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Magfed Paintball UK►Paintball Pistol Gameplay►RAF Upwood

This, is chernobyl the lost chapter run by omg events at raf upwood our mission is to find the downed pilot take the casino, and hold the domination point to complete the objective our red team is inserting from the north east where as the blue team are attacking from the north west the casino poses a substantial advantage for whoever takes control first its imperative we take this building. we got here to late, the blues have already got a foothold at the base of the stairwell , i need to push forward if I’m to have any chance of making it to the domination boxes upstairs. Tom, round that way… ‘Tom’ Your keeping an eye on that corner yeah? Tom, TOM your clear to go round that way. with barker supporting the east side, I begin to push through Damn, mag jam comms suggest dale is making his way his the south west side of the building I need to hold them off till he gets inside Mike i’m going to move to the next set of windows ok so if i get shot you can see where I’m getting shot from Returning from spawn I bring news our faction leader Dan managed to re acquire the Pilot from the blue team, making this building imperative to take. With cover from Black Widow, we manage to bridge the gap and follow Dale’s advance. ‘Dale” ohhh sorry mate I didn’t mean to shoot you that close i’m so sorry! We need to move into this building here, it looks clear Alongside the wall yeah, keep going down stop! With the stairwell clear, Black Widow, Droakner and Andy hold down the east side, as we advance upstairs I can see blues from here How did I not hit him? first floor clear time to hold come on man I must have got you then good shot good shot

22 thoughts on “Magfed Paintball UK►Paintball Pistol Gameplay►RAF Upwood

  1. Magfed Paintball personified in this video. Awesome venue, wicked shots, sweet editing, heart warming sportsmanship. What else can be said, very nice job bro.

  2. What a brilliant Video. I have goosebombs from watching the Action was Amazing. And also thank you for mentioning very Kind from you 😃

  3. Really enjoyed that mate – can I ask, how long does it take to make a video of this standard? Very well done! I've only done one sort-of gameplay (airsoft) but it was more of a camera test… don't know if I have the time or skill to do actual gameplays to any decent standard!

  4. Brilliant video, some of the kill streaks there were fantastic and the multiple teams all converging on the building worked brilliantly

  5. Well played, we (NTF) took the pilot almost instantly amd extracted him. Unfortunatly we were then ordered to escort him to the black box sighs which is why you managed to aquire him 🙁

  6. Awesome video and not just because I’m in it for a few seconds, love the mix of other folks footage really made you feel in the thick of the action. That was a hard fought building all day, I think its my fav video you’ve done in a long time. 👍🏻👍🏻😍

  7. I love your videos man, but I've always wondered, what determines your starting level in the bottom corner? Is it cumulative from the kills you've gotten in previous videos? Or perhaps it just reflects how you were feeling that day XD

  8. Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe this was played at RAF Upwood, but why may it be the last time playing there?

  9. Omg that amaziing run at 3:12. Once again, great kills and an amazing video! I am way too jealous of those fields!

  10. amazing vid and well played, old bean! will you be in Montebauer at the end of April? and what is your side arm, please? and may I ask for your age, just wanna know if you are an older fart as myself…

  11. I've been debating between this or airsoft milsim! Could you tell me roughly how many people normally attend a event like this ? Great video by the way keep it up!!!

  12. Just a bit of advice for you, Run a 98 threaded Freak barrel kit with that gun, It'll improve your accuracy, Not that it matters in close quarters, But tighter shot groups when clearing is nice

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