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Machine Gun Kelly Had No Problem Letting This Hopeful Know What’s On His Mind | Catfish: The TV Show

– [Nev] This is it. This is the street. – [Hundra] I’m a little nervous. – This is crazy. – Okay, let’s do it. (woman sighs) (suspenseful music) This is the house. You guys hang here, I’ll knock. – You must feel
kinda nervous, right, ’cause I’m nervous,
you’ve gotta feel. – I see it in your face.
– Right, right, right. I see it in your face for sure. Maybe you’re makin’ me
nervous, I don’t know. Yeah, this is gnarly. I’ve never done
anything like this. (knuckles tapping) Geralyn, Geralyn, Geralyn. (door creaks) – Hey, how ya doin’? Nev. – Geralyn. – No, she’s nervous,
you can tell. Still not your type? – No, she’s a stud, so. – Geralyn, this is Hundra. And this Machine Gun Kelly. – [Geralyn] I saw you. – [Nev] K, Kels. Go ahead. – Well, first and
foremost, you’re not Emily. – I’m not. I’m sorry. – Okay. (dog barks) – Lemme explain. At first it was
just a game to me. – Yeah, but I came lookin’
for you on the page. It’s not like you went after me. I wrote you first. – I know. ‘Cause I was just
tryin’ to get my ex mad. – Oh, so that’s Melanie right? – [Geralyn] Yeah. – [Nev] What’s that? – [Geralyn] Melanie. – [Nev] Oh (beep) – Yep. – [Nev] Wait, lemme see that. We’re talkin’ about
the same Melanie here? – [Geralyn] Yep. – [Nev] Wow, did
she get a tattoo? – Well we were engaged,
yeah, we both have. – [Nev] You guys were engaged? – Yeah. – [Nev] So you were like crazy
in love with this, with her. So that must’ve (beep) sucked. – It did suck. – [Nev] When she was
like you know what, I think I’m still
in love with my ex. – Yep. – For Hundra, this is the first time she’s ever
really pursued a woman. You know that.
– Yep. – But I thought that
was a turn on though for gay girls to try to
convert a straight girl into being straight so wouldn’t that be
something you would’ve wanted under your belt like? I converted, not just
a regular black girl, but a Haitian girl
into becoming gay. That would’ve been something
you should’ve wanted on your belt. – You’re making an assumption. – [Machine Gun Kelly] Yeah. – But if.
– That they’re. – If I was her, like.
– I don’t know if that’s a thing or not. – I don’t know. I used to tell her, well, Emily, that I loved her and
she used to tell me that she loved me back
and then I meet this. This is like. – This? – [Hundra] Don’t get me
wrong but you’re not Emily. – [Geralyn] I know. – Or Melanie or whoever. – I’m not Emily, I’m not a
femme, I’m me, that’s it. – Do you have any
of the same kind of intensity or
feeling towards Hundra as what you felt for Melanie? If there’s a moment
to be totally. – [Geralyn] Honest, it’s now. – Level with her so
that she can make the best decision for her, like, you’ve gotta do that now. – [Geralyn] I got it. – [Nev] Yeah. – Yeah. I was just tryin’ to be spiteful but then I actually
started to like you so then and then I felt
like I was in too deep and I didn’t wanna lose
you at the same time but I wanted to take.
– Yeah, but you have been open to me
about a lotta things. – I’ve been real with
you despite the pictures. – Well, a lot of it’s
not true, I mean. – And then I sent you money,
like, where’s my money like? – I never picked it up. I just wanted to see if you
really was ridin’ for me or not. – How you know I rocked out and really sent you the money? – I just took your word for it. – Like I’ve been taking
your word for it, okay. – From what I’m gathering, like, she actually started liking you and I don’t think it’s some
deep, crazy scheme going on. – I feel like now it
sort of needs to, like, marinate a little bit. You do your thing and then
meet up again tomorrow and like see how it feels
starting a fresh day. – [Geralyn] Okay. – Good to meet you.
– Thank you. – Oh wow. Oh, (beep) awesome. I went looking for
a lipstick lesbian and I got a (beep) butch (beep). – [Machine Gun Kelly]
I mean, you’re bein’ pretty harsh on her. – I really don’t
want that at all. – [Machine Gun Kelly] That’s
a ignorant way to look at it.

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