Machine Gun Kelly Talks Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande, Gets Emotional About Haters | Hot 100 Fest

– Hey, what’s up, you guys? Chelsea Briggs here, coming to you from the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, and I am joined by one
of my favorite people, the realest, Machine Gun Kelly. – Yo. – How are you doing? – Pretty good. – Yeah? Excited to be here?
– Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to talk about your “Loco”–oh. Spitting the gum out? Want me to take it for you?
– No. – Like I’ll be like your mom. (laughs) – No, it’s alright. – Can someone come grab his (laughs). No, don’t. (laughs)
– It’s cool. – I want to talk about
your “Loco” music video. – Yeah. – It’s so awesome. – Yeah, yeah, thanks. – You and Pete Davidson, I feel like, are like the best duo together. – Yeah, yeah. – Talk to me about how
that concept came up, and just working with Pete in general. – I just left his house this morning. That was pretty funny.
– You did? – Yeah. I had an off day and I was,
we were staying in the city. So I wanted to, you know,
he let me crash at his spot. So I mean, it started by
us just being good friends. He’s around when I’m making the music, and “Loco” is just his favorite one and we happened to be
shooting a movie in Syracuse, and, you know, it’s time to start dropping us some new music, so it just felt right. I was just like, you know what,
I’m going to fly my guy out. We have between 2:30 a.m. and like 11 a.m. Until they start shooting again. Like that’s how much–we stopped filming the movie at 2:30 a.m., and I had Pete until 11 a.m. the next morning. – Stop. – To shoot “Loco.” So we’d be doing, you know,
we just went crazy that night. Had to start shooting again,
didn’t get all the shots. We wanted one more shot,
and it was where I bought this yellow car. We saw a yellow car on
the side of the road, and me and Pete raced to
see who could buy it first. (laughs) And so I got it, and I was like, well, we gotta get a shot
of this yellow car, right? And there’s a blue wall,
and so we had a lunch break when we were filming, we went and filmed in front of the blue wall. And if you look, my double-X tattoo isn’t even in that shot
because I still had the movie makeup over the double-X. – Oh my God (laughs). – So if you look at me in that, like when we’re by the yellow car, that whole scene, I don’t think he has his neck tattoo, either. None of us have our neck tattoos.
– That’s hilarious. – Wait, how did you guys become friends? What was the connection there? How did you guys link up? – We met each other at
“Wild ‘N Out”, way back. And then met each other years later when I was filming that Motley Crue movie. – Gotcha. – Because he’s in the Motley Crue movie. – Yeah, that’s right. – And, you know, we’re stuck
down there in New Orleans, and we were just both like super stoners. We were both just, you know,
listen to the same music. So that’s my boy. – So is this the beginning
of something really special? Will you guys be doing
more songs together? More music videos together? – Me and him talked about a little, like a pop-up tour, where
we did something kind of, you know, just really fun and random. Just because, you know,
it’s rad when two people are great friends and
they’re really talented. I mean, he’s really talented, I’m alright. – Yes, you are! Well, your fans loved it when you brought him out onstage
during the show, too. – Oh, yeah. – Like they were living for that. – The irony of Pete and I
performing “The Fun Song” the week that it was the 17-year anniversary of “The Fun Song” is pretty crazy.
– It’s so good. – It’s almost as crazy as
6000, 7000 grown people knowing the words to “The Fun Song.” (laughs) – And can you confirm that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are
the cutest couple ever? And relationship goals? Because I know she was
on set for that video. – (laughs) She was on set for that video. – (laughs) Do you have a good story? – I don’t have any stories. – No? Can you confirm
– I plead the Fifth. They’re a great couple? – Yeah, a great couple. – Are you super happy for them? – Yeah, absolutely. – Will you be at the wedding? (laughs) – Yeah, I’ll definitely be at the wedding. You already know. – I want to talk, obviously you brought up the Motley Crue movie. You’re playing Tommy Lee in it. Such an iconic role to be playing. Talk to me about how you’ve
been preparing for that role and what it’s been like on set. – Tommy’s real free, right? He’s just very free, like true rock star, lived the lifestyle, was a
great showman on the drums, and so I mean, aside from the obvious of taking drum lessons
and taking that seriously, I just went and lived the
lifestyle he was living. Me and the cast all lived with each other. – Wow. – So it was almost like
we were in college. – Crazy. – Which is very scary to imagine. – So this is leading up
to filming the movie? You guys all lived together.
– Yeah. – They brought us down there for a month. – Wow. So you literally were family. – Yeah. (laughs) By the time we were shooting.
– A full on band. – We were best friends, and by the time, yeah, you’ll see. – Did you shadow Tommy Lee? – Yeah. – What were the conversations you had with him about the role? – Yeah, I would pull up to his house, I remember throwing the
script in his lap one time, and was like, dude this is such a weird, like this couldn’t have
gone down like this. He was like, “Nah, dude,
it was just like this.” And, you know, I’d be like,
well, say it how you said it, and he said it, and it was like, that’s exactly how I would’ve said it. You know, like we’re so similar. It wasn’t too far from home for me. – Do you feel pressure playing, I mean, being in a biopic, it’s a lot of pressure,
taking on someone’s life role. How do you handle that sort of pressure? What’s your pep-talk you give to yourself? – It was about, the main
focus with doing a biopic is not and should not be, does this person look
exactly like the person. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – It’s about the aura,
because you’re in a movie. Right, so you have to act. So you can look as much as you want. I’m sure there’s someone who
looks identical to Tommy, right, has his Greek nose, but you can’t be an actor and play Tommy Lee, dude.
