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The traditional rifle is forged from iron,
furnished in wood. It should kill a man in a single shot – and
kick like a mule in the process. This one, however, was different. The M16 is a definitive American weapon that
dared to break tradition in the face of modern warfare. Controversial at first, it managed to shed
its bad reputation and became an institution. So, why did the US abandon their .30 calibre
tradition? What problems did the new platform face? And how did it go on to become the definitive
black rifle? World War 2 changed everything. Traditional tactics were outmoded: combat
was faster paced and closer ranged. This meant battles were no longer won by marksmanship
– instead victory correlates with sheer volume of fire. Armalite was founded in 1954 as a division
of Fairchild Aircraft, and design was led by American small arms designer Eugene Stoner. In response to the US’ need for a new rifle,
the AR-10 was developed: making liberal use of modern materials for a lightweight automatic
rifle design. Its hollow-core fibreglass furniture and aluminium
receiver made for a thoroughly modern platform. It retained the .308 Winchester cartridge
of more traditional designs, but despite excellent recoil control, the full-power cartridge was
not well-suited to full auto in such a light weapon. The need for a smaller intermediate cartridge
became clear. The NATO 5.56mm round was borne from an earlier
commercial Remington offering – with an increased powder load to meet minimum velocity and penetration
requirements. It allows soldiers to carry twice the ammunition
for the same weight; and despite the smaller projectile, terminal ballistics remain impressive
due to yawing and fragmentation in flesh. The Armalite AR-10 was adapted to fire this
smaller cartridge, and the resultant rifle was dubbed the AR-15. The design rights were sold to Colt in 1959,
and under their patronage the AR-15 was adopted by the US Army in 1962. With a new role came a new designation – the
M16. There would be no delay before the rifle’s
first trial: under the challenging political conditions of the mid-1960s, deployed in the
midst of the Vietnam War. ‘Mattel-16’; ‘Poodle shooter’. The new rifle was not received well. Its small size and lightweight construction
led to comparisons with a toy – and its less powerful cartridge made some doubt its lethality. However, one unforgivable fatal flaw was the
early rifle’s reliability in the field. A change in powder type radically altered
the ammunition’s pressure curve, with drastically higher PSI raising cyclic rate – and leading
to extraction failures. The earliest issued rifles also lacked a chrome-lined
bore – and combined with challenging jungle conditions, and lax maintenance based on the
belief that the weapon was ‘self-cleaning’ – the M16 quickly gained a bad reputation. Its failures were widespread – with 80 percent
of soldiers reporting experience with stoppages – and the effects potentially lethal. A crisis no-one needed. At a time when public opposition to the war
was nearing its peak, it’s not surprising swift action was taken. The upgraded M16A1 was introduced in 1967,
resolving most issues and helping to quickly re-earn trust in the weapon. By 1968, the rifle was well-liked by those
who used it – and despite its shaky start, few bear any grudge against the platform today. Lightweight, and easy to handle – yet accurate
and with a round that punches above its weight. The M16 set the standard for modern military
rifles, and as a result it’s easy to forget how revolutionary it was upon its introduction. It was very much a product of the space age
– highly engineered materials, an outlandish sci-fi appearance – and sleek black exterior. It set a fashion for all military rifles that
followed – now there was no place for wooden stocks in a truly modern fighting force. In service for over 50 years, and still going
strong. No modern rifle is more American than this
particular patriot. It’s because of this long use by the world’s
most powerful nation that the M16 is a frequent sight in games. Coupled with a decade of popular modern-military
shooters, and fans of the rifle are spoilt for choice. Anywhere the American armed forces are present
– this weapon will follow. It’s the default option for US troops, at
least in those instances where it’s not usurped by its little brother, the M4. Quite often, it will be depicted not as an
automatic weapon – but instead as one firing three-round bursts. The original M16 and M16A1 were capable of
fully automatic fire, but the later M16A2 variant replaced it with a three-round burst
instead. This was done in an effort to preserve ammunition,
while still putting multiple rounds down range: otherwise, it can be all too easy to empty
a magazine without good discipline. In games, the burst-fire helps to differentiate
the M16 from the automatic rifles on offer – burst rifles add variety, and the potential
for a new balance tier. Easy to handle, accurate – and dropping targets
with a single well-aimed burst. The AR-15 platform might have half a century
of experience, but it remains as popular as ever: both in military roles and civilian
use. Steadfast in service in the face of potential
replacements – perhaps it didn’t get off to the greatest start: But all considered, it probably doesn’t matter. It wasn’t the rifle America wanted, but instead
the one they needed. Some things might be worth clinging to, but
ignore the evolution of the battlefield at your peril. It dared to defy military tradition, and established
a new standard for assault rifles in the process. The M16. Lightweight. Space age. An American classic. Thank you very much for watching – and until
next time, farewell.

