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MacAdam Sniper Shield-Shovel (Weird Tech)

The MacAdam Shield Shovel Weird Tech World War I The MacAdam Shield Shovel or Hughes shovel was a two in one solution designed for the trenches of World War I by a Canadian named Sam Hughes, who was the minister for the department of Militia and Defence in 1913 The device would resemble a standard infantry shovel with a hole in it – so that it could also act as a sniper’s shield. The shovel would be named after Ena MacAdam, Hughe’s personal secretary. Who suggested the idea in 1913, when she saw Swiss troops digging trenches and suggested that they could combine their entrenching tools with bulletproof shields. To use it as a shield, the soldier would lie in prone with the rifle placed through the hole. With the shovel handle rotated 90˚ to expose the spike that drove into the ground. In 1914, 25,000 shield shovels were produced for the Canadian army. Hughes proclaimed them a ‘Canadian Miracle Device’. But after field testing, it was clear that the expensive piece of equipment had many problems. It was heavy because of the thick steel necessary to deflect a bullet, and difficult to carry as it had no carrying handle. Even worse, the shield shovel couldn’t actually deflect bullets, even if they were small in caliber and was not good for digging because of the hole in the blade. High ranking Canadian and British military officials, including Arthur Currie, refused to accept the shield shovel. It was stated by the Saturday Night’s magazine That “the MacAdam shield shovel was only good for one thing – opening tins.” The shovels was soon replaced by British entrenching tools and turned into scrap metal. Although some Canadian snipers did make use of the device, placing many together for effective protection. Watch our other videos to learn more. Get your copy of simple history World War I, available on Amazon now! Thank you guys for all your support on the Simple History YouTube channel. If you enjoyed, please consider visiting our patreon page. There, you can show us your support by donating and make a huge difference in what we are able to create for you. Plus you can get early access on upcoming videos. So let’s keep it going, and thank you for being part of this amazing community.

100 thoughts on “MacAdam Sniper Shield-Shovel (Weird Tech)

  1. I wonder if you get like 5 to 10 guys on bf1 to place sniper shields on the right place on the right map, essentially applying what some of the Canadian sharpshooters did with the shield shovels and make them more effective as a whole

  2. Anyone find their way here watching transformers 5🤔 ww1 tank auto bots named bulldog I believe. Crazy I cant fathom how the men felt going over the top into hundreds of thousands feet of razor wire. Thick waste high muck in some areas with bomb craters size and depths of a pool. Lots not forget the rain of lead being poured at them while they try and get through to German trenches. Rip all fallen soldiers who went over there to keep us safe👏✌️👍

  3. Soldier: Miss, I’m afraid your son was killed in battle.
    Mother: Oh God! How did he die?
    Soldier: He was shot by a sniper hiding behind a shovel.

  4. Sam Hughes didn’t have the greatest ideas. At Valcartier, he trained the CEF in sword combat, and had the bright idea of leading a calvary into the battle of the Somme, which gave it the nickname, the bloodbath.

  5. yeah thats what happens when you let the art student intern in-charge, does it look good on paper, yes, but in not actual use

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  7. I still don’t get why they didn’t add the hole with a movable cover like some of the sniper shields. You know so it could still be used as a shovel.

  8. I bet the guy who accepted this idea from his secretary was just trying to get browny points and laid. "Oh yes honey thats a great idea" …. the cost of how many lives because he wanted some nookie. Com'on, you're bound to know some guys that are hen picked like that.

  9. I think its interesting that the garbage equipment from Canada during ww1 (the Ross rifle and the shovel) were liked by snipers.

  10. My .22 long rifle will go though 1/4' steel at 50 feet. This shovel would have to be at least 3/8 or more and be harden steel as well. You are talking about a costly and heavy shovel. At least weighting 20 pounds or more. This was doomed from the start. Why was it not tested before being mass produced and issued?

  11. That gives me an idea to make something like this that's actually bulletproof and portable to move what's the military should actually invent a carry shield for all our soldiers that can work the same way but actually deflect bullets! May make my own!"

  12. I use an old shovel head when I go pistol shooting. Thing jumps all over the place even then I bury it in the dirt with support. If I’d have been given one of these I’d have hated to use it. If they DID get hit the thing would cause so much shock.

  13. A Canadian General: Let make a shovel
    The Canadian Admiral: what
    The Canadian General: A bulletproof shovel that can be used in battle for snipers
    The Canadian Admiral: Okay then, we use that idea
    Also Canadian Admiral: The Shovel is garbage, only can open can of beans

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