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M1A Firearm Maintenance: Part 3 Lubrication

The M14 and M1A are fairly Complicated designs
with a large Number of steel parts rubbing Against each other during normal Operation
Therefore proper lubrication is Critical to ensure reliable Functioning and a long service
life We’ll be using two different Lubricants today
Lubriplate which is a grease and Regular gun oil like Break Free
I like to start at the rear and work My way forward applying the Grease first and the
oil last The receiver gets the lion’s share Of the
grease on these rifles Because that’s where most of the Friction between parts can be
Found We’ll start by applying grease with A brush
inside the operating rod Way on the left side A swab works great for removing The excess
if you get too much in There Then we can apply some to the Inside of the
receiver here there is A large area in the rear where the Bolt rubs along the top
This area also needs a thin layer Of grease to prevent wear and Tear
Remember to apply only a thin Layer of grease wherever it’s Needed as any excess is going
to Get flung off in all directions as The gun cycles and you could Wind up wearing some
of it Next the bolt lug contact points in The locking
recesses at the front And the rear left of the action Should receive a light film as
well The op rod also needs the same Treatment coating
the inside of The roller recess and brush a little On the retaining lug as well
Then we can set it aside for the Time being Moving on to the bolt we have a Nifty little
tool that makes Greasing the roller a snap It’s called appropriately enough a Bolt Roller
Greaser To use it simply fill the cup 3/4th Of the
way with grease and then Slide it down onto the roller
This forces grease directly into the Roller bearing surfaces and that’s All there is to
it Then we can wipe away the Excess and go on
to lightly grease The lug areas and the top bearing Surface
Now that we have the bolt Properly greased we can turn to The trigger group
The areas that get greased here Are the hammer hooks and the Trigger sear
Once we’ve completed greasing The trigger we can break out the Oil and apply some to
the trigger And hammer pins and the Hammer spring assembly
Then we’ll wipe off the excess and Set it aside while we go back to The op rod
We’ll need to apply a thin coat of Oil to the front tubular section of The op rod and
inside its guide on The barrel where the two pieces Rub
Now is also the time to add a Good coat of oil to the recoil Spring and its guide to
help Reduce friction and make the Action feel smoother
At this point all the major Components have been taken Care of although a bit of oil or
Grease should also be applied Anywhere you notice that the Original finish has been rubbed
Off from contact between moving Parts Once you’ve inspected the rifle Closely and
are sure that all wear Points have been properly Lubricated the gun is ready for Final reassembly
and we’ll be Covering that in our last video

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  1. I've been told not to use the grease during cold weather because it caused malfunctions. What is your advice for shooting in cold weather. Would you still use the grease or oil

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