M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance: Part 2 Cleaning

Continuing with the Brownells M1 Garand maintenance
series in this Video we’ll show you how to clean The M1 beginning with the barrel
The first step is to clean the chamber Using a special ratcheting chamber Brush tool
The ratcheting action allows the Brush to be rotated in the confines of The ejection
port To use the brush simply insert it into The
chamber insert a rod or Screwdriver into the hole in the base And rotate the brush by working
the Handle back and forth When done Simply pull the brush out with the Handle
If the brush is difficult to remove as Is sometimes the case with a new one You can
use a cleaning rod in the Barrel to exert pressure on the front Of the brush while rotating
it with The handle to ease it out Next we can move onto cleaning the Bore
Due to the design of these rifles we Need to clean from the muzzle
Some shooters prefer to pull the Patches through by passing the rod Through the barrel and
fastening the Patch at the breech end However today we’ll be using a Regular cleaning
rod along with the Dewey bore guide made especially For the M1 to keep the rod centered In the
bore To begin we’ll run a solvent-soaked Patch
or mop down the bore and let It sit for a few minutes to loosen Things up
Then we’ll switch to a brush and run It back and forth through the bore Making ten to fifteen
complete Strokes Next we’ll switch back to the jag and Run
a few patches with a bit of Solvent on them to wipe out the bore Then run a clean dry patch through And see
how it looks If the patch shows signs of dirt you’ll Want
to repeat the procedure to get The last of the fouling removed
Once the barrel is clean we can wipe Out the receiver with a rag some Solvent and a brush
to remove both Accumulated fouling and old grease There are a lot of nooks and crannies
In this gun so take your time and try To get as much of the dirt as you can Once you’re
satisfied with the Receiver give the entire assembly a Good wipe down and set it aside
Next the bolt can be brushed using Solvent as needed to remove any Build up
Be sure to check under the extractor Around the firing pin and around the Roller for dirt
and carbon that could Affect functioning Once you’re finished wipe it down And set
it aside Once the bolt is cleaned we move Onto the
trigger group it should be Left assembled for regular cleaning Normally a bit of solvent
and a good Brushing is all that’s needed Be sure to lower the hammer and Check underneath
while you’re using The brush If you find a lot of residue hiding in The
mechanism you may want to use An aerosol cleaner like TCE or GunScrubber to help flush it out
The gas cylinder and related parts Can be brushed off to remove dirt And the inside
bore can be cleaned to Remove any carbon accumulations Be sure to clean the treads on the gas Cylinder
lock and its screw and Remember to leave the cylinder itself Completely dry and free of
oil before Moving on All of the remaining small parts can Be worked
over with your brush as Needed and wiped down with a shop Rag
Now that we’ve finished cleaning in Our next video we’ll take a look at How the M1 Garand
should be Lubricated to keep it operating Flawlessly

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