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M4 Update (Accu-wedge) – HD

Whats goin on youtube this is Probound as you can see uh… there’s playing in between the upper and the lower you can see it move up and down hopefully this accu-wedge helps were going to install it take the rear pin out open it your going to place it right in the back close to the buffer spring and the back of the lower reciever make sure its flush with the bottom right here and the back close it it takes a little bit of pressure to push the pin back in as you can see you guys might not be able to see that but there is a little daylight between the upper and lower no movement no rattling or anything so thats it I got these on Ebay. You can find them for about $2.50 a per accu-wedge just search the web you should be able to find a good deal thats it for the accu-wedge I’ll be doing a few more updates soon. I bought a rear sight I’ll be doing an update for the in my next video then i’ll be doin a shooting video hope you enjoyed. Rate, comment, & sub. . . God Bless!

43 thoughts on “M4 Update (Accu-wedge) – HD

  1. Hey, NO problem man! I knew others would need to know about it and a little "how to"
    I could NEVER find accu-wedge videos so I thought I would make one!

    God Bless!

  2. @MrMuzzl
    Your welcome!! I had the same issue about not finding a video on it so I thought I would make one.
    Im glad you found my vid.
    God Bless!

  3. Sounds like you are next to a school play
    ground? Your black rifle just like the black
    man would scare the %#*£ out of those


  4. @JoeShmoeBlow Yes this is a Delton. The buttstock does have slight play in it side to side but its stays in place!

  5. @d0u8le There was clearly no magazine in it and anyone that has an AR15 should already know all that stuff.

  6. hey i bought one of these and then i realized that maybe i should have gotten a few more. do they wear out quickly ? nice ar by the way….

  7. @mjmoto72 Ya having more of them isn't a bad Idea! I actually have the same one in there right now that I put in over 1 year ago, so no they don't wear out that quickly.

  8. Just note, for storing a AR rifle, you want to set to fire and squeeze the trigger, leave it like this for storage now; this relieves tension on the trigger spring. Course do check if the weapon is clear before doing this.

  9. Sorry for my ignorance on this particular product, but what exactly does this piece do? Is it only for reducing movement with the upper and lower halves? And does that have any positive or negative impact on accuracy?

  10. Sorry lost interest after so much crap talk. You might want to try to cut down and more to the point.

  11. Sorry dude that comment was ment for someone else's vid not yours my Damm IPhone messed up. You make great vids

  12. Accu-wedges remove the slop of the upper. This can help with accuracy and reliability because the upper and lower are not moving around as much when firing. That slop can mess with the accuracy, as well as make your rifle loose, which can increase the chances of reliability issues.

  13. the red AccuWedge are made by DPMS at MidwayUSA at $3.99 ,the black are made by Mako Noise and Movement Elimination for $1.99 Item ID#860874 from MidwayUSA.I just order 2 red and 5 black

  14. LOL i made mine out of those 50cent Jumbo bounce balls. Instead of a one prong towards the back I cut out a U shape with a thicker part of the U in the front. Works just as good.

  15. I fell like when I saw this video that I heard heavenly music playing and the screen was too bright to look at. I'm picky (and a noob in the ar world) and my ar has slight play between the upper and lower. I had no idea these wedges existed and thanks to you video I now know they do exist and how to install them! Thanks dude!!!!

  16. Only if you are bothered by the play though, it doesn't do anything for accuracy, unless it makes you shoot better lol. These rifles where designed to be loose fitting like this it doesn't affect function. Check out a military issue m16s wobble if you get the chance some time, and they take those things to war lol.

  17. What upper do you have? I bought a spikes lower with an unknown upper, looks a lot like yours but my upper rail has no markings.

  18. I would say its not totally necessary for your AR.
    It's mostly personal preference for any individual. I like it better when there is less play.
    The accu-wedge helps with that.

  19. Thank you!! It's all good man. . .I was completely aware of that haha but I was fully aware of it not being loaded and such.

    Thanks for stopping by man!

  20. I got one of these before receiving my S&W M&P 15 Sport…don't need this band-aid! My S&W has NO slop. Save yourself the $5.00 and get a Smith&Wesson!

  21. Thank you for the input. When I purchase my next AR I will be sure to look at S&W. They are a great company. I'll be sure to save that $5.00 haha.

  22. Is it any good to install an accuwedge on a bnib m4 rather than wait for the receiver to loosen and put one later?

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