– Yeah. – You’ve got to be a rock star. There was only one fit for that role. – And obviously now
you’re balancing your time between acting and music, is there one that you’re
liking more than the other, right now at this time in your life? Or are you having a
hard time balancing it? – I’m done doing movies for a minute. I’m only– – You’re done doing what? – I’m done doing movies for a minute. – Really?
Yeah. – Why is that? Time to focus on the music? – It’s time to come back
and take what has kind of drifted off and become others’. Like, we created something
and I just thought that because we had created something that that was good enough. But, you know, I didn’t
realize that we had to really just sit there and own it. And just stay on that for years. – Yeah. – I thought it was like,
time to evolve and move on. It’s like oh, no, no. I didn’t rub it in enough. – Interesting. – So it’s, I gotta go
back to my crazy ways. So “Loco” is in full effect. – It probably messed with
your head a little bit, that you’re kind of playing– – I’m back to not giving a fuck. – (laughs) Yes, and I love that about you. We were talking about it a little before, just this crazy industry
and how, you know, dealing with haters, and
I think you’ve always done such a good job. You’re really good at doing that. And just not caring. What’s your advice to people
that deal with haters, and that, you know, I don’t know. I’m curious to hear your point-of-view. Because I think you’re– – Don’t deal with people on the internet. – Yeah. – Start going back to like,
taking it into your own hands. Do it, you know, use your words. Conversations are amazing. – Yeah. – You know, like, standing
up for yourself is rad. I’m just, you know, I
think that’s what I’m on. I think I want to change the narrative. – I love that. I want to talk about Camila Cabello, because I know that you guys
love each other very much. Do you think, do you see yourself working with Camila at all in the future? I know your fans are very–I said I was interviewing you today and a lot of people wanted to know if you see yourself working with Camila in the future again. – Yeah, absolutely. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I would really like, I would really like for
fans to see the real ending of the “Bad Things” music video. – Yes. What would the ending be? Can you tease a little bit?
– There’s an ending. – They cut it right before it happened. – Do they end up together? – You gotta–they gotta release it. – Okay. Oh, so you actually cut it? It’s out there right now? – Oh, there’s one that exists.
– Wow. Does it link to another song? Or is it like “Bad Things 2”? – No, no, no, I’m saying, at the ending of the “Bad Things” music video, there was a, to me, a
very beautiful ending. – Yeah. – It cuts before we see it. And I think that it would be really cool. Because it’s a piece of art. That video, I thought it really showed, young love and young, you know, weird love, in a cool way. And, you know, with that
comes some darkness. And I think that people
can handle darkness in art. Because that’s where all the great art is. And there’s something really beautiful at the end of that video. – Huh. – And it would be really cool
for the people to see that. – You don’t know if they will release it? You don’t know if it’s–? – Yeah. – You must be so proud of Camila. She’s had such an amazing couple years. – Absolutely. – Can you speak on that? Just being proud of someone that, you know, you really kind of took her under your wing in the beginning. I think that’s really cool. – Just very happy. I mean, yeah. I mean, very happy, obviously. I can’t say anything more than the world already doesn’t know. You know what I mean?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Everyone’s happy for her, dude. She’s like, she’s a little sweetheart. – Awesome. I want to talk about (laughs), I’m obsessed with your
relationship with your daughter. You guys are like the
cutest father/daughter duo. And she seems like she’s
pretty musically talented, too. Do you see her going into music? – No, she doesn’t want to go into music. – No, she doesn’t? – No, no. – I love that she knows all your songs. It’s so stinking cute. She’s like your biggest fan. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – How has being a father
inspired you as an artist? – I’d say I did a lot of what I did with songs like “At My Best”
and et cetera et cetera because of the influence of my daughter. You know what I mean? – Uh huh. – People have to understand
that as wild as I am, I still have to go home at night. And there still is someone
that is sitting there, like, you know, “I’m six
years old, and I can’t handle you being as gnarly as
you are as a personality.” You know, it’s a lot to take in. When everyone else’s dad is so normal. It’s not like she’s in L.A., either, where everyone’s dad is you know, like off-the-wall, or creative, or crazy, or wearing pink all the time, you know? It’s just not like that where we’re from. We’re from the mid-West,
so everyone’s like. – They don’t get it.
– And then there’s me. – You know what I mean? (laughs) What’s up? Here to pick my kid up. So I wanted to make her
proud, you know what I mean? And a lot of fans saw that as like, is this soft? It’s like, no, it’s the most
beautiful thing you could do. This is my gift as a
father to my daughter. Here’s something you can listen to that still has my pain in it and still is teaching you something
that I want you to know. To me, that was, you know, I’m
not that great of a speaker. I can’t speak. I don’t like watching my own interviews. I think I suck at talking. But one thing I can do is move my pen, and if that’s how I have
to speak to my daughter, then let me do that. Don’t think that just
because I’m writing pop hits that I won’t pop you in
the motherfucking face if you get out of line. I don’t change up who I am. It doesn’t mean I’m like kissing ass to be performing at these places. I’ve taken so much away from– no, I don’t want to talk about this. Dude, I’ve done this so many times. Can we just–I don’t want
to do an interview, man. – Hey. – Can we just, like, I don’t. – MGK. – I want to let my music speak for me. I don’t have shit to say. I’ve been saying shit for years, dude. – Listen. – Y’all listen. Listen to my fucking songs. – MGK. – I love you. – Listen. I love you.
– You know I love you so much. – I’m just not in the mood for talking. – Can I tell you something?
– I don’t need this. – Listen. – This is what I’m talking through. – Listen. We’re so excited for your music. – In 2019. – Thank you. ’18. – What’s your message to your fans? – I’m coming. And message to my enemies: I’m coming.

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