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M4A1 – Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Weapon Guide

good day this is xboxahoy and this is the first of a series of modern warfare 2 weapons guides in this video we will be looking at the m4a1 carbine the m4a1 is in the assault rifle category and is fully automatic it is one of the first weapons you unlock in the game at level 4 therefore it’s available immediately once you are logged create a class in real life the m4a1 is indeed an assault rifle originating from the US the m4 is a shorter barreled more lightweight version of the m16 it was introduced in 1994 based directly on the m16a2 variant and entered service in 1997 as with the m16 rifle the m4 fires the intermediate nato standard 5.56 millimeter by 45 millimeter cartridge in game the iron sights are based on the flip-up sights used on the s system m4 variant they look something like this where the target lies on the tip of the post in the inner ring the key defining characteristics of the m4 in-game is a fast rate of fire with moderate bullet damage in core mode you will need to hit your target a few times before they go down but due to the fast rate of fire this normally isn’t a problem accuracy is more than sufficient it’s possible to kill targets from a considerable distance away without too much trouble recoil is virtually non-existent it’s possible to stay on target even with sustained firing of the weapon the magazine capacity is as expected for a typical assault rifle 30 rounds total follow with the high rate of fire this can be expended quite quickly reloading times are mercifully short however so as long as you remember to reload between engagements you shouldn’t find yourself running out half way through a firefight in use the iron sights are quite effective much easier than the equivalent in cod4 and suitable for both close-range use and shooting way across the map using the iron sights leaves your attachment slot open so a silencer or grenade launcher can be used quite effectively with the m4 as far as optics are concerned the red dot and holographic sights both provide a clearer sight picture and will be slightly quicker at close range than the iron sights at acquiring targets if you cut all the red dot or holographic sight with a sleight-of-hand Pro per the good sight picture and rapid aim speed will give you the edge in mid to close range engagements the lack of recoil means the ACOG scope is quite usable at range but it isn’t to the m4 ski strings in order to secure a kill at range you will need to hit a target multiple times and there are other assault rifles which are more effective at range the FAMAS for instance is particularly deadly with the ankle similarly the thermal scope is not particularly suited to the m4 the limited range of the m4 renders the thermal scope more of a hindrance than a help my particular favorite loadout using the m4 is the combination of the silencer and heartbeat sensor this does mean you have to sacrifice your first perk slot for bling however you gain the presence of nearby enemies with a heartbeat sensor and the ability to stay off the mini-map when you fire with all of the middle range punch of the unfort with this setup if you’re careful stay mobile and out of the open you can rack up the higher kill streaks quite easily if you prefer not to take the stealthy route simply add the rent offside and you’ve got a weapon that’s fast firing and deadly and nearly all distances all considered the m4 is a good all-round assault rifle and a great starting choice while it may not excel in any one particular area it’s certainly possible to perform quite well with it that concludes the guide for the m4a1 carbine I’ll leave you with a few more clips of the m4 in use this has been xboxahoy farewell for now – sending Mike behind them bound apparently chopper inbound creature we have just made our bellies

100 thoughts on “M4A1 – Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Weapon Guide

  1. MW2's ARs were an example of how to perfectly balance weapons within a class. No other CoD has been able to do this as well.

    Low Damage
    M4A1 – Faster rate of fire, higher recoil than ACR
    ACR – Slower rate of fire, lower recoil than M4A1

    High Damage
    SCAR-H – Lowest recoil of the High Damage ARs, but with slower rate of fire and a smaller mag
    TAR – Fastest rate of fire, but highest recoil
    AK47 – Recoil level and rate of fire between the SCAR-H and the TAR,

    Famas – Slightly slower rate of fire, more manageable recoil
    M16 – Slightly higher rate of fire, slightly less manageable recoil


  2. Here are a few more clips about the M4A1

    ~_Proceeds to go on a triple attack helicopter kill and a double missile kill_~

  3. I love that the M4A1 is the first AR you start out with, and it's one of the best ones. I used to slay with this gun. Stopping Power is a must for it though.

  4. 4:16 "Ill leave you with a few more clips of the M4 in use"

    Literally just the rest of the ONE clip and he only kills one more enemy with the M4

  5. I kicked my friends ass with this rifle because in the cod rule book:If a gun has a fast fire rate then its great. Edit:my friend hates my m4a1 with the under barrel grenade launcher

  6. wow this gameplay presents very good why the multiplayer from mw2 wasnt good at all… getting a predator missle to get 2 more kills to get a chopper wich kills more People for u by doing… nothing…. and Camping with hb-sensor so u dont get 100% killed while the chopper is doing ur Job so u can simply baserape the enemy Team with the choppergunner… WOW, this game was so bad im glad it died

  7. This voice… it would improve. This man… he would inspire. This game… it would die once he stopped making videos about it.

  8. Modern Warfare 2…
    I’ll never forget spending hours upon hours playing wave survival with my step cousin.
    It was the only time we ever got along.

    He died about 3 years ago under suspicious circumstances… I miss him.
    Thank you for reminding me of the good memories, Ahoy.

  9. Just saying mw2 is the only cod, that I personally think that the holographic sight is better than the red dot

  10. The M4 is a carbine not an assault rifle. Also there is no term in real life for assault rifle. That’s the term civilians use when they don’t know anything about guns. If you really want to get down to it most of Saul rifles are battle rifle’s

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