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M4 Rifle Platform Review | Full Auto | Product Review | Tactical Rifleman

hey guys it Sid I’m going to be doing a
quick review of the m4 platform here we’re going to talk about why I like
this gun so much and a few of the characteristics of it alright the m4
platform shoots a 5.56 round also here in the States called a 223
round it’s traveling about 2,900 feet per second out of this gun it’s got a 14
and a half a bit at 14 1/2 inch barrel you can find the m4 platform in the
different configurations and that’s one of the big advantages of this is that it
is so modular you can add a lot of lights to it you can add a lot of optics
to it things of that nature you’ll find them in 10-inch barrels
you’ll find them in fourteen and a half inch barrels 18 inch barrel there’s a
lot of different configurations all of them set for different specific jobs
that you might do with it so talking about a few of the nomenclature parts of
the gun here we’ve got a front sight this is a fixed front sight this barrel
here is not a free-floating barrel you can actually get them with a free
floated handguard and that seems to be the more popular design now where you
have to add your own front sight it gives it a little better accuracy this
one happens to have a chrome-lined barrel in it the modular hand guards so
you can move these out there just heat shields keep your hands nice and
protected if you’ll notice that the handguard itself is vented that allows
the it to be air cooled and keeps the gun nice and cool when you’re going in
full auto so towards the rear here we’ve got an aftermarket rear sight on it it
comes in different configurations this one actually has the O 2 and O 1 rear
sight system just like you would find on most m4 platforms the advantages to
having a sight like this is that you can fold them out of the way and that’s kind
of nice if you’re running an optic over top of it so you can just flip into your
your backup iron sights on the gun it’s got a forward assist basically a forward
assist helps with the bolt so the boat is not seating all the way forward you
can use the forward assist to push it into place got a solid charging handle
here to charge the weapon one of the advantages of the import is also the
collapsible stock on it this one here is a 6 position stock they also come in
different ones three-position etc so you can actually adjust it to the
shooter all right so this one has capability of shooting as a semi-auto
firing one shot or full auto let’s see what it’ll do on full auto excellent so
that’s our review of the m4 platform if you guys have any questions or comments
leave them in the comment section below thanks

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  1. so, I think one single unpatriotic person found their way here. 50v1 atm lol; anyway I like this gun because it's a game changer!

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