M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance: Part 3 Lubrication

Continuing with the Brownells M1 Garand maintenance
series in this Video we’ll be covering one of the Most critical aspects of maintaining
This rifle lubrication Due to the M1’s fairly complicated Design
and large number of steel Parts rubbing against each other During normal operation
Proper lubrication is critical to Ensure reliable functioning and a Long service life
To accomplish this we’ll be using two Different lubricants today
Lubriplate which is a grease and Regular gun oil like Break Free
We’ll begin with the receiver as it Gets the majority of the grease on These rifles because
that’s where Most of the friction between parts Can be found
Start by applying grease with a brush Inside the operating rod way on the Left side
Then we can apply some to the inside Of the receiver there is a large area in The rear
where the bolt rubs along The top Remember to apply only a thin layer Of grease
wherever it’s needed as Any excess is going to get flung off in All directions as the
gun cycles Next the bolt lug locking recesses at The
front and the rear left of the Action should receive a light film as Well
One last area that definitely gets Greased is the underside of the Barrel just ahead
of the receiver Where the op rod rubs against it
This new barrel hasn’t been shot Enough to show wear at his point but You need to keep
grease on this spot As there is a lot of metal-to-metal Contact here
The op rod also needs the same Treatment so we’ll coat the inside of The bolt lug recess
and brush a little On the retaining lug as well
Now that we have the bolt properly Greased we can turn to the trigger Group
The areas that get greased here are The hammer hooks and the trigger Sear
Once we’ve completed greasing the Trigger we can break out the oil and Apply some to
the trigger and Hammer pins and the hammer spring Assembly
Then we’ll wipe off the excess and Set it aside
Now is also the time to add a good Coat of oil to the op rod spring and The follower
rod it rides on to help Reduce friction and make the action Feel smoother
At this point all the major Components have been taken care of Although a bit of oil or
grease should Also be applied anywhere you notice That the original finish has been Rubbed
off from contact between Moving parts Once you’ve inspected the rifle Closely and
are sure that all wear Points have been properly lubricated The gun is ready for final reassembly
And we’ll be covering that in our Final video

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