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Machine Guns – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow

This is A very unusual. Day I’ve Come to A Secret [Location] in The east of [England] [A] few Places in the Country that you’re allowed to fire heavy Weaponry I’ve Come here because uhh yess my pussy Machine Guns Have Been Tested This Weapons Facility for Generations and it bears the Scars Machine Guns Rose To a Position of Such Prominence in World war One that they Came to symbolize the entire Conflict this was A Futuristic Weapon Unimaginable Just A couple of Generations before okay so close the top Killer Sites Already Up Pull That [One] Through how, Many Crew, Would These have had Anything Between Four and eight so could have Had an Eight-Man Crew There’s People loading These belts as People Carrying the equipment Yeah a, guy Let Pulled the sled on? Harnesses Attached to his Webbing You had the Guy That Carried the gun That Guy That Brought [all] the Ammunition up so, we have here the trigger then We just depress the triggers in A way it Should go? okay Done And now Just Depress This over to one Side and you now face it you’re Ready to fire As well as a Feeling of extraordinary Power given [it’s] the Same as Rifle Ammunition but It Feels like it’s a piece of Artillery Amazing Really Made you, Certainly get The Feeling of being on the end of an Extraordinary explosive Power you thought you’re Projecting These Bullets Down the range Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Experienced before One other Way to really get A Appreciation Which Is how Many Bullets a machine gun is Capable of Firing as to Load it and that Means Putting all These individual Bullets Into an Ammunition Belt like This Right Let’s Fire The vickers the british Version I Mean was this it was Just A jig it’s Better than the german Version Or what’s your Keys yes it was it was Better it was [a] lighter gun? It was A very reliable gun Because There’s that Story, About the ten vickers Machine Guns Wasn’t The summer of 1960 at the Battle of Song are They all fired? Continuously for 12 Hours yes And in That Case They Managed to Phi 1 Million Rounds in 12 Hours Didn’t Yeah and Without any Reported Failures Which Is even More Phenomenal Our Safety Catches These Paddles which, We Pull Towards Us and this is now our Trigger right 60 Safety Thumbs, Over the top that’s it all right You Can Really Feel the Shockwaves Coming Off That One Connie you Can’t Basically This is Virtually Identical to the german but being much like Waiting you Feel You’re More Exposed To it german one Was much heavier much larger This One Feels Mike I saw A wild Horse that’s A bit skittish It’s a strange Thing to come Into [They’d] Fire These Machine guns Because you’re Actually Replicating Some of The Actions That Caused the deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of People during World war one but Unless you Come Here and Understand These and Work out what They Can do it’s really Impossible to understand That Slaughter in its entirety Fine next to Us voting the way it’s the [alp] [on] out the lewis gun Here’s The, odd one out but it actually Outnumbered The Vic IS 3 To 1 by the end of the war And This was Brought on Into Service during the war this Is this is State-Of-The-Art in World war one it was and and it was the Most mobile Machine gun of World war One it’s Obviously These ones Are Quite [immobile] aren’t they you know you think about These ones Being Used on the Classic Defensive Battles and Knowing Down the Oncoming Infantry This is Actually Designed to be Taken Forward It’S an offensive Weapon it’s an assault Weapon yeah it Certainly Is this is the very first Machine gun that was Designed Really to be Lightweight Carry it and Take the fight to the enemy Across No-Man’s Land [and] the germans Hated it And They despised it but they, also admired it When They Captured it and They use Them in Great Numbers They [loved] [it] yeah right [Let’s] give it a go The Guys Just did rigging the guns Now and it’s been A shocking but Fascinating Demonstration Of the Sheer Power of These machine guns it’s Probably as Close as I’m ever Gonna get to the Sounds and Some of The Smells of A first World war Battlefield Thank Goodness and Just Looking at These Weapons Experiencing the Kick and Seeing The Power They Throw [out] it really is A Scary Thing to think About Just how Many deaths These Guns Have Been Responsible for

100 thoughts on “Machine Guns – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow

  1. My grandfather was a Lewis gunner in WW1, aged 19 at Ypres and later, on the Somme. He only mentioned it a couple of times.