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  1. I would not call amarica the most powerful nation what are your tanks going to do after they have been fucking vaporized by a nuke

  2. I prefer an HK 416 a G-36, or my nation's newest rifle to be adopted, the BR-18 which was to replace the SAR-21, also designed and produced in Singapore by ST Engineering.

    For those in the USA, the ST Engineering subsidiary is called VT Systems.

  3. A1: Manga
    A2: Anime
    A3: Netflix Adaptation


    Original: Netflix Adaptation
    A1: Manga
    A2: Anime

  4. The M-16 is actually black because black means that it will kill you, wooden guns however are meant to injure and make death painful and slow, therefore I FEEL like wooden rifles are safer

    Said every anti-2nd amendment person ever

  5. The reason why the m16 was unreliable in Vietnam was actually more to do with the fact that they didn't chrome-line the barrels. More specifically, the chamber was not chrome-lined, and because of this it would rust. They cleared out the rust, but the rusting left pits in the chamber walls. When a round was fired, the brass would expand under the pressure and fit into these pits increasing the amount of friction and therefore the amount of force required to extract the round. It would require so much force to extract these rounds that either the gun just wouldn't cycle (failure to extract), or the extractor would just shear through the rim of the case which would then cause a failure for the next round to feed into the chamber. The wrong powder being used did cause issues with increasing the cycling rate, but this just made the firearm wear out faster than what was intended. If anything, being over-gassed would have made the rifles slightly more reliable due to the issues with extraction.

    Fun fact: The US government use to make its own firearms at the Springfield Armory. The decisions to not chrome-line the barrel (despite this being part of the firearm's design) and to change the type of powder used were cost/effort cutting measures on behalf of this government run armory. An investigation was done after the Vietnam War and it determined that the issues I previously stated were why the m16 malfunctioned so much. After this, the government-run Springfield Armory (not to be confused with the privately run company with the same name) was shut down and from then on all firearms used by the US military were to be made by private companies and sold to the US military.

  6. 0:20 Yeah it's not like they did thise just because they noticed that the russians had already done it 10 years prior and that their rifle was clearly better

  7. M16: Nice day 🙂
    M16:Hello friend!
    FAMAS: O_O
    M16: Hm.
    AK47: You are the wrost gun on the earth! Nobody like you!
    M16:Really? The USMC use me as well.
    At this moment AK47 start laughting
    M16:The most powerfull army on earth.
    AK47 stare at M16
    AK47: Really? But this don't make them smart! HAHAHAHA
    M16: I have a family of M16s!
    Every other gun: >:(
    AK47: Ugh?
    M16: I have so many friends that are all better than you.
    M16: XM16A1,XM4,AR15,AR10,M16A1,M16A2,M16A3,M16A4,M4,M4A1,M4A2,M4A3,M4A4 and…
    AK47: Hmmm… Err… And?
    M416:What the hell i am?
    M16 and AK47: ?
    M16: What gun you are?
    M416: Im a M416! But i don't know what i am!
    AK47: Ugh?
    M416: Hmm, look! Another M416!
    HK416: Hello bros!
    AK47 is getting mad
    M416: Wow, another M416!
    HK416: Im a HK416!
    M16: What is happening here?
    M416: Who are you exactly?
    HK416: YOU is the last M416…
    HK416: The M416 has been banned from this world… Now you are the last person that can save the M416 race!
    M416: Really?
    HK416: WE NEED YOU!
    M416: I WILL SAVE MY M416NITY!
    HK416: GO HERO, GUUU
    At this moment M416 run and falls the table
    HK416: Forget it…
    M4: Heya M16!
    M16:Hello M4!
    AK47: SHUT UP SMALL-4!
    M4: Uh?
    AK47: STUPID!
    M16: You really don't know what is bully with style, yeah?
    AK47 get angry
    Uzi: Hey guys what is going on?
    UZI: Idiots!
    Famas: …
    M16 & AK47: WHAT DO YOU WANT?
    Famas: Forget it…
    M1911: 😀
    M16 look at the really NOT-BEAUTIFUL M1911's face
    M1911: HI!!!!
    AK47: SHU…
    M16: Not again, AK47!
    M16: Who are you?
    PCR-UV (Not existent): What?
    M1911: LE PISTOL
    M16: Ok AK47…This guy have problems…
    M1911:LE PISTOL
    AK47:SHUT UP!
    M1911:LE PISTOL
    AK47: Im don't understooding nothing, now…
    PCR-UV: Same…
    AK47: Are you a G36C?
    PCR-UV: No! Im a lasergun.
    At this moment AK47 just run
    M16: You again?
    AK47: Yeah.
    M16:You are not my friend!
    AK47:I know. STUPID!
    M1911:LE PISTOL
    M16: So? You will just say im a idiot?
    M1911:LE PISTOL!
    AK47: I will not waste my time with you!
    M16: But im actually better than you, im just not popular.
    Every Other gun: Oh no…
    AK47 scared look at the guns around him
    AK47: What is this?
    G36C: He is coming…
    M16: Who?
    MINIGUN: …
    M16 & AK47 are scared
    MINIGUN: Heya guys 😀
    AK47: Hmm…. He…Ya?
    M16: Hello bro!
    MINIGUN: What is happening?
    M16: AK47 think is the best gun.
    AK47: I am!
    MINIGUN: To know who is the best first you need know your skills.
    At this moment M16 sees a target
    — M16 shoots at the targets making small bullet holes but 5/30 shoots has been missed —

