin) i want to know what happend will it stop the bullet? and what happened when the glass becomes soild? i think it will make great sculptures.

  8. Well most of those are just not reactive metals you should stick to alkaline or alkali for best results with pure elements or powder the powder is the basis for the thermobaric explosives

  9. stack the metals  on a double charge of powder,  like, one charge of powder, then a mix of aluminium and powder, with steel wool on top (maybe mix that with the ferro rods. and then make sure you get a night shot that would be cool!

  10. How do you nutjobs think of this stuff? And was that spray paint in those cans? I'd like to be sure I have the right stuff when I try it at home…

  11. I love the pick of GoT orchestral extended for background- that is a great remix, knew it sounded familiar. Cool video too, more metals would be cool!

  12. Cool video, maybe experimenting with different grades of steel wool to see what works best, (from Kitchen scourer to AAA super fine)
    The thicker stuff might be better to light the can on fire as it would burn longer and carry further (in theory) if it combusts in the first place.

  13. hmm, mix in a bit of aluminium and iron oxide and see if you can get a thermite reaction going, bet that would light a paint can!

  14. I looked around a little bit and didn't find any comments about the pic with the aluminum powder at 3:00 kinda resembling a crack pipe. Where's OG's commentary when you need it?
    Edit: Now I just watched the subsequent loading video and you mentioned the crack pipe.

  15. Hm… This had me thinking what a tracer round would look like on the high speed camera… Like one of those bullets that your supposed to be able to briefly see flying through the air. Be even cooler if there was a shotgun version too. No idea if those exist though.

  16. Hey, so you know how loose sawdust makes a big fireball? My quick thought thinks a fine flammable dust would shoot interestingly

  17. Alright. That was great. The slow motion gets me sucked in every time. One issue I had with this. No Doug! 🇺🇸

  18. Flash powder, Alu powder and potassium nitrate mix, fill hollow point slug, cap with, cold set epoxy, goes off on impact

  19. Since steel wool proved the most ignitable, but both aluminum and magnesium proved to burn strongest (resulting in a bigger flash of white) , perhaps a wad of steel wool backed by a 50/50 mix of aluminum and magnesium would provide the best chance of ignition at that distance? Also, for maximum result, you may want to shoot a can of starting fluid (ether). Preferably at night. Should be a riot.

  20. Well now that you have done that…..How about five shells loaded with a mix of Magnesium, Aluminum Powder, Crushed Ferrocerium and Steel Wool? Maybe 10 instead of five, shoot five during the day and five at night?? If you want to see them do this Please LIKE this post and comment "YES they should try this!"

  21. Watching the slow motion of the phone being hit by steel wool particles. Might be a great special effect of a space craft flying through a meteor shower. (assuming you don't actually shoot the model spacecraft with the wax slug first. 🙂

  22. copper produces a blue flame, lithium and strontium a red flame, calcium an orange flame, sodium a yellow flame, and barium a green flame

  23. So, the aluminum powder was too fine. Need to experiment with coarser powders, or even filings, which will burn longer instead of being consumed so quickly. Get the stuff used in fireworks.

  24. I’m thinking a combo round maybe… aluminum, steel wool, & fero rod. & or steel wool & fero rod. How was the fero rod ground up with out ignition?

  25. Try aluminum dust with finely powdered iron rust. Aluminum is a powerful oxidizer it needs fuel and lots of oxygen to be energetic

  26. That magnesium was probably an alloy of some kind because pure magnesium is highly flammable. Was hoping to see a big flash 🙁 Good video though :thumbsup:

  27. Echo the sentiment about trying aluminum and iron oxide (thermite) next time. Maybe even try mixing in some of that crushed ferrocerium to give it a little more oomph. Home-made dragon's breath?

  28. great slow mo shots of those targets (i think for not being able to do a voice over this one needed very little said about it and could be just enjoyed)

  29. How about a ferrocerium/magnesium/aluminium powder/iron rust mix? Maybe in layers. Maybe a homogeneous mix. Thermite load!

  30. I was wondering, do you think that they would still function the same with just regular shot instead of a wax slug? Either with factory shells or self loaded lower power loads

  31. Pls mix Magnesium with ferrocerium IT WILL React EXTREME! (if you do well) BTW 10 YARDS Are about 9 meters and a few centimeters…PS you can also try titanium… Or you just take some dragonbreath cartridges…

  32. imagine having the aluminum powder load with buckshot for home defense or breaching. Flashbang+Buckshot in one go.

  33. If it wasn't illegal I would think that crushed/powdered depleted uranium would act pretty well when exposed to high temperature and pressure. Other than the legality though, it's a bad idea in general lol

  34. For the aluminium and magnesium, you need to have bigger particles so that the combustion happens slower.
    Interesting video.

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