  2. Lewis guns the most mobile and sophisticated lmg. That's just a flat out lie the browning automatic rifle or BAR was lighter and more modern because it was manufactured around 1918 and was 7.25kg while the Lewis is 11kg

  3. People need to stop blaming the bad deeds of men on tools. People killed other people simple as that. People have been slaughtering each other by the thousands even before gun powder. The only thing that changes is the tool or means used. The tool used to kill the largest amount of people in war, however are not guns, but bombs and artillery.

  4. Omfg these butthurt comments about them saying that the British Vickers was better than the German MG08. They gave pretty good reasons why, the British Vickers was lighter and more reliable. On the battlefield those are the two keep attributes for a MG, especially in WW1. Also they're talking about on the battlefield not the firing range 😂. Also Also why do people constantly say shit like the German infantry and Weaponry etc were much better, because in most cases it wasn't. Remember this was WW1 not WW2 people, the Germans weren't massively superior.

  5. Why do Americans further prove themselves to be complete neanderthals? This comment section is full of yanks that are triggered by the fact we Brits keep automatic weapons locked away for safe reasons. Unlike in America where any bastard can get their hands on one and look at what that is doing. The world looks down at you America.

  6. As an American I don't understand the big deal about shooting these guns. Why can't you shoot them in Great Britain? Also why the secrecy of the location of the range?

  7. Mindset of a Brit. "Guns are responsible for deaths" Are spoons responsible for obesity? Are pencils responsible for shitty handwriting? All of the above are inanimate objects. They cannot be responsible for what HUMANS do with them.

  8. I would like to see a working machine gun in one of the WW1 dog fighter airplanes especially one with the interrupter gear… probably some stupid laws against it im sure

  9. Freedom is not free. Sometimes the cost is frightfull.

    We live in a world where evil exists. Good people sometimes have to use deadly means to protect themselves.

  10. I can only think that the programme makers thought that by using modern music like trip hop etc that they would connect to the "yoof" audience.

  11. Sad that English firearms design is for all intents and purposes dead. Now they buy firearms from a country that was their greatest adversary in the 20th Century.

  12. All of these videos in a nutshell: “The german thing is alright but look heres the same thing but british, that means its better.“

  13. What a waste of fruit!…..there needs to be a training manual on how to defend yourself against an enemy bearing fruit.

  14. Jeez! You think they were talking about nuclear weapons "We go to a secret location to fire machine guns" Come to America my British friends we own and shoot machine guns all day ,because we can,thank God for our Second Amendment that gives us that right. Plus it's fun!

  15. It’s ‘recoil’ not ‘kick’ . Sorry to be a stickler, but as a presenter Dan should use the correct terminology. Still having said that… love ya work Dan.

  16. It's not really bias to say the Vickers is better. In stationary positions they're both equal in terms of firepower and effectiveness, but where the Vickers shines is in weight. The toggle lock opens upwards instead of down like the MG08, enabling the bottom portion of the receiver to be removed. Use of alloys in its construction reduces it's weight further. The Vickers uses a tripod which is lighter than the MG08's sled mount. The entire system is lighter. Lighter is better.

  17. Here’s an editorial tip. When the moment comes we came to see (the gun firing) hold the fkin camera on the same shot

  18. I have nothing against the video, but I think the Lewis Gun was used in the Emu War of 1932 or what year did it happen again?

  19. I like how in Britain they are firing these under what looks like 80 feet of reinforced concrete in a bunker with the military while in America you just crack a beer and open your back door

  20. The guns themselves didn’t cause millions of deaths in WWI. A handful of government leaders caused those millions of deaths. Some people seem to not realize that.

  21. In order to fire machine gun in England you need to go to a secret underground bunker in America you can keep one of these in your living room 😀

  22. Had a great Uncle who was NEVER the same after this war. War is about Bank Profits. International Rothschild Banks funding both sides of every WAR. @ Arrest the Rothschilds.

  23. The machine gun used to cut people to shreds. The original purpose of machine guns: The forerunner of the machine gun, the Gatling gun of America, was supposed to be used by the government of Uncle Sam to kill and subdue the few remaining Native Americans of the western hemisphere who had not surrendered yet by the armed forces of the United States.

  24. The machine gun used to cut people to shreds in ww1 and before ww1 in the western hemisphere. The original purpose of machine guns: The forerunner of the machine gun, the Gatling gun of America, was supposed to be used by the government of Uncle Sam to kill and subdue the few remaining Native Americans of the western hemisphere who had not surrendered yet by the armed forces of the United States.

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