14 thoughts on “Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet with Recipes

  1. I wish she'd shut the hell up. She keeps on twittering & yattering & her voice goes right through me.*SHUT UP PRESENTER EVEN FOR A NANO SECOND*

  2. While, frankly speaking, my icecream maker is used very rarely, I love it as a product◓◓>share4.photo/Ice1Cream?gh It churns really good icecream and is way more convenient than all those manual icecream makers. Having said that, it is one of those gadgets that you can do without. You would always, for example, want to go out to eat frozen desserts. Or you may not want to have a large batch of icecream – of the same flavor- sitting in your freezer. This gadget is good only if you have a family that consumes a lot of icecream.

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