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Macro Script for Shotgun & Sniper in Point Blank

Hello, this day I am going to show you to download . macro script for shotgun and sniper + how to add them. For all bloody mice. The link of download of the files in the description . lets go and add them in the program . Firstly, open Bloody 6 program. Click on oscar macro , then click on the down arrow then on [ Input In/Out ]. Then upside the left one – click on down arrow then choose where did you downloaded the files . Then click on the first file then click on the green arrow>yes>yes>ok>exit. Then come to ‘HeadShot’ search for the script you imported to the program . Then choose N-Key 3-Key 4-Key whatever you want then apply. Now let’s do the sniper script , just replay what you have done with the shotgun Do as same as shot gun Now we reached the end of the video Please if you liked that video don’t forget to like and subscribe and share GoodBye 🙂

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