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Machine Gun Kelly Reacts To New Midwest Rappers (Lizzo, Polo G, Comethazine) | The Cosign

What up y’all? This is Machine Gun Kelly and you’re going
to see which one of these new rappers gets my cosign. I think the Midwest got a lot of street content
as far as the beats and the subject matter, but it’s lyrical. Even “First Day Out” by Tee Grizzley,
it’s a story about some real street shit, but bars. I know this song, this is my shit, I’ve never
seen the video. He shot this in hell dude, for real. I like someone who doesn’t give a fuck and
clearly he doesn’t give one, so. East St. Louis is crazy. This is what my house looks like at night. Start out with guitars like that, you already
win me over. Oh, I’ve seen her. What? There’s people floating, trampoline cars. Fucking Missy Elliot’s on this song? Dude, she’s got hella man hoes, I rock with
her dude. She has a lot of man hoes. There were people floating above cars and
eight big boned women twerking and one of them rhyming everything with “rrrrr” and
it was sick. And then Missy Elliot just pops out of a fucking
trunk. He’s from Cleveland? Ah! Let’s go! A bunch of young fly cats just getting to
it. I rock with this. This looks just like me and all my homies
in Cleveland coming up. It’s facts. Midwest, Cleveland especially, there’s nothing
else to do but street shit, so I like when people talk about the realities. Him at 15, his voice control and all
that is better than me at 19, 20 on that tip. This is the first wave of
kids screaming over 808s, which is dope, as fuck. Trapped! And I’m fed up! That’s what he says? I was running around with the choker and a
six-inch mohawk eight years ago, but they’re doing it right. Okay, well my fucking cold heart’s just melted
right now. It’s very touching. Just even listening to the lyrics and then
seeing the visuals, it feels like the women in his life probably mean a lot to him. It’s my favorite type of melodic rap, I don’t
know, I’m rocking with his energy. American flag gun with extendo clip off rip. You ever hear a song or see a video and you’re
like, oh yeah, they did everything they’re talking about? This is one of them right here. I believe in all this shit. They’re naming all the shit that my homies
did and slash do. I love that they’re going back and forth. This fire, back to back, each of them laying
their plays out. I love every line in this song. This is the national anthem of the United
States of America right here, I don’t give a fuck. Replace it, put this on there. As far as the new generation of Midwest artists,
I love this. I love that the storytelling is still there. That’s all I really care about. The production and beats are going to change
over time just because sound changes, but the storytelling and the darkness is still
there. Polo G definitely a voice of the streets of
Chicago already, but loving that I’m seeing this other side where he’s letting us into
his personal some more and telling us where it’s coming from, so it’s cool man. Makes you want to root for him. Love Lizzo for the fact that one, she’s just
herself, two, got bars, three, that video was insane, four, you can’t just keep Missy
Elliot in the trunk and not tell us. Jumex. Trapped! Definitely, didn’t you hear me scream that
8,000 times. We’re rocking with that. I liked all of these. Don’t make me choose. After watching all these, the rapper that
gets my cosign visually, shock value wise and just quality I guess, would be Lizzo. I actually don’t know how to say, this one
fucked me up, I’m not good at explanations on this one. This one just did a great job on its own,
words are never going to top people going up and down like trampolines in the middle
of the air outside of a diner. People that are in a house with brothers and
parents pick the favorite brother or sister, it fucks the rest of the brothers or sisters
up man, so I don’t want to mess nobody up. You’re all fire. It’s hard to top Missy Elliot coming out of
a trunk. No one knows how she… It’s like Bobby Shmurda’s hat, how did she
come out that trunk like that? We discussed this already. Trunks are like this, you gotta lay, she came
out fully like a … I’ve got some questions, Lizzo. We really need to talk.

100 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly Reacts To New Midwest Rappers (Lizzo, Polo G, Comethazine) | The Cosign

  1. All these comments about people still hating on mgk but I don’t see one comment on anyone hating him! Eminem and mgk both talented and mgk got a long career ahead of him

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  3. @MGK

    and now repeat that you are not a Mumble Rapper 🙂

    PunkAss! MumbleRapper coming at the GOAT. Look where you landed 🙂 Diddy gave you some balls this dirtyass Punk.

  4. I could let Lizzo slide
    I could let Comethazine slide
    I could let Polo G slide
    But Jumex? The biggest industry plant on the history of industry plants.

  5. This is why I've been an MGK fan for 8 years now; and why I was ready to scrap with anyone who talked petty about him over a rap beef with eminem. The guy is a friggen role model. Damaged; but doesn't dare tear anyone down. Its all compliments and love from this man.

  6. why is he so sweet!! omg I feel so bad for disliking him all this time. has he always been this nice and positive? 😩 please say no

  7. Did any else notice when it showed all the rappers in reverse that the part they showed of lizzo was “bad bitch bad bitch “ backwards

  8. I haven't heard of anyone in this video except Lizzo who I have loved for about 2 years now. The rest….no. Except Polo G,I would give him a shot

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