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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Rekted by Eminem Fan on His Rap Devil Beat

rest in peace Mac Miller this is kind of love with hip-hop from battle rap we got to keep it alive oh dear hosting I wrote you but you still haven’t posted the only time you rock the full house is when you were no symptoms but anyways fucking man how’s your little daughter hopefully not getting involved with needles like a drug addicted father oops see I’m on another plane I’m so working you’re trying to emergency the class you Sully choking and when I’m home alone bitch just doing Macaulay Culkin are a the Hatters Machine Gun Kelly broke a tough little pistol Kelly said I fist you so hard till I hit your belly this dude is anorexic someone get him a sandwich mixed with gel i’m not even pissed no really i’m falling like a disco silly though Shabs you missed Oh Nelly I’m coming for your wrist Oh Kelly come at me dawg I’m sick polio these haters are all minors coming up the words work like Pinocchio I hate these mom or a bird they go without a daddy catch me in our Maserati fucking Bugatti that I don’t wanna be somebody I don’t know I’m getting sidetracked back to Kelly the fake Machiavelli was standing around your throat just fucking do it hang yourself stupid huh and Logan Paul will take a pic jump off the roof and finally make a hit you say these bitches about to get smoked like a Jamaican split the swirl get chopped up into bacon bits uh what was I saying shit oh yeah I want to let people know this that I noticed the comments that I’m a shady cloning I believe that I am him and I’m with Kim and I’m delusional there’s something you should know I’m not a lunatic I just knew this shit that I used to get myself exposure and worked and I’m on the news and shit you’re laughing at me while I’m here laughing that char talking shit behind a computer surrounded by walls and I’m getting paid finally fucking your bitch that’s why she doesn’t answer your calls so fuck you fuck all y’all I hate these Mambo rappers they go got a daddy catch me in our Maserati fucking Bugatti that I don’t own I ran every somebody I don’t know lil yachty I’m a combat marshal is taking too long you hunt face stands two unites to stand up and fight raising the standards I came in Stanford for every stands I’m planting survive I can walk on water but still stand office you understand in my life’s medal and Mike Spokane is too light this Ouija board we ended the night the rap Devils getting baptized the power of Jesus compels you huh psyche if anything needs to be exorcised on this guy it’s a muscle damn like Bashir’s mom’s son we getting ready to start a disaster wiping away you some charm like switching the carbon reactor y’all ain’t shit for the calm Dom see you man I’m trusting this rapper but we know just don’t actually matter the sisters to come before Marshall gets out you okay bitch wait you’re a shit stain are you pussies mad at this clickbait fucking I still stick the tip of my dick in your chick to the clitoris rips in a million bits and the shit breaks yo who the fuck is there I don’t know let me check it skills Cleve they kill Toby Don okay oh yeah how many Clippers just beers weird clip oh yeah and a black shovel to shovel so Jane shovel no I mean shovel yeah where’s honor tonight okay yeah I’m sick it him sweat suits and corny hats let’s talk about it I’m sick of feeding food and when I see you dude I just walk around these kids who see the famous ticket for the night shit but I’m still Kelly so it semen inside of my belly and now I’m feeling is swelling damn shut up you elephant skeleton yeah you just an irrelevant elephant in the room softest watermelon gelatin gone off the deep end like babies and Emma did look like an alien local like an alien where is Chris Hanson when we need to catch a man who’s been taken in his teeny little gloomy on the gram again no wonder MRSA panic and you’re gonna get hammered he’s doing around you might be the dumbest motherfucker since Justin Bieber Logan Paul and he tried to tweet this up against Chris D’Elia is over tatted bony bastard’s looking like some molten plastic thinner than the strings of broken baskets hopeless Cody Matty homeless Bradley it’s looking like it not see who would vote for fascists on one isudoko gadgets tricking to be’ closing cash collecting heads like Sleepy Hollow y’all don’t know me but you need to follow Eminem to go and kill he is dope but both low dose not seats in my rope damn that’s a hard pill to swallow I’m in the car now when I count the bottles in the trunk and to the ball bro sincerely Stan I hate these Mambo rappers they go hold on i dot e catch me in our Maserati fuckin Bugatti that I don’t own I ran every somebody I don’t little gotti I’m a jam

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