    -AK47 Has missed 19/30 but every shoot was a big bullet hole-
    M41A (Not existent): So?
    MINIGUN: Hm. This will be hard… I have a idea! Let's see the opinion of the people!

    *Well at this part you will vote at the best gun in your opinion. In my opinion M16 should be better. M16 is better to who don't want to miss shoot ( M16A4 is my favorite) and M4A1 too. So… It's your choice.

    You'd rather hit the head shot or take more damage?

  8. The best guns in history are
    M1A1 Thompson
    M1 Thompson
    M1 Garand
    M1 Carbine
    Henry 45-70
    Barret 50 cal
    You can’t disagree with those being the best
    They are the best guns

  9. 0:42
    "Three storey building, nine o'clock, second floor balcony!"

    "Target acquired"


    Bet you could hear that in your head

  10. the 5.56 is lackluster in putting down folks. i’ve heard stories of soldiers emptying almost a whole belt from the SAW into a dude and he still returned fire and hit the guy.

  11. The US government needed more M16s than could be produced by one company. So they contracted the work out to Mattel. They even put Mattel stamps on the furniture like they would their toys. That’s why it was the Mattel Shooter.

  12. Browning Automatic Rifle
    Mauser K98
    Enfield No. 4
    Barett .50 Cal
    Henry Repeater
    Luger 9mm
    Mah Deuce

    Just some thoughts for future episodes.

  13. The east and west had different philosophy of "reliable"

    The western standard of reliability is a machine that runs smoothly without stopping.

    The east standard of reliability is it must be able to be fixed easily.

    The same goes to the AK and AR.

  14. AR-10 – "Jesus, keep it down, i'm trying to put more rounds down range."
    M16A2 – "Who the hell said i needed fucking attachments? carry handle for life, bitches."
    M16A3 – "Cover me, i'm reloading!"
    M16A4 – "We got these scopes, these bipods, these stocks, these charging handles, these grips, these lasers, these flashlights, these magazines, these magwells, these hollow points, these rail covers, and these tools. What do we do?"

    M16A4 – "Who are you?"
    M4A1 – "I'm you but better."
    M16A4 – "No you're not."
    M4A1 – "Yes I am."
    M16A4 – "You don't have any long range capabilities, so keep it down you little shit."

    AK47 – "I can't consider myself to be the best rifle ever known to man, am i right, friends?"
    M16A2 – "w h a t"

  15. M4A1: What are you?

    M16: KYS- Never mind

    M16A1: You have to be kidding

    M16A4: Has any anyone seen M416?

    M416: I’m right over here duh

    M249: DIE

  16. I dont give a fuck is she slim and pretty ….. when 100 fucking Vietnamese from AK shoot at me … AR series sucks compared to AK … I love M16 … but the fact is that for a lot less money you can buy AK … which is much more reliable, accurate, …………… There's one video on You Tube, I'll leave you a link …. https: // www.….e now that you've watched this video … tell me if any other rifle can do this … trust me … your life is at stake. would not doubt between the AK series or the AR series …

  17. Not just in video games, but also in live games, like airsoft, is this gun common. It's a very common beginner's gun and made by practically everyone.

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